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CELEBS GIVE BACK: Hampton University Student Thanks Wale For $25,000 SCHOLARSHIP + Lil’ Mo & KeKe Wyatt PERFORM At The Howard Theatre

 photo wale-awards-college-student-scholarship-the-jasmine-brand.jpg

Rapper Wale is helping put a young woman through Hampton University via a $ 25,000 scholarship.  Get the deets inside and see Keke Wyatt and Lil’ Mo in concert at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC and speaking on Trayvon Martin

 photo wale-gives-college-scholarship-the-jasmine-brand-595x595.jpg

Lauren Pryor (shown atop with Wale at his "Gifted" release party in NYC) won a $ 25,000 "Gifted" scholarship from the rapper, which she’ll use to continue her studies at Hampton University.  According to the Gazette-Journal, the scholarship came at a good time as Lauren almost considered leaving the university because of rising costs.

“Winning this scholarship was truly a blessing. Almost not returning to Hampton University in the fall because of expenses, I was exceedingly fortunate to receive this scholarship. It was truly a test of faith.”

And Lauren’s win was a mixture of fate and good luck. During her interview, she described the process of calling into Norfolk hip-hop station 103 JAMZ and being the 25th caller:

"I was on my way to a friend’s home in Hampton. The station said to call between 4 and 5 p.m. I called four or five times. The line was always busy.  On about the 14th call I told myself to give it a rest. I was taking the phone from my face and had my thumb on the ‘end’ button when I heard a man say ‘hello.’  I didn’t believe it. He told me there were millions of calls and he only picked up the phone 14 times nationwide."

Congrats to Lauren. It’s great to see Wale paying forward the success of "Gifted."


And in Washington, DC…….

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LA’s R&B Divas Lil’ Mo (of LA) and KeKe Wyatt (of ATL) brought the house down at Howard Theatre last night.  And while many reality shows are full of chicks with no talent, Lil’ Mo put them on blast saying "@keke_wyatt and iCan sing in real life yo!!!!"

 photo lilmodddd.png

Lil’ Mo, who’s in the running to become the breakout star of the LA cast, also posted a few bootylicious pics of her Derrick L Hughes-designed catsuit.  "All mine!!! No shots. No pads. Just let the lord use ya!! :-)"

 photo kekews.png

Meanwhile, KeKe showed off her "bubbly" personality and treated the fans to a myriad of funny faces on stage.

Watch "Put It On Me" and "Superwoman":



Watch Keke dedicate "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" to Trayvon Martin and give a tearful performance:



Photos via draecrenshaw IG/lil mo IG/keke wyatt IG/electricit IG/Gazette-Journal/HBCU Buzz

HEAT PARADE: LeBron James, Juwan Howard, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh And The MIAMI CELEBRATE Their 2013 NBA Championship + Jay-Z SIGNS Kevin Durant TO ROC NATION SPORTS

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LeBron, Juwan, Dwyane, Chris, Ray and the Miami Heat celebrated their 2013 NBA Championship with a parade outside of the AmericanAirlines arena today.  See the victory pics inside and find out what OKC Thunder player signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

 photo paradefun1.jpg  

NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade and the entire Miami Heat franchise and their families celebrated their 2013 NBA Championship victory with a parade outside of the AmericanAirline Arenas today.

 photo MiamiHeatCelebratesTheirWinVictoryParadeD3O4erprijxl.jpg

Tens of thousands turned out to pay salute to what culminated in a "…franchise-record 66 wins, a 27-game winning streak, and a second straight championship". 

 photo MiamiHeatVictoryParadeRallyKe0vgSJ77v5l.jpg

Team president Pat Riley commented on the parade to the Miami Herald saying, 

“It really is about respect. And this is what players, I think, ultimately play for. You don’t merely want to be considered the best of the best in anything you do. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do. You separate yourselves from the pack. And I don’t think there’s any doubt they’ve separated themselves from the pack this year. And their names are going to be respected and honored.


 photo MiamiHeatVictoryParadeRallyOU7OtWgoTNil.jpg

2013 NBA MVP LeBron James blasted a few fans with shots of his Super Soaker. 

 photo MiamiHeatVictoryParadeRallyjffygTYMjSOl.jpg

Photographers caught Ray Allen, who was the hero of Game 6 and Game 7, waving to the screaming crowd of fans.  Later, he also hit fans with the Super Soaker.  

 photo MiamiHeatVictoryParadeRally3BFmrnarsD9l.jpg   photo MiamiHeatVictoryParadeRallykn5Z8vUB6rCl.jpg

And Chris Bosh held on to that trophy for dear life.


LeBron James also posted a few videos from the parade to his Instagram account.  Watch the clips here and here.

In other sports news…..

 photo kerinvsddf.png

Now that rap mogul Jay-Z is an officially licensed NBA agent, he’s added Oklahoma City Thunder baller Kevin Durant to the Roc Nation lineup. We told you to expect this signing a few days ago and Kevin revealed the news to his IG folllowers earlier today.  Kevin joins a growing roster of clients Jay-Z has built up including Robinson Cano and Geno Smith


Photos via Splash/Kevin Durant IG/Getty


ON THE SET: First Pics Of Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs & Harold Perrineau SHOOTING “The Best Man Holiday”

 photo bestman2_zpseeba0e7b.jpg

The first official pics from the set of The Best Man Holiday have surfaced and the male lead characters are looking pretty good.  See Taye, Terrence and Harold inside….

 photo cheesep1_zpsff41ff29.jpg

We told you a few weeks back that some of our favorite YBFers would be heading up to Toronto, Canada to film The Best Man Holiday, and now the first official photos have emerged from the set!  

Terrence said last month about the new flick:

"[Director and screenwriter] Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in the The Best Man I, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community."

We see that Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineau are looking as good as they did over a decade ago…and their characters seem to be taking a healthy appraoch to cooking.  We love a sexy man who knows his way around the kitchen.  Can’t wait to see how everybody’s relationships are going in the sequel…


Photos via O’Neill/White/INFphoto.com 

Oprah Winfrey Does The HARLEM SHAKE With OWN Staff, Says Terrence Howard MISBEHAVED During Their LOVE SCENE!

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-15at53452PM.png

Oprah Winfrey and her staff her joined in the Harlem Shake craze.  Watch the staff at OWN do the shake and see what Oprah said about making out with Terrence Howard  on "The Butler" set and how he "misbehaved."

Even Oprah Winfrey has joined in the viral dance craze "The Harlem Shake." A few employees from OWN turned one of their studios into the ultimate dancefloor where they turned it up….before Lady O magically appeared on the big sreen like the Wizardess of Oz!



And speaking of Lady O…

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.


She stopped by "The Steve Harvey Show" where she talked about her upcoming film The Butler  and her steamy love scene with Terrence Howard. Terrence made headlines recently after he talked about his Oprah’s love scene saying, "To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties. She’s such a lovely, voluptuous woman. She’s very beautiful, and that was wonderful."

And from the looks of it, Oprah was far from offended by the comments. She told Steve, "Well, I do have big breasteses." She said that initially the scene with Terrence was supposed to be "small" but because he "misbehaved" the scene got bigger and bigger. In case you missed it, watch Terrence talk about making out with Oprah Winfrey…

"The Butler" is expected to hit the big screen October 18, 2013.

Terrence Howard Dishes The Storylines For “Best Man Holiday”

 photo TerrenceHowardTerrenceHowardJuicyJVisitCR9LDBFAjMBl_zps3f11a44e.jpg

Now that the production of the sequel to our favorite classic is in full swing and the studio is prepping for its release, a few plot secrets are being revealed.  Check out what Terrence Howard had to say recently about the upcoming Best Man Holiday movie….

After the classic hit the theaters 13 years ago, it’s hard to imagine what else can be done in a sequel.  But while original cast member Terrence Howard was out tromping his new flick Dead Man Down at New York City’s Bryant Park Hotel last Thursday, he revealed a few storylines of Best Man Holiday.

"I think it’s going to be amazing film and I get teary-eyed thinking about it because there’s some tragedy in it.  That’s all I’ll say."

But, of course, he continued saying:

"[Director and screenwriter] Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in the The Best Man I, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community."

With all the original cast members–including Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs and more–returning for the sequel, this is gonna be good.   Best Man Holiday is slated for a November 14th release.

Source: ABC News Radio

Terrence Howard Says Black Media ATTACKED Him For Marrying An ASIAN Woman, Hints At HIATUS From Acting

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at91556AM.png

Terrence Howard hinting at taking a break from acting and vented his frustration over the backlash he received for marrying an Asian woman during his Dead Man Down promos.  Watch the interview inside……….


While doing the promo rounds for his latest flick, "Dead Man Down" (which opened at the box office this weekend with a disappointing $ 1.8 Million) Terrence Howard hinted at an "acting" break and blasted how he was ridiculed for marrying outside his race.  

He spoke about taking a break from movie/tv roles for a while because "I feel maybe I’ve done enough, I’ve played enough in these field.  And I would like to see what other mediums that I can aspire towards."

And when it came to talks of his bitter divorce, Terrence felt like he came out on the receiving end of a lot of hatred because he married outside of his race.

"We have a crab mentality where we try to pull each other down because of choices we’ve made.  Because I chose to marry an Asian woman instead of a Black woman.  I think as Black people we have to start helping each other and congratulating each other for being morally strong. And doing the right thing by that.  If you dont have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all."

Somethng tells me that’s not why he received hate. 

Watch the interview here:

MOVIE FAB: Sanaa Lathan & Terrence Howard STARRING In “Macbett” + Halle Berry REPRISING “STORM” For “X-MEN: Days of Future Past”

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at81026AM.png

The Best Man stars Sanaa Lathan and Terrence Howard are teaming up again for a remake of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  Get the deets inside and find out what famous role Halle Berry is set to reprise…


Sanaa Lathan and Terrence Howard have signed on to join Blair Underwood and Evan Ross in a remake  of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The retooled film will be called Macbett and will shoot on location in Jamaica and Puerto Rico in September 2013.

Terrence, who also serves as executive producer of the film, will be working with writer/director Aleta Chappelle (who’ll make history as the first Black woman to direct a film version of the story).  Indiewire posted  the film’s  synopsis:

"after a gallant military victory, General Macbett (Wipes) encounters the “Weird Sisters,” who are the spirit daughters of Mother Africa and reign over fire, water, earth and sky. They delight in manipulating Macbett by feeding him predictions of royal titles including “King.” Macbett soon becomes obsessed with ambition, as does his beautiful and ruthless wife Lady Macbett (Lathan) .

"As Macbett and his Lady spiral downward, indulging in treachery and political assassinations, they are soon haunted by their murderous deeds and driven mad. In a true exemplification of a tragedy, Macbett is defeated by his own zealous thirst for power, a heartbreaking end to a once beloved Hero".

And in other news, Sanaa and Terrence will hopefully reprise their memorable role in The Best Man sequel called Best Man Holiday coming soon.



And in other movie news…

 photo halle9332.jpeg

It’s official, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry will return to the X-Men franchise in the role of Storm (which she originated in the first film) for the latest installment X-Men: Days of Future Past.  She told "Access Hollywood", "I’m in. I think I’m in. I am excited. I love Storm. That’s one of my favourite characters that I’ve played. And people love that character as well."

That sentiment was later confirmed with director Bryan Singer tweeted,

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at82231AM.png

Congrats Halle!

Zulay Henao — “I’m NOT Dating Jermaine Dupri….And I Was NEVER Engaged To Terrence Howard!”

Apparently, Terrence Howard wasn’t engaged to who we thought he was a while back.  And despite their dinner date, actress Zulay Henao denies dating Jermaine Dupri.

Deets inside…

When pics surfaced of Single Moms Club actress Zulay Henao out at dinner with producer Jermaine Dupri, it had folks wondering if they were dating.

And it seems like JD still hasn’t fund a rebound chick after Janet Jackson.  Because, according to her publicist, the two are definitely not dating.  They are…you guessed it…"just friends " who had dinner.

We’re also told that Zulay was NEVER engaged to actor Terrence Howard.  Apparently, Terrance was engaged to someone else and everyone reported that it was Zulay…when they hadn’t dated in years.

Oddly enough, Terrence never corrected anyone and actually gave interviews about ending the engagement after a few months.  The publication could have simply assumed it was Zulay.

Oh wells.  There you have it.

Royce Reed WANTS $100K From Dwight Howard To Help SLAM DUNK Him In CUSTODY BATTLE!


Former "BBW" star Royce Reed has asked a judge to make her baby’s daddy, NBA superstar Dwight Howard, foot her legal bills so she can fight him in court.  Get the deets inside…..


Dancer and former reality star Royce Reed needs helps handling her mounting custody battle bills and she wants her child’s father, LA Lakers star Dwight Howard, to pay for them.  Yes…she wants Dwight to pay up to help her fight himself.

Royce, who recently tweeted a pic of their son, Braylon, trying on his ringbearer’s tux (above), is currently fighting Dwight in court (because he wants to take full custody) and she’s already got a bill for $ 44,113.50.

She filed papers in Florida recently and asked the judge to force Dwight to pay her legal bills because he can simply outspend her and keep her tied up in court. Royce claims that Dwight makes over $ 1.3 million per month, so this is clearly not a fair fight.  She has a point.

Royce expects to spend an additional $ 60K in the short term (taking her up to $ 100K) and hopes the judge will see it her way and force Dwight to level the playing field.  No word on if Dwight wants full custody simply to avoid child support payments.


Despite the legal drama…..



Royce and Braylon were able to get into the holiday spirit and spent the weekend decorating their home and their Christmas tree. 


But Royce says Braylon fell asleep on the floor because she wouldn’t watch cartoons with him.  Ha.


Watch Royce’s dance group Fantashique, practicing for their Dec 8th show with a performance called "The Struggle For Love."

At least she’s still dancing.  Because chick is not try9ng to go back to "Basketball Wives"…

The Randomness:

1.   Former NFL star Warren Sapp asks for a child support discount! Story.

BALL: T.I. & Tiny JET To D.C. For Homecoming At Howard U.

Everybody’s rolling into D.C. this weekend for Howard University’s Homecoming.  So T.I. & his ride-or-die wifey Tiny jetted into the nation’s capital  to party with the youngins.


Pics of the reality star couple making their "Ball"-erific arrival…


Carrying luggage that’s more expensive than a person’s wardrobe that’s in it, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle looked…dare we say it…kinda cute for her flight.  She rocked a mint green & pink skull embellished fleece off-the-shoulder sweatsuit by Vintage Havanna while her hubby kept it casual (with his sexy self) with his lime green studded MCM bag.

The twosome made their way into Washington DCA airport yesterday afternoon before hitting the party scene:

"Ball" rapper T.I. will be hosting a party at FUR nightclub tonight to close out the Homecoming festivities.


And he even performed in the pouring rain at YardFest yesterday once he hit the campus.