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TV FAB: Fantasia & Anthony Mackie DRINK IT UP On Bravo’s “WWHL”

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Last night’s episode of "WWHL" was full of chocolate as host Andy Cohen partied with Fantasia, Anthony Mackie and "All My Children" star Darnell Williams.  See clips inside….

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During a round of promos for Side Effects Of You, singer Fantasia stopped by Bravo’s hit late-night chat fest "WWHL" with host Andy Cohen last night.  And the drinks were flowing.

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Fantasia was joined by "Pain & Gain" star Anthony Mackie and "All My Children" star Darnell Williams (the guy who won two-Daytime Emmys as "Jesse Hubbard"). 

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As Fantasia promoted her lastest album, Anthony talked up his film Pain & Gain which opens in theaters today.  During a recent interview with Huffington Post, he revealed about the fitness regimine he went to star alongside the fab abs of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Walberg:

"Bodybuilding and weightlifting is more of a lifestyle more than anything else. So the diet part was easy, because it was just about staying focus and staying on your regime. It wasn’t like I had to eat anything or I couldn’t eat anything. It was all about putting together what nutrients I needed day-to-day to get enough of one thing or another in my body. So it was fairly easy for me. I ate a lot of lean protein like turkey and chicken. I got my carbs from sweet potatoes. So it became easier as time went on. But I tell you what, after three months of doing that I don’t want to see a piece of turkey or chicken for a long time."

Read more of the interview here.


Watch Anthony Mackie discussing how he introduced funny actress Rebel Wilson to "dark chocolate":

Watch Fantasia create her own "Super Girl Group" (Latoya London, Lil’ Mo, Ledisi):

Watch Fantasia spank Anthony in "Pain To Gain"




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Fantasia did an in-store promo for ‘Side Effects of You’ at J&R Music in NYC yesterday.  And looked cute in her leather skater dress, but not sure about the head scarf.

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Fanny also signed copies of the disc for fans and took questions from the audience.


The Randomness:

1.  Funnyman Kevin Hart charged with DUI, cops say blew DOUBLE the limit on the breathalyzer.  Story.

2.  Paramedics called to the set of "The First Family" after Jackee Harry suffers a fall. Story.



Photos via IG/Bravo/DJDM/WENN.com

COUPLES WHO DRINK TOGETHER…Paula Patton & Robin Thicke TEAM UP For RÉMY V.S.O.P’s First U.S. TV Campaign!

Couples who drink together…get paid together.  And we aint mad at that.  Mission Impossible 4 actress Paula Patton and her singer hubby & "Duets" star Robin Thicke are starring in RÉMY MARTIN® V.S.O.P cognac’s first U.S. television ad.   We’ve got the sex exuding couple getting their romance on…inside a bottle…inside…

Launching on June 4, 2012, Rémy Martin will show viewers how ‘Things Are Getting Interesting’. For the first time, the sexy power couple are collaborating on an ad campaign together.  And it’s the perfect fit for the V.S.O.P company as they tapped the seductive twosome for this particular cognac’s first ever television campaign in the United States.

The commercial was shot in three locations around downtown Los Angeles–the LA Theatre, the Belasco Club and ended at the Bradbury Building.

The clip begins as Robin, with two glasses of Rémy Martin V.S.O.P in hand, spots the beautiful Paula. She proceeds to evade his advances as he follows her through unexpected scenarios within a fantastical, ornate mansion, chasing her from floor to floor. Robin finally catches up with Paula on the rooftop and hands her a glass. As the camera pans out, the story is revealed to have occurred within a Rémy Martin V.S.O.P bottle in the middle of a moonlit city night.

About the campaign, both Robin & Paula stated:

“Rémy Martin is the epitome of glamour and luxury to me,” said Patton. “I’m honored to tell this elegant and seductive story for Rémy Martin and spend time collaborating with my husband, while celebrating a brand I’ve always admired.”

“To be a part of the first ever Rémy Martin TV campaign is an extremely unique and humbling opportunity,” said Thicke. “I feel especially lucky to have the chance to work together with Paula and express the connection and love that we have for each other on set. We are excited to work with such an iconic brand, and look forward to more interesting moments with Rémy Martin this year.”

Check out the full 60 second spot below, shot by famed French director Sebastien Grousset, premiering next month:

Paula is wearing a Versace gown and Alexander McQueen stilettos.


BOO’D UP: Selita Ebanks & Terrence J. Drink It Up At Grey Goose Cherry Noir Event


Last night, model Selita Ebanks hosted a GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir exclusive preview tasting & dinner with Chef Roble Ali at 632 Hudson in NYC.  And she and her man, BET host & upcoming Continue reading

Lil Jon + LMFAO Incite Wild Senior Citizen Party in ‘Drink’ Video



Lil Jon and LMFAO‘s ‘Drink’ turns a quiet senior center into the scene of a raucous, booze-filled party in the song’s new music video.

The clip begins with shots of elderly people Continue reading

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: T.I. SQUASHES Club Beef Between Diddy, Kenny Burns And Folks Who DO NOT Drink Ciroc! GUNSHOTS FIRED?! (VIDEO)

T.I. had to get on the mic and squash a fight at a BET Hip Hop Awards afterparty last night that started because Sean "Diddy" Combs was upset Kenny Burns and his crew weren’t drinking Ciroc! And now reports say shots were fired around the club afterwards.  Watch the video inside…..


Apparently Diddy EXPECTS everyone to drink Ciroc vodka. And if you don’t, you may get caught in his crossfire.

Down in Atlanta, after the BET Hip Hop Awards, Diddy was at an afterparty at Compound where he started popping off at Kenny Burns (who works with Ciroc’s competitor Grey Goose) and a few dudes who WERE NOT drinking Ciroc. And drinks were thrown…….Basketball Wives style!  Diddy cursed everybody out from the mic and yelled fightin’ words at Kenny. 

But before this could turn into an ugly situation, T.I. (still on parole) got on the mic and put Diddy in check.

Rightfully so, T.I. told Diddy that he had too much money to be engaging in petty b.s. and that those fellas had the right to drink WHATEVER vodka they wanted because they paid for it!

He sealed the deal when he told Diddy, "They’re not getting paid to drink (Ciroc)!"

SIDEBAR:  Kenny does get paid to drink Grey Goose.  Why should he mess up his money because of Diddy’s ego?  And WHY are grown ass men fighting over liquor?  Are liquor companies the new gangs?? Damn!

Also, TIP let them know they won’t be starting any drama to get him sent back to jail.  But the film crew who taped the video said gunshots were fired inside the club after the beef went down.  While other reports from folk who were there say shots were fired OUTSIDE the club.  This is just ridiculous all around.

Watch the incident here:

Don’t let anybody start some mess and get you sent back to jail TIP!

50 Cent Feeds 2.5 Million People with Street King Drink

50 Cent

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

It looks like 50 Cent is on the road to feeding a billion people in five years. The altruistic rapper announced that he has fed over 2.5 million people off the initial sales of his new 6-hour energy drink Street King.

With the launch of Street King, Fiddy hopes to achieve his goal of providing meals for hungry kids and, ultimately, end world hunger. “Every time they purchase SK [energy drink], a child is being fed,” he said on his own radio program G-Unit Radio. “I went to Africa. When you see it up close, it’s a whole different thing from when you see it in commercials. You’ll be affected by it.”

The New York native hopes his venture will spark new business models for other artists to pursue entrepreneurial ventures that relates to helping the world. “If just one percent of business was given to charitable organizations, we would alleviate all of extreme poverty around the world,” he says. So far, pop stars like Usher, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Drake and have expressed interest in 50?s campaign. “So we’re looking forward to building bigger and better things,” he says.

50 also stresses that his hunger relief campaign is a reflection of his growth as an artist and entrepreneur. “You can see I’m growing in different areas. I’ve been exposed to different things,” he says. “I’ve traveled. I’ve been able to interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds. It’s given me a different insight and perspective on different things.”

Listen to 50 Cent Talk Abut Street King and Ending World Poverty

We’ll Drink To That! It’s Your 34th Birthday Ludacris

Today is the 34th birthday of rapper and philanthropist Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges.  Pour a glass of Conjure and celebrate inside…

 Though he made his name with his prolific rap skills, Ludacris has taken his time in the spotlight and built an enviable portfolio of business investments.  From his successful Straits restaurant in Atlanta to his Conjure branded cognac, we have watched him shave off the braids and elevate his game and go far beyond anyone’s expectations (including a well-received performance at this year’s CMT Music awards). 


And with the love of his life, Eudoxie, by his side, Ludacris went from just being a "cute" rapper to a very-sexy businessman.

Check out our b-day gallery below.


Roll-Out! Happy 34th Birthday Ludacris

MUSIC VIDEO: Rihanna – “Cheers (Drink to That)”

Check out Rihanna’s brand new video for “Cheers (Drink to That),” the 7th single from her latest album Loud.

The video, directed by Evan Rogers and Ciarra Pardo, boasts footage of the Pop star having fun with friends as she tours around the world and enjoys her summer.

Grab yourself a glass and have a toast as you check out RiRi’s new video above!