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"Rack City" rapper Tyga stopped by Big Boy’s neighborhood to talk about his baby mama Blac Chyna, his Young Money partners, gambling, and his next moves in the music business.  Watch the interview inside….

Tyga promoted his "187" single with Rick Ross on Big Boy neighborhood recently and revealed that there’s meaning behind the song title (e.g. he’s murdering the game).  He also said he hopes to work with Chris Brown on a new mixtape at some point, “Whenever we stop driving Lambos and posting pictures on Instagram, maybe we could finish it.”

He talked about his love for his baby mama Blac Chyna. When asked who said "I love you" first or if sings songs to her, he said he isn’t that type of dude.  This either means he doesn’t do those things or he just wouldn’t reveal them in public.

He did offer up, “We got a real gangsta relationship. Ya’ll not gonna see us doing no crazy, corny stuff. We go to the strip club together, do stuff like that.” Big tried his hardest to get him to show his senstivtive side but it didn’t work.

And if he had to chose between saving Nicki Minaj or Drake from drowning and there was only room for one on a life raft, he’d save Nicki. And between Drake and Lil’ Wayne, he said "I’d extend both hands." Then he admitted, he’d save Wayne.

He also talked about his love of roulette and revealed that though he’s not a big gambler, he’s had nights where he’s lost at least $ 40,000.


Watch the interview here:


The Randomness:

1. Former baller Allen Iverson fears judge will favor ex-wife over him because of campaign donations made by her attorney, the same attourney Usher used. Story.

Tamar Braxton Talks Putting Babies On Hold + Chrissy & Jim Jones Dish On The Drama Of Their New Spinoff

Tamar Braxton is putting babies on hold (and yes–she says she WAS actually ready before), at least until her album is done.  Find out why inside, plus Chrissy & Jim Jones are dishing all about babies and beef with Angie Martinez…

This past season of "The Braxtons" we saw Tamar going through the drama of IVF treatment as she and hubby Vince were tying to get pregnant.  She seemed to not really want a baby, but claims she wouldn’t have gone through with IVF if she didn’t.  So she told Huff Post Black Voices in a recent interview that she wants to be able to show her kids the type of woman she is.

Have you experienced any challenges shooting the show?

The only con is a lot of people might not agree how Vince and I conduct our relationship. We work together every single day, we’re together all the time. We’re pretty much velcro. And he manages me, so it’s a lot. The way we decide to communicate and what works for us, a lot of people won’t agree with that.


Since you’re making progress with your recording career, does that also change your stance on becoming a mother?

Honestly, I definitely want to do that. And I wouldn’t have gone through the whole IVF process if I didn’t want to do that. It’s just that the hormones were so much at one time. Looking back on it, I kind of wish that I was in the right frame of mind, because I would’ve done it right then and there. I’m just starting to feel like my old self again within the past couple of weeks.

I just felt like after the IVF process there were some things that were very important to me that I accomplished just as a woman and as a person just to show my kids by example, not just by telling them. I never want my kids to feel like I’m just some housewife who was just kicking it with my husband, because that’s not the kind of woman that I am. If I don’t do things for myself then how am I going to show my kids? So that’s why we decided to wait.

Is Tamar really ready for these kids?  Hmm.  Check out the rest of her interview over at Huff Post.


And in other couples’ news, Chrissy & Jim Jones hit up Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 to dish on their upcoming spinoff show "Chrissy & Mr. Jones":

The twosome say they decided to do their own show because they were tired of being blindsided by the bullsh*t on the "Love & Hip Hop" show they were on last year.  So they’re Executive Producing this spinoff together.

Chrissy also revealed she hasn’t talked to or seen Olivia since they wrapped their season of LAHH–and she’s not cool with her.  But there’s no malice.  And she chose Emily B. to be on their show because she’s the only one she was truly friends with.

And about having those babies Jimmy wants, Em says she needs more structure from Jimmy.

Their show premieres Monday, September 24th on VH1 at 9:30p est.


The Randomness:

1.  Party Over.  LMFAO break up…for now.  STORY


Dawn Richard DISHES To REGARD Mag About Working With Diddy, Going Solo, And Putting Her “Armor On”


Singer Dawn Richard recently posed for "REGARD" Magazine’s 2012 April/May issue with a fab spread shot by celebrity fashion photographer Dimitry L.  Check out the new solo singer Continue reading

CAUGHT IN HIS DRAWERS: Diddy Shows Off His Package….On A Balcony….While Putting In Work

Not that type of work.  Diddy was spotted taking a business call on his hotel balcony yesterday at the L’Ermitage hotel in Beverly Hills before the Golden Globe Awards.  In his boxer briefs.  And seemed to have a whole lot to offer.


Pics inside…

I mean…we’re all about stacking paper no matter the time of day or what you’re wearing.  And not surprisingly, entertainment mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs is the same way.  He stepped outside on his hotel balcony…drawers and all…to conduct a little business work.  And if you’ve ever wondered if he was a boxers or briefs person…

Now ya know.  *eyebrows raised*

Pics via SPLASH