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PRISON LETTERS: Lauryn Hill THANKS Fans For Their Support And Encouragement + Loon OPENS UP About Being Sentenced To 14-Years For Drug Charges

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Both Lauryn Hill and Loon have reached out to their fans to express their thanks and to share what they’ve learned with respect to the legal system.   See the messages they have inside….

Now that she’s begun her three-month stint at at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, Lauryn Hill has had some quiet moments of reflection and is reaching out of to her fans via Tumblr to thank them for her support. Here’s her message:

"I have known since very young to look for the purpose and lesson in everything, including the trials. Although it has taken some adjustment, I cannot deny the favor I have encountered while in here, and general warm reception from a community of people who despite their circumstances, have found unique ways to make the best of them. Thank you for the letters of concern and well wishes that I receive in the mail every day. Although I may not be able to write everyone back, please know that they have been received, read, acknowledged, and appreciated. With Love back, MLH"


In other prison letters….

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Rapper Loon, who rose to fame with Diddy as part of the Bad Boy family, has been sentenced to 14 years in prison on drug related charges.  Now, Loon is speaking out to fans and attempting to tell his side of the story. In a message, he says,

“In 2008, some individuals had crossed my path who were interested at one point about the music business These individuals called me about something that was totally away from the life I was living. The fact that I responded to these individuals placed me under the umbrella of conspiracy.”

Loon, who now goes by Amir Muhadith says he was falsely fingered him as the ring leader “Because of the way the United States government works, they used the information of the informant and put together an elaborate story to make it look like I had a leadership role.”

Here’s his side of the story:


The Randomness:

1.  The Weinstein Co. wins the right to title its film ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’. Story.



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Universal Music Group “WHISTLEBLOWER” Makes ALLEGATIONS Of RAMPANT Drug Use, Sex & Partying, NAME CHECKS T.I., Macy Gray, Future & More

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A new lawsuit by a disgruntled Universal Music Group employee makes explosive allegations about rampant sex, partying and drug use at the Universal west coast office….but it’s the names that appear in the lawsuit that raise the most eyebrows.  Inside, go behind the scenes at UMG with Macy Gray, Future, T.I. and others….allegedly!


An explosive lawsuit filed by a former UMG employee, in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges the company’s "anything goes" philosophy when it came to its high profile celebrities and executives created quite the hostile work environment.  

The plaintiff, a 41-year-old African American female security guard, alleges the office was "infiltrated with pervasive drug use where you could smell marijuana seeping from various offices and openly used in common areas, and lounges."

And if that wasn’t enough, "artists and high-profile celebrities began visiting the premises with drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to Plaintiff, which she refused."

The lawsuit goes on to namecheck drug use or drug paraphernalia by singer Macy Gray and "entourages" of Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, MC Ren, rapper T.I. and "The Voice" judge Adam Levine.

To make it worse, the plaintiff says that once she "became torn between her professional integrity and losing her job," her objections were laughed off. And eventually, after submitting her written complaints, she was informed by her manager that she was suspended…and eventually fired!

Some interesting gems from the lawsuit include finding people passed out in bathrooms strewn with condoms after long nights or partying and drinking. Also, T.I. security guards like to park VERY close to the front door….and they refused to move when asked because, they said, they need to be ready just in case a shooting breaks out!

And when folks like head honcho Jimmy Iovine showed up at the office, it mysteriously began to smell like a day spa with incense and candles burning everywhere.  Plus, she alleges he showed up with "Idol" contestants who were blazing up some weed.

And then there’s also a dose of good old-fashioned sexual harassment of the UMG employees thrown in for good measurement.  SMH…..sounds like a summer internship you’d never forget!

The plaintiff says she was fired when she told her operations manager at the security company about the T.I. incident.  Apparently, they didn’t appreciate her snitching, so they told the plaintiff she had "complaints" about her performance and suspended her.  Later, she was permanently terminated.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, she’s suing Universal Music Group-owned UMPG, her employer Universal Protection Services, the building’s management and others over alleged labor violations, including a hostile work environment.

So far, all a spokesperson for UMG had to say was "While we cannot comment on the allegations between the plaintiff and her employer, we can say that the allegations as they relate to Universal Music Group are absurd."

We’re keeping an eye on this one. Where there’s smoke….


A$AP Rocky SUED For BASHING A Man After Alleged Drug Use


A$ AP Rocky is being sued by a man who claims the rapper bashed him in July 2012 after he got high on drugs. Get more deets inside….


Rapper A$ AP Rocky may have settled with photographers he’s accused of brawling with back in July 2012, but the man he’s accused of starting the fight with is still looking for his day in court.

Shenick Alcine says that in July 2012 he saw A$ AP Rocky getting high in a NY clothing store and was viciously attacked by the rapper. The whole thing was allegedly filmed by two photographers, whom A$ SAP also fought with (after he noticed them filming the brawl).

TMZ reports that A$ AP (who was arrested for the brawl) struck a plea deal with the photographers.  The assault and robbery charges were dropped, but now Shenick is seeking damages.

No word yet on what Shenick is seeking but we assume it’s more than  a few $ $ $ for his pain and suffering.

For his part, A$ AP hasn’t addressed the lawsuit….yet.


When I was 17…Happy 17th Birthday to Olympic GOLD Medalist…Ms. Gabby Douglas!

FIXING HER LIFE: Maia Campbell OPENS UP About Bi-Polar Disorder, Drug Abuse And Her Mom BeBe Moore Campbell With Iyanla Vanzant


Last night, actress Maia Campbell appeared on OWN’s “Fix My Fallen Star” with Iyanla Vanzant to talk about her struggle with bi-polar disorder, her drug abuse and the relationship she had with her mother, author BeBe Moore Campbell. Watch the full episode inside….


In a heart-wrenching show called "Fix My Fallen Star," author Iyanla Vanzant walked actress Maia Campbell down the painful road of mental illness, drug abuse and neglect that nearly ended her career in Hollywood, resulted in multiple arrests and had her daughter removed from her custody.

Most famous for starring in "In The House" with LL Cool J and Debbie Allen, Maia revealed a painful relationship with her mom, famed author BeBe Moore Campbell who often put her work before Maia and made her feel unworthy.  

Maia also delved into her time spent on the streets abusing drugs while suffering from bipolar disorder, as we’ve all come to know over the years.  During this period, she was arrested multiples times and several embarrassing viral videos surfaced online and destroyed her reputation.

She is now living in a rehabilitation center (by her own choice) and told Iyanla she is ready to take to steps necessary to reclaim her life and her light.


Watch the tear jerker episode here:

Glad to see she’s getting it together still. 

Joseline Hernandez BLASTS Stevie J For Being A DRUG ADDICT, Abuser & On The DOWN-LOW??



Drama in Joseline & Steebie land!  Reality tv star Joseline Hernandez went off on Twitter yesterday with a rant that brought up allegations of drug abuse, unprotected sex and "down low" activities…all directed at her co-star (and sometimes lover) Stevie J.  Is this for attention or for real? See the twitter foolery inside…..

Either Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are mixing ish up for an explosive storyline for season 2 of "LAHH ATL" or the twosome have really called it quits.  We all watched Joseline break down on the "LAHH ATL" reunion while talking about how Stevie J changed her life, but her recent rant on Twitter may suggest she’s done with his drama.  And there’s a lot of it.  

First…..Joseline "outed" a "certain" undercover dude she’s dealing with….



Then come the drug abuse allegations (to which Stevie J acutally responds)



And then there was the insinuation about "unprotected sex" and not caring about one’s health…


Ew. Though Joseline came across like she was under Stevie J’s spell on LAHH ATL," it SEEMS she chosen to walk away from him…




Monsters?  Something tells us she’s NOT talking about the spooky characters kids have nightmares about…



We guess we won’t see how this ends until next season hits the airwaves….but we’re sure when Mona Scott gets a wind of this she’ll have the cameras ready.  

ARRESTED: Mark DeBarge LOCKED UP For Drug Possession

Unfortunately, yet another member of the DeBarge family has been arrested for drug possession.  Get the deets on Mark’s arrest inside…..

On Wednesday morning, according to TMZ, LA cops showed Continue reading

Nicki Minaj OPENS UP About Her Dad’s Drug Addiction & Lady GaGa Comparison + Mashonda & Lil’Mo MAKE The “Mystery” Song

Nicki Minaj appeared on "Nightline" last night where she opened up about her abusive childhood, her controversial image and fun things like her favorite curse word (the F-bomb).  Watch Continue reading

El Debarge ARRESTED…Again…For Drug Possession!

After a stint in rehab last year, El Debarge has once again been caught in possession of drugs.  He was reportedly arrested in L.A. yesterday….and cops suspect he may have been attempting to Continue reading

TV FAB: T.I. And Tiny Stop By “WENDY” And OPEN UP About Their Drug Bust

T.I. and Tiny stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" to promote their new VH1 reality show "T.I and Tiny: The Family Hustle" and Wendy asked them about their infamous drug bust. Get the deets on what they said inside…..

Earlier today, rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny stopped by "WENDY" to promote their new reality show which stars airing on VH1 December 5th at 9pm.

During the interview, Wendy complimented the couple on their "beautiful" teeth and Tiny revealed that she’s the one who suggested Kandi for "RHOA." Also, Wendy asked them about their infamous drug bust.

Though I’m sure they’ll discuss the bust on the reality show, T.I. offered very little by way of explanation. He simply told Wendy, "We’ve moved on." And "We’ve moved on/Life Goes On" became a recurring theme throughout the interview as he gave Wendy some variation of the phrase anytime she tried to get a response about drug use, drug sales or the drug bust.

And when she asked Tiny to respond to 50 Cent saying she should have taken the drug charge, Tip stopped Tiny with a simple, "PAUSE!" And that was the end of that line of questioning.

SIDEBAR: We love Wendy for asking, "Why couldn’t you just get high in your hotel room?"

Watch it here:

50 Cent Responds To T.I., Loon Gets Arrested On Felony Drug Charges

Y’all didn’t think 50 was about to let T.I.‘s comments in the new issue of VIBE slide did you?  Seeing that Mr. Jackson was the main person saying Tiny should have caught the entire case for her husband during their arrest in L.A. last year, Curtis responded to T.I.’s mouthy comments about it.


Check it inside, plus former Bad Boy Loon getting arrested on drug charges…


In September 2010, 50 Cent tweeted that "Tiny should have took the charge" for her husband since T.I. was just fresh out of jail at the time.  He said last year:

So T.I. had some words about that in the new upcoming issue of VIBE, saying

“I’ma tell you, 50 Cent and anybody else, we not gonn’a have no discussion about what my ole lady should’a, would’a, couda done for anything as it pertains to me.  We ain’t gonn’a do that. I’m the only one in my family that’s gonna take a lick when it pertains to the legal system. Since me, none of my other family members have seen a jail cell. Nobody. I’m the last one. The buck stops here. I feel that a person that stands behind [his woman for a criminal charge] is a coward anyway.”

And tonight, 50 responded to T.I. tweeting:


Well it’s water under the bridge now isn’t it fellas…..




In other hip-hop foolishness, former Bad Boy artist Loon (who converted to Islam a few years ago) was arrested on drug charges back in May for committing felonies during 2006-2008.  And thanks to the federal indictment papers just now coming to light and him just getting arrested (again), the streets are just now finding out about it.

Loon, aka Chauncey Hawkins aka Amir Junaid Muhadith, was arrested and indicted for felony heroin distribution in North Carolina back in May, but found asylum in Algeria after initial release.  Just recently, he was spotted in Belgium and taken into custody, and will now be extradited back to the U.S.

Heroin though?  Damn homie…