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AFTERMATH: Tameka Raymond Files For Emergency Custody Of Kids, Says “They’re IN DANGER” + Terrence Howard’s Ex Shows Picture Proof Of The Black Eye She Says Terrence Gave Her

 photo ushercincotameka_zps974c47b6.jpg

Tameka Raymond wasted no time in taking action in response to the most recent scare involving one of her & Usher‘s sons.  Check out why she filed for custody, plus Michelle Ghent‘s new picture proof showing bruises she claims came from Terrence Howard punching her….

After losing her son Kile just a year ago in a water related accident (a jet ski & tube freak accident), Tameka feels her two youngest sons’ lives are now in danger after Usher V (pictured above) ended up in ICU after a pool accident at Usher’s house.

Usher has primary full custody of the couple’s two boys, Usher V and Naviyd, which he won after the divorce settlement and after Kile’s death.

Now, Tameka is looking to reverse that after Cinco got his arm caught in the pool drain and had to be helped to breath again via CPR done by AV workers who were inside the house.  Today, Usher & Tameka were by Cinco’s side in ICU and the doctors say he will be OK.  But Mama Tameka doesn’t feel comfortable releasing the boys back into Usher’s custody as the incident happened at the pool at his home.  Especially because she has beef with Usher’s aunt who was supposed to be watching the boys.

TMZ reports:

Usher’s ex-wife has just filed legal docs asking for an emergency hearing later this week … to wrestle child custody away from him, on grounds he’s creating a dangerous environment … TMZ has learned.

Tameka Raymond filed the docs in Fulton County, Georgia, claiming Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their 2 kids — people who she claims are not on the ball.

Can’t say we really blame her for filing these docs.  The aunt in question is also the person Tameka previously accused of letting a stalker into the house while Usher & Tameka were married.




 photo terrence-injuries-wm-011-480w_zps7bad96f7.jpg

And if you were wondering if Terrence Howard’s ex wife was going to show some receipts with her story of allegedly getting beat down during a family vacay to Costa Rica with Terrence & his kids recently, she did.

TMZ obtained pics of Michelle Ghent showing her black eye and bruised arm that she claims all came at the fists of The Butler actor Terrence Howard.

 photo terrence-injuries-wm-09-480w_zpsfebb3a8a.jpg

Michelle did receive her temporary restraining order she filed for Tuesday in court, and she maintains Terrence threatened her with a knife and physically abused her during an argument.

The site reports:

Michelle Ghent alleges the brutality occurred during a trip last week to Costa Rica. She says the fight started after she told Terrence she had no interest in firing up a relationship with him — they divorced in May.

Michelle says after Terrence hit her, he glared at her and walked over to a bedside table where he kept 2 curved knives — 4-6 inches in length.

Michelle says she panicked and then pepper sprayed him. At that point she claims Terrence knocked her down and then kicked her repeatedly in the head.

In addition to the black eye, Michelle says she suffered contusions and swelling.

And, she says, he referred to a prior warning he had given her on a trip to Bora Bora — threatening to kill her.

Well this explains where the pepper spray comes into play that Terrence says Michelle attacked him with FIRST.  he also maintains he never touched her.  But based on these images, someone did.  Michelle says it was Terrence and he sucker punched her dead in the face, grabbed her up by the arm and caused contusions and swelling after he also threw her up against a wall.

Sad situation.


Photos: TMZ/Tameka’s IG


FOOLYWANG: DMX Passed Out In Cop Car Following Arrest (VIDEO) — Proof He Was Under The Influence?

 photo dmxdddd.png

Footage of DMX’s arrest has been released and despite denials from his rep, he looked under the influence to us! See the rapper as he passes out in the back of the cop car inside…..

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.


Although a rep for DMX blasted reports that he was under the influence when he was arrested a few days ago, a new video of the arrest makes his rep’s comments seem foolish.   Though the audio is not great, X does admit to having one drink, and later, he possibly admits to 4 or 5! 

We’re still not sure what he was "on" but it made him fall asleep in the back of the police car…minutes after the arrest!  Not a good look.  Check out the foolishness above.  This is the quickest way to make your own rep look silly.  Hopefully the folks around him will stop enabling him and hold him accountable and get him CONTINUED help….

Kanye’s Alleged Jump Off Leyla Creates A Twitter Page…To Expose More “Proof”

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Leyla Ghobadi caused some ruckus today when her major accusations (as told to Star magazine) of cheating with Kanye West since his girlfriend Kim K. has been pregnant heated up the internet streets.


Now, the Canadian model has gone and gotten her own Twitter page (two actually) to talk some more.  Deets inside…

Earlier today, the Leyla chick created a Twitter page and defended herself against Kanye & Kim’s PR teams calling her a liar.  Here’s some snapshots from the first account she created:


 photo article-2340575-1A494C22000005DC-355_634x513_zps4c147aba.jpg

Then later on today, she deleted that account and created a new one (that we haven’t 100% verified is her but it seems that way).  She said "My old one hate too much hatred coming in!"  Shocker.


While Leyla says she’s not revealing her cheating sexcapades with Kanye for fame, she says she revealed it because she "started to feel guilty."  And she’s also requesting people to pretty much make her Twitter account blow up:

Listen up everyone! If you want to know what really happened! Tag my name in your tweet!

Yes, that doesn’t sound like you’re doing this for social media fame or anything?  But it gets better.  She tweeted this a couple hours ago:

I have made a very huge mistake. I am very sorry @KimKardashian

The basicness of it all….

With all that said, we can’t help but actually believe this chick’s story to a certain extent (wouldn’t be surprised if she embellished for fame purposes).  It definitely wouldn’t be the first time Kanye cheated on anyone, and stories like this are pretty much the norm in the industry. 

Meanwhile, Kanye just posted a mini video of himself recording "I Am A God" on his website to promote his upcoming album, Yeezus.

Dwight Howard–MORE PROOF Surfaces That THIS Is His Baby & Baby’s Mother?

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105355AM_zps736942a8.png

Last year, an investigation was done by our homie Robert Littal of Black Sports Online about Lakers center/forward Dwight Howard and his many alleged babies and babies’ mamas.  Yes, way more than just former "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed.  And now, more proof may have surfaced to prove this cutie 2-year-old girl is his.


Deets inside…

Well what do we have here?  The bible thumping, devout Christian with a wholesome "I believe in loyalty" image (so he tries to make us to believe) Dwight Howard has fathered this cutie patootie pictured above named Jayde?

Here’s the deal: Last March, BSO reported that goody goody Dwight actually has up to five children by five different mothers, most are a secret. Two have been confirmed–Royce with son Braylon and now, Hope Alexa with daughter Jayde.

Hope, who lives in L.A., describes herself on her Facebook page as a Bikini competitor, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Model.  BSO reports that she had Jayde in December 2010. And when they reached out to her about this story, chick deleted her whole Twitter page minutes later (but it’s back up now).  Sounds like she’s hiding something.  But nothing stays hidden for long.

This brings us to the picture above that Hope posted to Instagram yesterday.  Peep that framed picture in the background.  If we didn’t know any better–and we are pretty good with our skills of being nosy–we’d think that was Dwight Howard in that photo….chillin’ with Jayde as a newborn.  BSO previously confirmed–with a pic–that Hope has pics of her & Dwight on her fridge from when they were "dating".

It’s not out of the ordinary for a mother to keep a pic of her child’s father around–in such a prominent place like the kitchen–so the child always knows what he looks like.  Especially since it seems Dwight, who just played in last night’s NBA All-Star game, is keeping as much distance as possible from his responsibilities, like fathering his (alleged) kids.

More pics of Hope & Jayde:

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105501AM_zps5092d203.png photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105533AM_zps2c5132be.png  photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105520AM_zps394ef4ed.png  photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at105443AM_zps082aa985.png

That baby is too cute!  There hasn’t been any high profile drama yet between Hope & Dwight like there was with Royce.  But time will tell…

Pics: Hope’s Instagram

PICTURE PROOF: Chris Brown & Karrueche STILL Chopping It Up….The DAY AFTER Chris Spent The Night With Rihanna

And the saga of the Young & The Indecisive continues.  Chris Brown was spotted leaving his house an hitting the studio with his "ex"-girlfriend Karrueche Tran Sunday afternoon.  That would be all fine and good…had he not put out a PSA that he broke up Karrueche to get closer to his other ex Rihanna, who he also spent the weekend with.


Check out the pics–plus Chris being nice enough to pass her gas money–inside…

Well isn’t this interesting.  The paparazzi cameras caught Karrueche & Chris leaving his home Sunday afternoon — in separate cars — and clearly together.  And before you call Chris an ingenuine player…he was gentlemen enough to have his bodyguard pay for Kae’s gas before they drove off to the studio in Burbank:

How sweet.  Kae and her fave Isabel Marant sneakers and oversized baseball jersey got back in her blue Porsche Panamera (that Chris may or may not have bought her) ad followed Breezy to the studio:

Sometimes it’s hard to let go. 

Just ask Chris–since he spent the night before (Saturday) at his Qubeey event at a private mansion in Hollywood.  And the twosome (pictured above at the event) were spotted kissing & hugging all night.

Some of us have our pick of the litter it seems….


Pics: FAME

IS IT REAL? Beyonce’s Mama Says She NEVER Gave Post-Baby Interview…Magazine Says They Have Proof She Did!

We told you earlier about "UK STAR" Magazine claiming to have Beyonce’s first post-baby interview, and we said it wouldn’t be the first time a publication staged a fake interview with a celeb.  And now there are reports from Beyonce’s camp that the interview was indeed fake. Deets inside….

According to Mama Tina, the interview reported by "UK Star" about Beyonce and Blue Ivy was fake. 

Ms. Knowles told "Access Hollywood" that the article was, “Completely made up.”  Beyonce’s rep also told media yesterday there was no truth to the interview.

But it doesn’t end there, because the UK Star editor is standing by their “world exclusive first interview” saying,

“It is not made up or fictitious at all.  We bought the interview from a reporter in the U.S. who conducted the interview with Beyonce before the birth. The reporter then obtained the ‘top-up’ info after the birth, which we believe to have been signed off by a girl on her LSM [labor service management] team.”

So Mama Tina says it didn’t happen.  But the editor swears it did.  It wouldn’t be the first time a reporter made up an interview.  Nor would it be the first time a celeb back tracked on something they said.  So……who do you believe?

PICTURE PROOF: Rihanna’s Back With Ex Matt Kemp?!

Some love never dies.  Rihanna‘s ex-boyfriend MLBer Matt Kemp is back in the picture.  After kickin’ it with her "We Found Love" video co-star off the set last week, she’s moved on already with her former flame.  Clearly she wanted that old thing back.


Pics inside of Rihanna hitting a Gentlemen’s Club in London with her ex-boo…

While partying in London last night (well, 2AM this morning), Rih tried to sneak out the back door of Peter Stringfellows Gentleman’s Club in Soho, London.  Why so sneaky when she’s always paparazzi ready?  Maybe that’s because her ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp, who some say cheated on her even though they said long-distance was the culprit, was spotted in the passenger seat of her awaiting car!

Rih hid her face and flipped off the cameras once inside the car with Mr. Kemp and her PR bestie Jen

They broke up last December blaming their long distance relationship and busy careers, while some said it was because Matt was cheating.  But if Matt’s already traveling across the world from L.A. to go see homegirl for a few nights, sounds like both are feenin’ for that old thing back.  Matt always seemed enamored with her. 

Time will tell…

Pics via SPLASH