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First Place Costumes! Talk Show Hosts Kelly and Michael Strahan Dress up As Kanye and Kim

First Place Costumes! Talk Show Hosts Kelly and Michael Strahan Dress up As Kanye and Kim

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re having fun this Halloween by celebrating some of our most bossiest costume finds online. Celebrities have been killing it online (via social media and television) with some of their looks, but it appears that the talk show hosts and media personalities that interview them daily have really embodied the personas of their guests by dressing up as some of our Hollywood faves. For example, Kelly Ripa and Micheal Strahan of ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ were spot on with their looks when went forward in impersonating Kim Kardashian and Kanye, as well as Miley Cyrus and Robert Thicke. Check out their VMA costumes from that infamous Blurred Lines performance below!


Kanye West Proposes to Kim Kardashian on Her 33rd Birthday!


Photo Cred: @EyeOnGlam

They say third time’s a charm! Yesterday G.O.O.D Music rapper and new dad, Kanye West, proposed to his girlfriend of over a year, Kim Kardashian, on her birthday. Third engagment at 33? There is a numerical significance somewhere in there for those who love numerology.

The ever-so-romantic West rented out the AT&T Park in San Francisco and asked Kim to marry him  via a huge jumbotron screen that read “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!” You gotta love Yeezy’s playful spirit. If all goes to script, this will be Kim’s third marriage, with her first one being to record producer Damon Thomas back in 2000-2004 and the second to NBA player, Kris Humphries. Kim’s divorce to Humphries just recently was approved earlier this year, which makes her more than able to walk down the aisle again soon.

Could this be the Kardashian marriage that lasts forever? We hope so! The news of Kim’s engagement comes days after it has been made public that her mother, Kris Jenner, has filed for divorce from her husband of 20+ years, Bruce Jennfer. Maybe Kanye and Kim’s love will be the inspiration behind a quick rekindle? We shall see. But one thing is for sure, the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashian will be a must watch!

Wendy and Kanye Think Kim Deserves a Hollywood Star- Do You?

How you doing? Recently fans, non-fans and media personalities alike have been weighing in on Kanye West’s most recent confession to Jimmy Kimmel, in which he revealed just how strongly he felt about his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, earning a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Recently, talk-show host Wendy Williams was one of the people who weighed in her opinion on the matter, saying that she agrees that reality-vixen Kardashian deserves that historic Hollywood star on the ground. Williams explained her logic by saying

“Well I think that whoever makes those rules is really, really out of touch. Reality stars are bigger than regular TV stars these days…Everybody in the world knows who Kim Kardashian is…Like it or not, these reality stars are STARS,” she recently dished. “And my thought is they do deserve to be in the running for a Hollywood star. I think people in Hollywood, sometimes stick their nose up to reality TV because they feel that you’re not a real thesbian, you didn’t study at the School of Drama….How many people on TV on talk shows could I be hating on?”

Well, this is interesting. I guess this is a matter of subjectivity. Is it enough to be famous for being famous? What defines ‘fame’ and what exactly does the Hollywood Walk of ‘Fame’ represent? Does the honor of earning a star reflect your monetary success or your true talent? Does ‘fame’ mean the ability to simply be known or the ability to be influential in music and movie culture?

With the explosive rise in reality-tv popularity, and the aid of social networking, it is no wonder that Kim Kardashian is without a doubt a well-recognized American figure. But is what she is known for worthy of receiving a mark on the “Hollywood Walk?” Is she an icon? A few synonyms for icon include: idol, hero, heroine, likeness and representation. Would we call the Kardashian’s reign on television to be representative of American homes? Or heroic for that matter? Well, apparently, some think so.

The term fame and what it means to be famous has changed throughout the years, but I’d like to think that the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a reflection of a modern Thespian Club or Actors/Actress Guild. Being rewarded with money and popularity is one but being awarded for talent and influence is another. However, this is all opinion. What are your thoughts? Sound of below!

SPOTTED: Kanye West SEEN SHOPPING At Cartier On RODEO Drive + Katie Couric Apologizes For HURTING Kim Kardashian’s FEELINGS

 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierN7V88umieZHl.jpg

Rapper Kanye West was spotted leaving the Cartier boutique on Rodeo Drive yesterday.  See the candids inside and find out what Katie Couric said after she found out she’d hurt Kim Kardashian’s feelings.  


 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierllkAy_q1Pmol.jpg

"New Slaves" rapper Kanye West was welcomed into the Cartier boutique on Rodeo Drive yesterday, where we suspect he looked at gifts for his daughter North West and baby momma Kim Kardashian.  

 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierfo6C89bbq-Wl.jpg

After spending a few moments inside, Kanye later emerged from the store empty-handed.  

 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierXUZ9s1p_1jLl.jpg

While out on his shopping excursion, Yeezus received some good news from  Los Angeles County district attorney’s office who said they wouldn’t prosecute him for attacking a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport.

 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierKMjOuTo32-Tl.jpg

The DA concluded that since the photographer was not seriously, nor his camera damaged, they’d drop the charges.

 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartier5enDI9i3vqNl.jpg

Meanwhile, Kim managed to grab a few headlines yesterday after she called out television host Katie Couric for sending a baby gift and trashing her during an interview.  Kim instagrammed, "I hate fake media friends" and "May I humbly suggest you not send gifts then talk s**t." Katie later issued a statement to E! News apologizing for the interview saying, 

"I was responding to a reporter’s question, and explaining how I’m intrigued by the public’s fascination with her family," she said. "I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. The gift is genuine, and I’m happy for Kim and Kanye."

 photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierrcP01milR0sl.jpg

  photo KanyeWestShoppingAtCartierS2tqqynnB_sl.jpg   

And just because Kanye got boo’ed at this week’s LA Dodgers game, it doesn’t mean the city of LA doesn’t have love for him.  The rapper’s Range Rover was crowded by adoring fans as he drove away from Cartier.


In other Kanye news, he’s set to perform "BLKKK SKKKN HEAD" at the 2013 VMAS on August 25 at 9pmET.



1. Actor Donald Faison and his wife CaCee Cobb gave birth to a son on Thursday.  Story.

Photos via FameFlynet Pictures

SPOTTED: Kanye West ATTENDS LA Dodgers GAME With Rob Kardashian + FIRST Post-Delivery Pics Of Kanye With Kim…And Baby North West

 photo kanyebbgame.png

Kanye West was spotted out at the LA Dodgers game last night.  See the pic inside and check out the first pics of Kanye and Kim Kardashian with their daughter North West.  


Kanye West was spotted at the LA Dodgers vs. NY Mets game yesterday in LA.  The "New Slaves" rapper attended the game with Rob Kardashian and according to sources, was boo’ed when his face appeared on the JUMBOtron.

But we’re sure Kanye’s ego wasn’t ruffled by a few negative boos as he’s used to being on the receiving end of criticism.  Meanwhile, Yeezus is set to make MTV history when he walks onstage to perform "BLKKK SKKKN HEAD" at the 2013 VMAS on August 25 at 9pmET.

And in other Kanye pics…….

Kanye and Kim Kardashian were spotted out with their daughter North West for the first time yesterday since little Nori was born.  Of course, there’s no face pics of the baby since Kanye really thinks Anna Wintour is going to cave on giving that baby a "debut" cover…or something. Regardless, we can’t post the family outing pics here, but you can check ‘em out here.

In the photoset that has emerged, we see KimYe and North West on their way to an LA Medical facility.  The baby girl is covered by a blanket and being carried by a nurse.  Meanwhile, Kim is wearing a baggy denim shirt (to conceal her post-baby bod) and has a second shirt tied around her waist.  It looks like she’s makeup free….but we’re sure she knew at least one camera would spot her.  And for a change….Kanye is smiling!  He even playfully tugs as the shirt she has on her waist.  He looks…dare we say it…..HAPPY!


BRING ‘EM OUT! Jay-Z Rocks “Tom Ford” On Stage During Beyonce’s Barclays Finale + Drake Brings Out Kanye, Diddy & Mase At OVO Fest

 photo BQ8-8TICAAAhXRMpng_large_zps06fc1374.png

Beyonce closed out the first leg of her US tour with a bang Monday night.  Check out her husband Jay-Z joining her on stage to perform "Tom Ford", plus Drake bringing out some surprising folks at the Toronto OVO Fest….

Beyonce told the haters to Bow Down as she mixed in a different outfit to close out the final stop on her tour Monday night:

 photo BQ8_wiACIAER-VVpng_large_zpsd2c917f5.png

 photo BQ837z7CIAIiKdcjpg_large_zps02a414f3.jpg

 photo BQ9C2PoCUAA703Qjpg_large_zps97c4eddb.jpg

She performed her "Bow Down" track in a sparkly "Carter" jacket, then Mr. Brooklyn himself, Mr. Carter popped up on stage to spit his "Tom Ford" track with Bey dancing around.  Gotta love these two.

The Carters’ besties Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow showed up and other celebs like little sis Solange and Tika Sumpter were also there.

And now that the first 61 shows in 43 cities are over for the Mrs. Carter Show, she circles back to BK and a few other US cities this December.  And you can catch her at Jay’s and Budweiser’s Made In America Festival during Labor Day weekend.


And up in Toronto:

 photo BQ9Dss6CIAET10mjpg_large_zpsb7f75c4d.jpg  

Drake brought the unexpected with him to OVO Fest.  He surprised the crowd and brought out Kanye West at Monday night’s concert to perform "New Slaves".

 photo BQ8-KslCIAABQczjpg_large_zps12e1e773.jpg

‘Ye let ‘em know The Roc was in the building and then took over the stage.



And look who else was there:


Diddy & Mase popped up as the most random & surprising special guests. Mase just looks happy to get out the house. The two rocked out with "Mo Money Mo Problems" and a few other tracks. Peep the vid above.

Big Sean, the Weeknd, and more also performed as scheduled.

Photos: MCSWT’s IG/Hits On Hits IG/Dreamville Nation IG, Video: DJ Drama’s IG


Kanye West Pops Up At Travis Scott’s Show To Perform “New Slaves” + Justin Timberlake Shoots Jay’s “Holy Grail” Video

 photo tumblr_mqwefcbcxZ1qe523oo3_1280_zps2ecbeca0.jpg

Kanye West made a special appearance at up and coming rapper Travis Scott‘s show last night.  Check out pics inside, plus Justin Timberlake on the set of the "Holy Grail" video…

 photo braidskanye1_zps4bbe400e.jpg

 photo yetrav2_zpsdf33aab7.jpg

Kanye brought his "New Slaves" performance to the El Rey Theater in L.A. last night via a special appearance during the Travis Scott show.  Travis is a Houston rapper who’s on the come up and was named MTV’s "Artist To Watch".

Check out the crowd losing their mind when ‘Ye popped up to perform and him chillin’ backstage:


The new papa has been mostly in hiding with his baby moms Kim K.  Good to see him still hitting the stage every now and then.


Also in L.A. last night, Justin Timberlake shot his scenes for the new "Holy Grail" video.  Jay-Z wasn’t pictured on set since he had a full day with appearing on Bill Maher‘s "Real Time" and premiering his HBO project for "Picasso Baby".

 photo hgj1_zpscd22aa12.jpg  photo hgj2_zpsada09f63.jpg

June Ambrose was also spotted on the set working her stylist magic.  Looking forward to seeing how all the visuals shape up…


Photos: PCN/Elliot Wilson’s IG

NOT AGAIN: Kanye West GOES BEZERK And “Allegedly” ATTACKS A Photographer, PARAMEDICS Called

 photo 0719-kanye-west-airport-x17-article-6.jpg

We thought Kanye West  made it clear a few days ago when he said, "Don’t Talk Ever Again", but one photographer didn’t get the memo.  Watch Kanye put them paws on him inside…..

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.


LAPD’s Pacific Division launched a battery investigation earlier today after Kanye West allegedly attacked a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport.

According to the LA Times, the incident was reported around 2 p.m. on Friday.

Police said a scuffle went down after a photographer continued to take pictures of Kanye after Yeezus told him to stop. TMZ reports that after the photographer began fielding Kanye with questions, Kanye "attacked, attempting several punches".

The scuffle was quickly broken up and Kanye jumped into a waiting car before police arrived. Also, paramedics were called to the scene after the paparazzo complained of injuries. However, folks on the scene said they saw no immediate or visible signs of injury.

We smell a lawsuit…….


TMZ reports that Kanye West has been named a felony suspect in airport attack. Police   suspect Kanye committed an attempted robbery when he assaulted a photographer at the airport and tried to jack his camera.

The case has now been transferred to the Robbery Homicide Unit and cops are currently putting a file together.

More to come…..



Chris Brown’s Probation REVOKED, PARTIES With Snoop Lion At The Playboy Mansion + Kanye West’s A.P.C. Collection SELLS OUT, Reveals UNAIRED Comedy PILOT! (VIDEO)

 photo chrisfle.png

After his probation was revoked, Chris Brown spent last night partying with Snoop Lion and baseball player Yasiel Puig.  Get the deets on his latest legal woes inside and watch footage from an unaired comedy pilot Kanye West shot for HBO and get the deets on his A.P.C. clothing line!  

 photo ChrisBrownCourtAppearanceAGJXssPC0k3l.jpg

Chris Brown got bad news yesterday when a judge revoked his probation after reviewing details from an alleged hit-and-run incident in May.  You’ll recall that last month, Chris was charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license for the incident.  He’s now set to report to court for the hit-and-run on July 23.

Luckily for Chris, because Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray didn’t ask for jail time, he was allowed to remain free.  He’ll answer to the probation violation on August 16. 

 photo chris4dgg.png

Following his day in court, Chris headed over to the Playboy Mansion (above) where he attended the 8th annual Bear Trap Entertainment (BTE) All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party. Photographers captured him chilling with a bevy of Playbunnies, athletes and musicians.

 photo chrslj932.png

Rapper Snoop Lion and LA Dodgers player Yasiel Puig were among the celebs seen at the party.

 photo chrisb.png  

Later Chris and Yasiel also posed with Washington Wizards point guard John Wall.


Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that Chris avoids all drama (especially since his probation has already been revoked).  One small slip up and he’s going to jail…..no questions asked.  




And in "unseen" television shows…..

Once upon a time,  Kanye West aka "Yeezus" wanted to be known as the Black Larry David.  No….seriously!

During a 2008 interview, writer and producer Larry Charles dished about an unaired HBO pilot that he and Kanye shot. It was Kanye’s version of Larry David’s cult hit "Curb Your Enthusiasm."  

Now….actress Alison Quinn (who starred alongside Kanye) has uploaded the footage to YouTube and we’re so grateful!  It’s not half bad and it looks like Kanye has a sense of humor about himself…and his huge ego.  Or at least he used to.  

And in more current Kanye news, his capsule collection for clothing line A.P.C. sold out on the first day (Sunday). Demand was so high that the brand’s website crashed.   We guess fans around the world really love his fashion sense.



Photos via Yasiel Puig IG/4theloveofbreezy IG/ Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America

“The Real” SNEAK PEEK: The Game OFFERS Kanye West PARENTING Advice + Tamar, Loni, Adrienne, Jeannie, And Tamera LEARN How To TWERK!

 photo IMG_9521.jpg

The ladies of "The Real" are all set for their national debut today and we have a sneak peek at their "How To" segment on twerking as well as The Game’s parenting advice for Kanye West.  Watch the clips inside….

 photo IMG_6940k.jpg

Today, Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon kick off their new daytime chat fest "The Real".  The highly anticipated launch includes segments with new moms Tamar and Tamera chatting candidly about coming back to work after having babies and how they’re dealing with shedding the extra pounds.  Also, the ladies weigh in on all the eccentric celebrity baby names including North West and Blue Ivy. 

 photo IMG_8775.jpg

Fans will also get to see Tamar Braxton showing off her post-pregnancy body.  When asked how she lost the weight (she revealed she gained 38lbs), Tamar joked,"There is a method to this madness…I didn’t drop anything actually. I’m tucked and plucked. I got like 14 girdles on underneath!"

And when it comes to fatherhood, rapper The Game dished out some parenting advice for Kanye West,

"You know what I would just…I feel like with guys like us and I know Kanye since he and I battled outside of the Nike Town years ago broke…You just follow your heart. When I had my first son I just knew what to do for some reason. You just care because that child is of you….and for the people that don’t care. I don’t even understand how guys can’t care. So he got it….

And during one of the show’s funniest moments, the ladies get into the twerking dance craze and provide a "how to" segment!  

Watch The Game offer Kanye West parenting advice here:

Watch "The Real" ladies learn how to twerk here:


It looks like the ladies are about to kick off a fun summer run and are set to change the face of daytime television!

Tune in to “The Real,” beginning Monday, July 15th on:
• New York WNYW FOX5 at 12:00pm
• Los Angeles KTTV FOX11 at 1:00pm
• Washington D.C. WTTG FOX5 at 11:00am
• Philadelphia WTXF FOX29 at 11:00am
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