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Watch “Basketball Wives” Season 5 Episode 9

London is a classy town, so you have to kind of feel for the Brits as the ratchet ladies of “Basketball Wives” invade their town.

Things get off to a rocky start for Suzie Ketcham and Tasha Marbury as the two continue to clash following their rude and unfriendly encounter at Tasha’s hotel. Tasha is just a wee bit salty about the whole thing, and she’s not afraid to show it.

Suzie on the other hand, is still feeling her lil’ Tami and she refuses to back down. For once, Tami Roman is not the troublemaker among the crew. The two ladies go on swatting at each other throughout the trip, much to Shaunie’s exasperation. How much and how long can they tolerate Tasha and Suzie’s cold war?

Later on, as the girls get ready to hit the town for London Fashion Week, Tami is hit with some particularly awful news: Her daughter has been robbed at gunpoint. Will the girls rally around Tami and provide her with the support she needs?

Watch the latest episode of “Basketball Wives” above


TV FAB: “Real Husbands Of Hollywood” Drop By “106 & Park” + Premiere Episode Inside


The stars of "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" stopped by "106 & Park" yesterday to promote the debut of their new pseudo-reality show. See pics and watch the first episode inside…..


Funnyman Kevin Hart appeared on BET’s 106 and Park yesterday to promote the debut of his highly-anticipated series "Real Husbands Of Hollywood."  


He was joined on the set by co-stars Robin Thicke and JB Smoove who chatted with hosts Bow Wow and Paigion.  

The series kicked off last night and also features Boris Kodjoe, Nelly, Nick Cannon and Duane Martin as "very over-the-top" caricatures of themselves. 


Watch the funny first episode here in case you missed it:

The Randomness:

1.   Frank Ocean chosen among the 120 nominees for the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.  Story.

2.  Music legend Aaliyah would have turned 34-years-old today.  Story. 


Photos via Alberto Reyes/WENN.com

STOPPED BEFORE IT STARTS!? Petition BOYCOTTS Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas” + TLC Stirs Up Controversy With “The Sisterhood” (FULL EPISODE)


Although it hasn’t hit the airwaves (yet), a petition has already been launched to stop Shawty Lo’s reality tv project ‘All My Babies’ Mamas". Read the petition inside and watch the first episode of TLC’s take on pastor’s wives "The Sisterhood."

The Oxygen network is fully-prepared to air what some folks think is one of the most rachet reality tv ideas yet….Shawty Lo’s "All My Babies’ Mamas"  We told you earlier about the special which will feature the ATL-based rapper AND his 10 "baby mamas" and 11 kids and now there’s a peition to get it yacked (before it starts) or at least to stop it from going further.

Sabrina Lamb posted a peition on Change.Org saying,

"Cancel Shawty-Low show aka “My Babies’ Mommas” and all programming which demeans black children, women and stereotypes black men!

Our Children…our Community… Deserves Better.
Ban This Poison.
Cancel This Television Broadcast.

Oxygen Television Network is prepared to broadcast a one hour special celebrating the dysfunction of rapper Shawty Lo…aka the insulting title “My Babies’ Mommas” witnessed by his 11 children…by 10 different women…(some may have been underage) as they….argue, beg, fight for emotional, financial support and sexual reward.

What is the difference between this ministrel show and the others which clog the airwaves without proper balance of the beauty and positive aspects of our community??


The children are front and center..or used as bargaining chips! The children painfully witness their parents’ behavior. And it is their children…OUR children who will hold all of us accountable by allowing them to be exploited internationally in this manner….for not standing up for them and for our people!

What You Can Do?

Join RapRehab.com, BlackMenInAmerica.com, The Mo’Kelly Report/The Mo’Kelly Show, MyBrownBaby.com, Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter of The Odyssey Project and other influential individuals like YOU…by signing this petition and forward to your friends, family and colleagues. And make sure that everyone in your household stands up! Contact has already been made with the network…and with your voice…this ugliness will not see international airwaves.

If our DEMANDS to cancel the airing of this POISON are not met…an international boycott will be launched against their ADVERTISERS.


So what do you think?  Though, interestlngly, we can no longer find an air date, it is supposed to coming sometime soon.  Will you be watching or protesting along with the thousands who’ve already signed the petition?


Also on television….



Producers in the mecca of Black Hollywood aka Atlanta have now trained their reality show cameras on the church with TLC’s "The Sisterhood."  As they attempt to answer the question "What does a pastor’s wife have in common with a basketball wife" (Ok…that was actually our question), the show pits five first ladies against each other in the same vein of "BBW" and "RHOA." 

The question is whether this will shed a negative light on spirtuality or will people just see it for what it is….entertainment. 

It is a little interesting to see women arguing over the scripture instead of throwing cocktails (but that may just be this episode).  We see Dominique putting one of the other ladies (Tara – who knows the Bible BETTER than anyone else so she thinks) in her place with a line like, 

"Now, if I’m talking to my spiritual daughter or I’m talking to another person I’m trying to convert, yes I’m going to give them a scripture. But I don’t need to give you the scripture, because you know the scripture!"

Smh….it’s not as shocking as Evelyn jumping over a table but….maybe its worth a look?

Share your thoughts…


Watch first FULL episode here:

Sponsors Start To Pull Out Of “Basketball Wives” & “Ev & Ocho” + Royce Goes IN on Tami For Tahiti Episode

Oh those "Basketball Wives."  Not only have sponsors started to take heed to the petition to get the show (and Evelyn Lozada‘s spinoff) off the air, but Royce Reed is taking co-star Tami Roman to task about her actions on last night’s episode surrounding the Tahiti trip foolery.


Check it inside…

Maybe it’s for the best Royce opted out of the Tahiti trip from hell that aired last night.  From the time the cast landed in Tahiti, there was tension and drama between Kesha and Tami.  All because Kesha was coughing and "not covering her mouth."  At least that’s what Tami said.  Kesha felt bullied, as always, and Tami defended her own actions because she was offended by the apparent rudeness of the coughing.  Sigh.

Things escalated and fights broke out. 

Royce took to her VH1 blog today to give her 2 cents about the whole episode…and she let Tami (and everybody else except for Kesha) have it.  No surprise there.  Here’s the excerpts:

I was honestly just hoping Kesha didn’t say her skin hurt. Tami seemed as though she was trying to find something to get upset about and she chose a cough. From the way the girls were seated in the car, to laughing and making faces behind Kesha’s back if you take a screen capture from that scene and mine from the van in Spain, it’s almost identical.

I’m not sure what happened to Tami, but this isn’t the woman I’ve gotten to know. To see these women gang up on someone who has done nothing to them is embarrassing. I say ganging up because NO ONE did anything to stop it. If you don’t say anything you then become part of the problem. Who cares if Kesha was scared to get in the ocean with sharks and stingrays, I don’t believe I saw any of your asses in a swimsuit jumping in the water either. How are you going to call someone else scary when at least they put on the attire instead of saying “Oh Hell NO” in confessionals?????

I applaud Suzie and Kesha for appreciating what Tahiti had to offer and attempting to stay drama free. I find it amazing when alcohol is used as liquid courage and an excuse to turn into the HULK. Most times I drink, I get emotional, horny, and just want to dance…..:side-eye: lol. But if you know that drinks cause you to have a temper, why indulge just because everyone else is? The whole scene with Tami and Kesha I shook my head. At some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak to people and handle things because I look crazy.” If you don’t see it, your “so-called” friends have and should tell you the same. Tami, if Evelyn and Shaunie found no problem with Kesha’s questions, it wasn’t up to you to find one. Tami, if you HEARD Kesha said all these things about you, why not call out the person who told you so you can get all three parties together.

I’m sure THAT PERSON was probably sitting at that table. I have an idea of two people who could’ve said it. One is known to talk a lot, and the other is a snake in the grass. If you’re going based off the footage that was shown, Kesha said “I seriously had to just NOT go off…and honestly, like, I could’ve came at Tami and said whatever I wanted to but there’s nothing I could’ve said that would’ve made her look worse than she was making herself look…Tami is like acting a fool” …She never said she wanted to, so why are you asking her to now??? The smirking on the side by Evelyn and Shaunie is a DAMN SHAME. Grown as women talking about a damn position! Grown ass women wanting to fight with no repercussions!I HEARD about what happened in Tahiti but seeing it now is an embarrassment and the sh!t is PISSING ME OFF!!!! GROWN ASS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN feeding into the stereotype already placed on us…plus two!!!!!!!!


Meanwhile, (C.B. Fleet Company) Summer’s Eve feminine products have reportedly pulled out of both BBW and the upcoming "Ev & Ocho."  And Change.org is set to announce a second sponsor who pulled out next week.  Is the petition and boycott working?


‘American Idol’ Contestants to Sing Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder Songs on Next Episode

Whitney Houston Stevie Wonder

Kevork Djansezian / Ethan Miller, Getty Images

After last night’s (March 1) Top 10 and three wild cards were revealed on Season 11 of ‘American Idol,’ host Ryan Seacrest revealed that the female Continue reading