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Joseline Fights MiMi With A SHOE At “LAHH ATL” Reunion (Video Preview) + Stevie J Details How He MARRIED JOSELINE At Justice Of The Peace

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The "Love & Hip Hop: ATL" reunion is right around the corner.  And now, we’ve got a preview of what to expect.  Remember when we told you a few days ago a shoe went flying upside someone’s head at the reunion and a fight broke out?  Well, peep the preview inside involving MiMi Faust & Joseline Hernandez.  Plus, Stevie J. gives details on how he & Joseline got married at the Justice of the Peace….



In case you care, Joseline & MiMi had an unsurprising fight at the "LAHH: ATL" reunion.  TheYBF.com was there at the taping so we already let you know about what went down.  But here’s the first preview (above) of what that fight was about. 

When creator and moderator Mona Scott-Young pointed out MiMi’s boob job and instigated the situation by asking Joseline what SHE thought about it…..all hell broke loose.  "You just mad because I took yo baby daddy" is the type of ghetto-tasticness was said before Joseline’s large shoe went flying at MiMi.  She tried it.

Check out the foolishness above and see what we define as foolywang material.  VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” two-part reunion airs Monday, August 5 & August 12 at 8PM ET/PT.


Meanwhile, Stevie J. did an interview with Hip Hop Weekly where he describes just how he and Joseline got married.  Here’s an excerpt:

HHW: Now that you’ve gone to a Justice of the Peace, will you do another ceremony?

STEVIE J: When the show permits, we’ll do it on the show or something, or have our own show and have some kids on the show.

HHW: How are you going to deal with Mimi now that you and Joseline are a solid couple?

STEVIE J: There’s some jealousy there but I don’t believe there’s enough to where there would be a problem. Joseline is my wife now, and Mimi is the mother of my child. Not a whole lot can be done. But I can make sure that Mimi will always be good. That’s not going to change. But I’m married now — I’m married now!

HHW: How does it feel?

STEVIE J: I feel great!

HHW: How does Joseline feel?

STEVIE J: She’s got the best f—— man in the whole world.

Let us pray….


Photos via Robert Adam Mayer

TV FAB: Kenya Moore TWIRLS With Anderson Cooper, DISHES On FIGHTS With Porsha And Phaedra


"RHOA" star Kenya Moore twirled through "Anderson Live" and dished on drama with Porsha Stewart and even tried to teach Anderson Cooper how to twirl. See the clips inside….


Though she didn’t address rumors that her romance with her beau "Walter" was faked for the cameras, "RHOA " starlet Kenya Moore twirled through "Anderson Live" recently where she discussed how hard it was to "breakup" with the cameras rolling, why she’s making her own workout video and even showed Anderson how to do her signature twirl.  The show airs Wednesday, January 16.


Watch Kenya discuss breaking up with Walter here:

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Watch Kenya discuss her workout video and fallout with Phaedra & Apollo here:

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Watch Kenya show Anderson how to "twirl":

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OH? Stacey Dash “Fights The Good Fight” As She Poses It Up With VP Candidate Paul Ryan


Stacey Dash is "fighting the good fight" y’all.  Check out the extra awkward pic the actress just tweeted with VP candidate Paul Ryan inside…

The Clueless actress is back to campaigning for the Romney/Ryan ticket.  And we’re back to waiting for her to give one actual reason–like a policy she actually knows about that they want to enforce–as to why.

So in an odd pic posted on her Twitter account today, Stacey posed it up with Paul Ryan at some type of press conference….and Ryan looks like he just found out her name an hour ago.  Stacey tweeted:

Fighting the good fight. Godspeed. @reppaulryan @MittRomney #Romney/Ryan20

Why do we get the feeling Stacey is the Varsity cheerleader accidentally cheering for the team that just made a touchdown and she didn’t realize her school was actually on defense? 

But do you boo.



R. Kelly Fights Back Tears During Whitney Houston Funeral Performance

R. Kelly at Whitney Houston's funeral


When R. Kelly wrote ‘I Look to You’ for Whitney Houston 10 years ago, he never thought that he’d be singing it at the legend’s funeral. Kelly choked back tears during his rousing Continue reading

YBF INTERVIEW: The Braxtons DISH On Having Classier Fights Than Other Reality Chicks AND Finding Mama Evelyn A Sugar Daddy

The Braxtons (sans Tamar who was called away to the hospital to check on hubby Vince) chatted it up with TheYBF.com.


Check out our convo inside….

The fabulous Braxton sisters chopped it up with TheYBF.com recently about Mama Evelyn hitting the dating scene, how their reality show has impacted the family and why you won’t ever see them drink tossing and hair pulling.

Being thrust into the public eye wouldn’t be easy for most families, but when you have a bond as strong at the Braxtons, it could actually make you stronger.  Especially when the world knows all your drama–like the fact Toni makes a point to do her own promo separately.  Hmm….

"Braxton Family Values" made us look at our issues," Towanda revealed to us.  Before the tv show, we used to sweep things under the rug. But now we are forced to address the pink elephant in the room.  We have to talk about what is bothering us and at the end of the day, it’s about love and mending what we have."


On often fussing and fighting as sisters:

Traci: "We are going to argue, we are going to bicker and we are going to not speak to each other for a few minutes. But tv forces people to ask themselves what would you do? Would you hold a grudge or still love?"

Trina: "As sisters, we know everything about each other. We know what makes each other tick and how to push each other’s buttons. But we also know how to pick each other up."


On why the sister’s are classier and different than other drink tossing hair pulling reality chicks:

Traci:"I think it’s silly for grown folks to fight and throw drinks. What kind of role model are you setting when you do that? You should not need Bengay after an argument. You must be an example"

Towanda: "We don’t fight. We don’t throw drinks or pull hair. Our parents taught us to use our words.  It’s too much when grown women fist fight! You are grown! What happens after you scuffle? Your hair is messed up, your makeup is smeared and you’re not cute anymore."


On what they want out of life for each other:

Trina: For my mom, I hope she finds a sugar daddy.  For Toni, I hope she finds peace within a judgmental media. Traci, I hope “The Braxtons” album happens for her.  I hope Towanda gets back with (husband) Andre.  Tamar, I hope that she closes her mouth!

TraciI want my mom to stay young and beautiful.  I want Toni to stay successful and prosper in everything in life.  For myself, I want to stay young, beautiful and sexy.  I hope Towanda has happiness.  I hope Trina becomes a 12-time Grammy winner.  I want Tamar to have silence!  Love you!

Towanda: For my mom, I hope she wins the $ 350 Mega Millions.  Toni, I want her to be as successful as she ever was. Traci, I hope she opens her own beauty salon.  For me, I hope to receive an Oscar!  Trina, I want Trina to be successful as a singer.  And I hope Tamar has a daughter just like herself!


Funny thing is, Tamar would probably love a smart-mouthed mini-me!  Tune in tomorrow for our exclusive with Tamar Braxton as she dishes up relationship advice for her sisters and her take on what really went down on tonight’s premiere.

Season 2 of "Braxton Family Values" airs tonight (Thursday) at 9ET on WeTV.