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Today’s Best Tweets: Ludacris Has Road Rage, Chris Colfer Confuses Infants and More


Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Stars are a bit reflective today. Ludacris sounds like fun behind the wheel (if you’re into danger and maybe flipping the bird). Chris Colfer had an adventure at first birthday party, while Rob Thomas figured out what will (or already did) bring the demise of human kind. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose got romantic, Tinie Tempah is nice — but his penmanship isn’t, Dev gives solid advice on life and Keri Hilson has some suggestions for filmmakers. Check out the best tweets of Jan. 7, 2012!

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

The world is our office

I was just called “Mama” at a first birthday party. Not sure how I feel about this…

Best way to catch someone in a cape: 1 Nail. 1 Hammer. Bam! Get the corner and give ‘em the old choke-aroo.

I really want there to be an anti-depressant commercial were Eeyore has his paw pressed against a fogged window.

Watched the E! Channel for the first time today. We are all doomed.

Just finishing writing back to some fan mail.. Didn’t realise my hand writing was so messy! Lol

If you plan to mk a sequel, at least give us an ending w/ SOME resolve. Abrupt endings upset viewers! Now the Devil’s Inside of me lol Grrrr

First getcha grind on, then getcha shine on.

Today’s Best Tweets: Chris Colfer Predicts His Future

Chris Colfer

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

It’s a Sunday, so stars — like the rest of us — are reflecting on the week that just ended and looking forward to a new one beginning. Zac Hanson was observant, Christina Perri spiritual and Pete Wentz reflective when they each discussed traveling. Drake is grateful for his fans. Sara Bareilles embraced her inner dude, Lea Michele vegged out, Usher waxed philosophical, and Demi Lovato had a great time at a wedding. However,’Glee’ star Chris Colfer was both the funniest and most prophetic today.

I just witnessed an old woman wearing joker make-up and jamming hard to music as she drove her convertible. Yes, I just saw my future.

Look close and you will see that someone’s vacation is not going so well. I mean who needs a bag anyway. -Z http://pic.twitter.com/ORfN1w3v

Football and beer. I’m officially a man, baby.

I can’t call you followers because you are all individuals…but I appreciate the fact I hit 4 million.

Somebody tell me why that statue of William Nathan Bedford is standing in Memphis? This is one of a billion issues never to be answered.

Watch a #Tudors marathon on BBC America right now. Henry and Anne have just met. So hot.

i dreamt of my late grandfather on the plane. he told me he loved me. i woke up crying + smiling. it was awesome. #iknewhewaswatchingoverme

I remember when lil kid Pete went on the airplane by myself w/the lil dude necklace id. Got alotta room in my heart for solo lil travelers.

Watching Tower Heist. I will miss Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars. I guess in Hollywood, male solidarity means “Bro’s before Show’s” lol