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Fly or Fail: Miley Cyrus and Her Toned Down Look


It appears Cher and Dionne gave Miley Cyrus a makeover a la ‘Clueless’ style. The Bangerz singer was spotted at z100?s ‘Jingle Ball 2013? concert in a pair of black and yellow trousers, a Maison Margiela blouse and a pair of ankle strap sandals. She gave her Angelica-style pig tails a break and wore her hair in a sleek crop ‘do. Are we feeling this milder side of Miley? Sound off below!

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Do We Love Her Look? Beyonce Poses Via Tumblr in Yellow and Black Long Sleeved Maxi

Beyonce took to the popular blog site, Tumblr, to debut more style this week. Showcasing eccentric fall style, she posed in a long sleeved Rachel Pally maxi dress and TopShop brimmed hat. Her maxi dress, a floor-sweeping silhouette, featured black and yellow abstract print. She topped her look off with a black brimmed hat under which she would her honey blonde tresses pinned up and tousled in the front. Loving Bey’s look? Comment your thoughts below!

What to Look for Before you Sit In the Pedicure Chair

Photo: patricktaleb

Have you heard on the news some of the pedicure horror stories? Did they frighten you enough that you are always caution before you sit in the pedicure chair?  Well if it hasn’t you might want to listen to this.

In past news stories, there have been stories of people getting bacteria that in some cases ate through the person’s skin causing irreversible damage.  This is all because of the lack of cleanliness on the nail salon’s behalf.  Before you sit the pedicure chair, there are some things you should look for.

  • Are the nail technicians not only cleaning, but sanitizing the entire nail chair and spa after each client?
  • Have they pulled out cleaned tools from a sterilizer?  The sterilizer kills all bacteria from tools.
  • Are they disposing tools that shouldn’t be reused like some emery boards, nail files, etc.
  • Do the nail techs wash their hands after and before each client?

Photo: thejasminebrand

Photo: thejasminebrand

When your eyes look lifted, your face come alive! The eyes play a huge in making a person appear younger or older.  Beauty icon, Evelyn Lozada from the hit reality TV show Basketball Wives, shares her secrets with mamaslatina.com on how to make your eyes look alive.

In order to have a more polished look and brighten the eye area, get your brows shaped–waxing, plucking or threading–it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have a great shape framing your face. We definitely underestimate how important keeping our eyebrows in shape is for the rest of our look. Afterward, make sure to fill in brows with powder or a pencil just one shade lighter than your actual hair to fully define.

As you can see your arching the brows gives the illusion that the eyes are more open and alive.

B*TCH STOLE MY LOOK: Tamar Braxton Says K. Michelle STALKED Her Wig Maker And Jacked Her ‘Do!

 photo TamarBraxtonTamarBraxtonLAShowcaseSponsoreddEWnpnIHrcFl.jpg

Tamar Braxton has come clean about the "wig" tweets that upset reality star K. Michelle,  revealing that the tweets WERE NOT about the "V.S.O.P." singer, but were actually directed towards Tamar’s wig stylist (the one she says K. Michelle stalked)! Listen to Tamar’s interview inside….

 photo kmichelletamar2_zps6423901c.jpg

"Love & War" singer Tamar Braxton spoke to Muthaknows and Mina SayWhat from "The Rise & Grind Morning Show" on Power 99 where she gave them "the 411" on what’s really going on between her and "LAHH ATL" star K. Michelle.  

Previously, we told you about the war of words on Twitter between Tamar and K. Michelle.  There was a nasty exchange after Tamar tweeted about her "wig" being taken.  To clear up the tweet, Tamar revealed today that her comment was directed towards the person to styles her wigs….not at K. Michelle.  But Tamar says K. Michelle stalked her wig maker and then commissioned a wig that looked VERY similar to one she had worn. So….that remark was INDIRECTLY aimed at K.

Tamar went on to say, "Every situation I’ve had with this person….she’s invited herself into."  She explained that the two had a previous Twitter battle over tweets Tamar sent to her BFF Toya Wright.  Again, Tamar says she was not speaking to K. Michelle or about her, yet K. started tweeting catty comments.  

Tamar revealed that the situation got so sticky that Mona Scott Young and Vincent Herbert had to get involved.  She said K. Michelle has offered to call her an apologize.  But Tamar felt that since she insulted her publicly, she should apologize in public as well.  And since a public apology has never happened, Tamar says they won’t be able to have a friendship.

Oh drats!

Listen to the interview below…..



Photos via Maury Phillips/Getty Images North America / K.Michelle’s IG/Tamar’s IG


6 SCANDAL-icious Things To Look Out For In Season 2 — Another BET Marathon On Deck!

 photo SCS2N_zpsc5728fe7.jpg

The insanity of season 2 of "Scandal" is underway on BET.  And whether you just need a refresher, you want to put yourself through the heart palpitations all over again, or you’re brand new to the Gladiator team, we’ve got the 6 things you should be looking out for during this Saturday’s marathon….

You know who Quinn is….but you have no freakin’ clue the ish-storm her background is causing for Olivia Pope & Associates.  And Olivia’s personal life isn’t so gravy either, now that she’s told the most major lie of all to her greatest love of all, President Fitz.

On August 17th, from 8AM/ET to 10PM/ET, BET is continuing its Scandalous Saturday marathon with season 2 of one of the hottest dramas to hit TV in years.

And finally, on Wednesday, August 21, BET will finish airing the complete second season with a two-hour, back-to-back block, starting at 9PM/ET. 


So, check out our gallery of the 6 things you should be paying keen attention to.  Step your Huck skills up….

Join in the convo on Twitter at #ScandalBET.

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6 Scandal-icious Things To Look Out For In Season 2

Oprah’s HAIR-RAISING “O” Cover, First Look At The Lindsay Lohan Interview + Fantasia POPS OFF At “TGT” During CONCERT RANT

 photo 563003_10151800554172220_611727856_n.jpg

Oprah Winfrey just unveiled the latest hair-raising cover for "O" Magazine and it’s one of our favorites!   See the cover inside and watch a clip of her Lindsay Lohan interview and find out what TGT allegedly did to upset Fantasia!


Oprah Winfrey instagrammed the latest "O" cover and it’s definitely one of our favorites.  She tweeted, "Just revealed this new cover of @O_Magazine – 1 of my faves ever – Let’s talk about HAIR!Following".

And over on the OWN Network, which has turned a profit, Oprah landed a high-profile interview with Lindsay Lohan (in addition a new reality show starring the troubled actress).  Watch the first look here:

Tune in the Lindsay Lohan interview on Sunday, August 18, at 9/8c.



And in music beefs….

 photo IMG_7308.jpg

Fantasia (shown above with radio host Kendra G from the "Ryan Cameron Morning Show" on V-103 Atlanta, had a showdown with TGT at the Atlanta Civic Center.

So what happened? Fantasia was TGT’s opening act and the drama started when Fanny was not allowed to do a sound check, so it seemed from Fantasia’s telling of the story.  For entertainers, the sound check is critical and the failure to do so could lead to a bad show. SInce Fanny was "allowed" to do a check, one might obviously interpret the act as a slight.  

After that, Fantasia (who heading back to Broadway for After Midnight) claimed that her background singers’ mics were turned offduring her performance of “Lose to Win.” This lead to Fanny walking off the stage…..

In the audio clip, you can hear the disgust in Fantasia’s voice as she blames the headliner for her sound check issues.

Meanwhile….after the show:

 photo brain.png

Fantasia’s manager Brian posed with Tank and said, "My looooong time friend Tank @therealtank and I after the show. Great solo artist follow and support him."

We’re thinking that since Brian made mention of Tank as a friend AND "solo" artist, BUT didn’t mention the other acts (Ginuwine and Tyrese), the tension with Fanny may stem from the other two. 

Things that make you go hmmmm….


Photos via Oprah’s Instagram, Brain Dicken’s Instagram

First Look: The “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” Teaser, TLC REVEALS New Album DEETS + Michael B. Jordan TALKS Trayvon Martin And “Fruitvale Station” In ROLLING OUT”

 photo mgid-uma-video-vh1.jpg

The official trailer for the VH1 original film "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" has been released.  Watch the video inside and get the latest album and performance news about TLC.  Also, see what Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan had to say about Trayvon Martin.


Get More: Watch TLC: Crazy Sexy Cool Coming October on VH1, Music News


VH1 has revealed the official trailer for the made-for-TV movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story (airing October 21). The film stars Lil Mama, KeKe Palmer, and Drew Sidora as Left Eye, Chilli, and T-Boz.  In the teaser, we watch the ladies recreate the videos for TLC’s hits “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs,” and their resemblance is spot on! 

In other TLC news, the group has revealed the details about their new album.  According to a new press release, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins have re-signed with L.A. Reid to LaFace under Epic Records and will release their album on October 15.

Though the project does not have a name yet, it will feature fan favorites, biggest hits, plus four all-new songs including “Meant to Be,” (penned by Ne-Yo and used in the VH1 Original Movie); and “Posh Life” (produced and co-written Dallas Austin).

T-Boz and Chilli have also tapped Lil’ Mama to perform with them at VH1’s Mixtape Festival in Hershey Park, PA on July 26-27.

Chill spoke about the addition saying,

“For 10 years we have been mourning the death of our sister Lisa, and although we have discussed the option of bringing in someone to perform with us, it never felt right at the time,” said Chilli. “Watching Lil Mama on the set of our movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story reminded us of Lisa’s spirit, and, for the first time since her passing, we felt everything come together in an organic way.”

T-Boz added,

“Lil Mama’s authentic style, although very different from Lisa’s, got our creative juices flowing. By bringing her in, we will continue to keep TLC’s music alive for a new generation of fans. We are thrilled to be writing this new chapter in the TLC story.”

Lil Mama expressed her excitement saying,

“Lisa Lopes was a one-of-kind performer who cannot be replaced,” said the 23-year-old rapper. “I am grateful to Chilli and T-Boz for the confidence they had in me to portray her in the film and to invite me to perform and record with them and pay tribute to her incredible talent.”

What do you think about Lil’ Mama joining TLC on stage?


And on magazine racks……

 photo cover_MIchael-B_3_w-650x824.jpg

Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan covers the latest issue of ROLLING OUT where he talks about the similarities between his character Oscar Grant (an unarmed black teen who was murdered by an Oakland cop) and Trayvon Martin.  Here are the highlights:


Here are the highlights:

On why he almost skipped an interview due to anger over George Zimmerman’s acquittal:

“I was at the L.A. Dodgers game with my girlfriend,” Jordan revealed to rolling out. “And once the verdict was read, you could see how it affected the crowd. You could see the people in the audience, one person finding out from the next. People were just talking to one another about the verdict. After the game, I had to go to a Q-and-A session for the film. My heart was hurting so bad that I thought about skipping the interview. I didn’t know how to respond or express myself in a manner that I should have. But I sucked it up and went to do the interview. I spoke my peace. But it was hard. To look at the evidence and he’s not guilty, that’s tough. It’s really tough.”

On how he relates to Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant:

It could have been me,” Jordan says of the untimely deaths of Grant and Martin. “Around the time I read the [Fruitvale] script, Trayvon Martin’s shooting had just happened a week or two before. I remember when Oscar Grant died in 2009 and how frustrating it was during that time. And then the Trayvon murder occurred, it was like all of this was happening again. I’m from New Jersey and Oscar is from Oakland, but the same things are occurring. When I was younger, I always hung out with my boys. So we could’ve experienced a situation that was similar to Oscar Grant’s. Being from the inner city, you have to do the best with what you have — even when the odds are stacked against you. People from outside your community may judge you because you may look different, walk a little different, or talk a little different. But, dealing on a more personal level, after I got a chance to get to know Oscar’s story, I saw a lot of similarities between Oscar and I. With the film, I really wanted to give him a voice. It’s kind of fun for me to dive into those characters as well.”

On the impact of Fruitvale Station:

“We hope that we will create something that can stand the test of time,” Jordan says. “As far as opening numbers are concerned, it doesn’t really affect the project. Hopefully, this movie will cause people to make a change on how we look at each other when it comes to violence. I hope it has a positive impact. I hope it’s a project that will be talked about for years and years to come.”

See Michael’s photoshoot here:

 photo MICHAEL-B-5518-HR-650x898.jpg  photo MICHAEL-B-HR-5595-650x907.jpg  photo MBJwindow-650x927.jpg  photo MICHAEL-B-JORDANHR-55672-650x433.jpg

Watch the BTS video here:

Fruitvale Station is in theaters now….


Photos via Phoenix White for Steed Media Service

CANDIDS: Rihanna Shows Off In White See-Thru Mesh Look, Readies New MAC Project + Sanya & Aaron Ross Hit The Hot NYC Streets

 photo sany8_zpsf1f6a4ef.png

Rihanna showed off her new gray ‘do today as she made her way to the LG Arena ahead of her Birmingham, UK concert.  And she decided to give everyone a peek with her all white mesh outfit.  Check it inside, plus the Rosses making their promo rounds..

 photo sany5_zpsc7f8d182.png

Oh, hey Rih Rih.  The "Cheers" chick flaunted a sexy sporty look in a mesh crop top and matching mesh short shorts, both by her River Island partner Adam Selman, with nude panties underneath.  Of course she could pull this off in the middle of the day…with jewelry and everything else.  But not sure anyone else could.

The pop diva was on her way to her Diamonds World Tour stop in Birmingham and was welcomed by tons of fans as she left her hotel:

 photo sany4_zps9e1d7140.png  photo sany7_zps088d3deb.png  photo ScreenShot2013-07-18at31811PM_zpseffbf8df.png

Fun times.  By the way, Rih revealed a new MAC project is in the works.  A new lipstick maybe?  She tweeted:

#StanLife #iheartmynavy #sneekpeekofmynextMACproject

And over in NYC:

 photo sany2_zpsd0387ab4.png  photo sany1_zpsc856e391.png

Olympian Sanya Richard Ross is on the promo trail as she pushes her upcoming reality show on WeTV called "Glam To Gold."  She was spotted leaving "Good Day NY" with her hubby, NFLer Aaron Ross.

Cute outfit Sanya.  But it is around 100 degrees in the city today.  Not sure how you’re pulling off that blazer…


Photos: PCN/Splash/WENN/INF/Rihanna’s IG

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Kyla Pratt Gets A New Look On “L.A. Hair”

 photo KylaPratt.jpg

"Let’s Stay Together" actress Kyla Pratt guest stars on this week’s episode of "L.A. Hair".  Watch a sneak peek inside…..


TheYBF.com has an exclusive sneak peek of tomorrow night’s (Thursday’s) episode of "L.A. Hair" starring sitcom actress Kyla Pratt.  On the episode, celeb hair stylist Kim Kimble styles hair for the Kevan Hall fashion show and "Let’s Stay Together" star Kyla Pratt stops by the salon prior to an event she’s attending.   But she misses all the drama.

Here’s a couple of videos with new mom Kyla hitting up her same hairstylist since she was 13 (any YBF chick knows not to switch up stylists when you’ve got a good one) and talking about being a positive role model in Hollywood.

“L.A. HAIR” airs Thursday, June 27 at 9PM ET/PT on WeTV.


Photos via WeTV

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