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Michael Jordan and his legal team might have something up their legal sleeves for Pamela Smith, the woman who accused him of fathering her son. Find out more inside….


Remember when Pamela Smith stirred up headlines a few weeks ago with talk that Michael Jordan fathered her teenage son?  Though she did her best to gain media traction for the story, she suddenly asked the Fulton Country courts to dismiss the case, leading many to speculate that she had been paid off.

But now, new actions by Michael and his legal team seem to suggest that Mr. Jordan didn’t pay Pamela off!  In fact, TMZ reports that the NBA legend has filed new legal docs asking the court to keep the case open so he can file a counter-claim against Pamela to cover his court costs! OUCH. 

If Pamela didn’t know about the repercussions of filing frivilous lawsuits…she’s gon learn today (in the voice of Kevin Hart).




Judge DENIES Michael Jordan’s Request For Paternity Case Dismissal!

Michael Jordan just lost his request to dismiss the paternity case involving a 16-year-old possible son.  Deets inside…

Yesterday, Michael Jordan’s legal team headed to court to faceoff against Pamela Smith over a paternity claim.  And it wasn’t the outcome MJ wanted.  The request for dismissal that Michael and his lawyer, John Mayoue, filed a few weeks ago was dismissed, Pamela’s rep confirms to TheYBF.com.

Pamela claims her 16-year-old son is actually Michael’s son.  And she’s been going hard in the court system to prove it.

Now that Michael’s request to dismiss her claim has been rejected in Fulton County Court, another court date will happen soon to determine if or when the basketball icon will need to take a paternity test.

Meanwhile, Michael and his fiance Yvette have recently filed for their marriage license in Florida.  They don’t seem to be letting this case interfere with their approaching wedding.


Micheal Jordan Paternity Case Heats Up — Alleged Baby’s Mama CHALLENGES Jordan’s Request For Dismissal

And the drama continues with the woman claiming her teenaged son’s father is Michael JordanPamela Smith, the mother of Michael Jordan’s alleged 16 year old son and Micheal (or his reps) just showed up at court today to pursue the paternity case.


Deets inside…


Both Pamela and Michael/his reps were due at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta at 2p ET today to pursue the paternity case Pamela has brought in regards to her 16-year-old son.

Pamela has retained famed family attorney, Randy Kessler, whose name is synonymous with several high profile cases of divorce, paternity, custody, and domestic disputes.  And despite Michael seeking to dismiss all charges last week, and accusing Pamela of lying, Kessler is confident that today’s proceedings will not result in the dismissal that Jordan is seeking.

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Kessler tells us that Jordan simply needs to take the paternity test to resolve the dispute.  And he said in a statement on Monday:

“We are honored to have been asked to represent Ms. Smith who has been unable to resolve this matter herself. The vicious statements made in Mr. Jordan’s legal documents will be responded to in her own forthcoming pleadings, but at this time Ms. Smith wants to be clear. Her former husband Mr. Reynolds has not been involved in her child’s life since the divorce in 2005, has never paid support for the child and has shown no interest in the child.

And Pam’s lawyer also struck back at Jordan’s team for accusing her of keeping the child from her ex-husband:

"The claims by Respondent’s counsel that ‘It is troubling that Smith now inflicts measurable harm upon her son while seeking to deprive her son’s father Reynolds, of the rights and privileges of joint legal custody’ are completely unfounded and meant only to disparage her. Our client feels that Mr. Jordan had numerous opportunities to resolve this matter by having a simple conversation with her. If he claims he is not the father, a simple $ 300 saliva test could likely resolve the issue instead of further court or public involvement.”

Hopefully Maury shows up today too….

BEAT IT: Michael Jordan Moves To DISMISS Paternity Suit, Says Legal Docs Prove THE KID Is NOT His Son

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Michael Jordan has released a statement claiming legal documents prove he didn’t father the teenager who’s claiming to be his son. Find out what he said inside….

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Basketball legend Michael Jordan has been splashed across gossip pages in the past week after the 16-year-old son of Pamela Y. Smith (shown above) posted a YouTube video claiming to be his son and then she filed legal paperwork demanding Michael to claim paternity.

Back in February, Pamela Y. Smith, 48, filed suit in Fulton County Superior Court requesting that MJ take a paternity test, pay child support and share medical, dental and hospital costs that are not covered by insurance.

So why did Pam do this now? Apparently, Pamela’s son wants to forge a relatiosnip with his father and for now…they think the legal system is the best route. In a statement released earlier, Pamela’s publicist said, "Pamela had no choice but to support her son and his desire to forge a relationship with his father. That’s why she is now speaking out and prompting Michael to do the right thing."

Not so fast…..said MJ’s lawyers today. Michael and his legal team recently filed documents seeking to dismiss Pamela’s case, claming paternity of her son has already been established.  And MJ is NOT the father.  His legal team told the Associated Press,

"Public records show that the paternity of the child was established in a prior case in this same court many years ago and that Michael Jordan is not the father. He also filed a counterclaim seeking sanctions for the false claims made against him. It is unfortunate that well-known figures are the target of these kind of claims. Michael Jordan will vigorously defend himself and his reputation."

And Michael’s team says Pamela’s suit is a "shameless, bad faith attempt to abuse the legal system."  For now, we guess a judge will decide as MJ and Pamela are set to meet in court for Tuesday, March 12.

We reached out the Pamela’s publicist for a comment….and we’re still waiting.


In case you missed it (here’s Taj Jordan’s video):

PATERNITY SHOCKER? Shawty Lo’s Ex-Girlfriend Jai Jai Is PREGNANT!


Underground ATL rapper Jai Jai (who’s also the ex-girlfriend of Shawty Lo) is pregnant. And guess who’s "allegedly" the father? Find out the obvious inside…..



ATL rapper Jai Jai (the ex-girlfriend of rapper Shawty-Lo) posted a pic of her baby bump on Instagram recently and it got the streets talking. 

With many folks up in arms about Shawty Lo’s upcoming reality tv special "All My Babies’ Mamas," many were wondering if Jai Jai could potentially be added to the list of Shawty’s baby mamas.

While Jai Jai isn’t listed as a cast member and wasn’t featured in the trailer, a source told TheYBF.com that Shawty-Lo is the unborn child’s father (but of course we won’t know for sure until Maury Povich gets involved or Oxygen’s reality tv cameras start rolling).

And by the way, it’s not confirmed whether Shawty and Jai Jai are back together again either.



EXCLUSIVE: Rich Dollaz’s Baby Mama Calls Him A Liar, Says He’s Still Avoiding Paternity Test



Chaundrea Nicole, a woman who’s desperately seeking a paternity test from "LAHH 3" star Rich Dollaz, spoke exclusively to TheYBF.com where once again she blasted Rich as a liar and issued a THREAT you’ll have to read to believe. More inside…..

For nearly a year, we’ve been following the troubled "relationship" of model Chaundrea Nicole and reality star Rich Dollaz whom are embroiled in an ongoing paternity battle that’s been AT LEAST 12-years in the making.

A little back story, we spoke exclusively to Rich Dollaz, a while ago, about Chaundrea claiming that he fathered her child and is a deadbeat dad who won’t take a paternity test.  Well…he told TheYBF.com that Chaundrea was lying and he was willing to take a paternity test.

That "statement" set Chaundrea off and she denied being his "jumpoff" and provided TheYBF.com with a few texts messages where Rich pretty much blew her off and said he wasn’t taking any DNA test.  

So that forced Chaundrea’s hand and she had to take judicial and family matters into her own hands because she felt the courts in Memphis were dragging their feet.  She told us,

"He had been avoiding court dates since August (see the attached document). I had to pay four my own court date because I had been waiting for years and it seemed like waiting on the “system” I would be continuing to wait. They rescheduled again and again he didn’t show and that’s when the warrant was put out on him.

I’m not sure why he would tell you that I am “fabricating” anything when he clearly is a HUGE liar in every aspect!

So fast forward to a few days ago….we told you Rich had been jailed and he talked to us (again…EXCLUSIVELY) and said things we’re straightened out.  However, Chaundrea says otherwise.

"I just wanted to let you know once again that he has LIED! It’s not “straightened out” he should either have had to take the DNA test while in jail (which I don’t think he did) or they gave him a court date, either way I’m not going to play with him at this point about my daughter because this effects her."

But she didn’t stop there.  She also issued a VERY interesting threat for Rich (just in case he wants to follow up with another exclusive):

“If you keep on, you’re going to be in more trouble than just taking a DNA and child support. I know what you been doing and how you actually came to Memphis illegally and I know what else you did so if you keep on defaming my character, not only will I will be hitting you for child support I will be suing you as well, not to mention the felonies that you have committed!”

Felonies?  Illegal activity? Ummm…..does Mona-Scott Young know that Rich’s real storyline isn’t about Olivia’s record deal OR dating Erica Mena?  Please get that UPDATE ready for the "LAHH 3" reunion!

Lastly, besides finally proving paternity, Chaundrea tells us she is on a mission to make a point to her daughter about chicks like Erica who lay up with men who don’t handle their responsibilities.  She told us,

"I don’t want her to think that it’s ok to be like people like Erica because it’s not ok to be whorish to come up and get attention (like she did when she posted that OLD pic like he is with her when his ass was here in a club). I know I will be judged all types of ways but at this point I don’t care, I know what I am doing and I know who I am."

So…who’s fabricating?




We’ll keep you posted….

BABY DADDY DRAMA: Ne-Yo’s “Former” Baby Mama MIGHT Sue For Being EXPOSED + Hines Wards CLAIMS Paternity


Ne-Yo’s "former" baby mama may sue him for putting her on blast during his "Behind The Music" special. Find out why inside and get the details on Hines Ward claiming paternity….

Remember that "Behind The Music" special where Ne-Yo revealed he paid off "former" baby mama Jesseca White (not the famous model Jessica) AFTER he discovered the child she claimed was his, really wasn’t?  Well….we were NEVER supposed to learn that Jesseca "might" had led him on in terms of paternity or that she no longer communicates with him.  The situation didn’t cast her in the best light and that’s clearly why they had a confidentiality agreement in place.

Either Ne-Yo didn’t care of maybe he forgot about it when he dished all he dirf on his VH1 Behind The Misic episode. But Jesseca and her attorney Gloria Allred are up in arms…and seeing green $ $ $ . In addition to the $ 575,000 he paid her in 2009, Jesseca is threatening to take Ne-Yo to court for violating their agreement since she claims she’s been "defamed, ridiculed and harassed."

Jesseca is also claiming that she’s been unable to work, was mentally distraught and "beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss" since her past was exposed.

So now she wants more money or she says she’ll pursue other legal options.

We’ll keep you posted…..


In other baby daddy drama…..


Remember that "paternity" claim that popped up for Hines Ward in Georgia?  It turns out that Hines has claimed paternity and is filing court documents to make it official.  Hines has submitted to a blood test to prove he is the father of Jordyn, a girl born to Melanie Smith in January 2011.

Hines plans to provide child support (and said he’s already started) and wants joint legal and physical of little Jordyn.


Wyclef Jean OPENS UP About His AFFAIR With Lauryn Hill, SAYS She LIED About PATERNITY!

Hip Hop legend Wyclef Jean chatted with Wendy Williams today about his new autobiography Purpose, his love affair with Lauryn Hill and the breakup of The Fugees. Get the deets inside….

Producer Wyclef Jean stopped by the "WENDY" show today where he dished on a variety of topics that come up in his new autobiography Purpose.  When asked what happened when he ran for leader of Haiti, he said, "They took me out of the race."  He said officials in Haiti actually created a law that made him ineligible to run for office because of residency.  Mind you, Wyclef had already been a diplomat and an Ambassador-at-Large for the country.  He says folks were afraid he would win.  He says he got "bamboozled."

Though the Fugees have sold over 17 million albums, Wyclef pretty much summed it up saying that a reunion is not in the cards.  While making jokes about antics of the group (like bringing a goat on stage) he reveal he doesn’t speak to Lauryn but keeps in touch with Pras.

WHen it came to Lauryn Hill, Wyclef said he can talk about the fling now because he is past 40 (he’s 43) and he wants everyone to know the truth….on record.  He revealed that Lauryn led him to beleive that her firstborn was his child; but, he says when he got to the hospital he saw a "yellow baby."  He knew then that he wasn’t the father. 

Another reason for talking about this was that he thinks his story can help other men overcome the "Caesar Complex" (e.g. this speaks to Wendy’s point about him being "mad" at Lauryn for cheating while he was doing the same thing to his longtime girlfriend (now wife) at the time).

He says he didn’t tell Lauryn about the book because she already knows the story and so do at least a 1,000 other people. 

When asked if his wife Claudinette Jean was angry at Lauryn he said that his wife is a "lady" meaning she keeps it classy.  He also talked about his adorable adopted daughter who is seven and mixed with Haitian and Guyanese.


Watch Wyclef talk about the affair here:




Watch Wyclef Jean say he’s not angry with Lauryn Hill above

YBF EXCLUSIVE: Rich Dollaz SETS THE RECORD Straight, Admits Chaundrea Nicole COULD POSSIBLY Be His Baby’s Mother–And He’s Offered Up A Paternity Test!

"Love & Hip Hop" manager Rich Dollaz spoke to TheYBF.com exclusively to clear up rumors regarding Chaundrea Nicole and his "alleged" 12-year old child.  He also revealed Continue reading

Rick Ross Denies He’s the Father in Paternity Lawsuit

Rick Ross

Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Rick Ross is engulfed in a paternity lawsuit with a Georgia woman who claims the rapper fathered her 3-year-old child. According to TMZ, court papers were recently filed in Broward County by the Florida Department of Revenue on behalf of Tyrisha Childers, who claims Rozay is the daddy of her son.

In her suit, the 36-year-old woman alleges that she and Ross were intimate three years ago, which resulted in their child. Furthermore, she has been seeking child support from the Miami rapper, but hasn’t received a dime. Childers also claims that she is flat broke — she has no money in the bank and her only income is $ 694 in monthly disability payments.

Ross has filed his response to the paternity suit in which he vehemently denies that he had a sexual relationship with Childers and that he can prove it with a DNA test. Rozay also fired off a subliminal tweet which may have been directed to his legal case. “Always pay ya taxes … never pay these hoes,” he wrote.

Neither attorneys for Childers or Ross had further comment on the legal matter.