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YBF KIDS: Shannon Brown & Monica ATTEND Little Shannon’s Graduation + Aoki Lee Simmons Graduates 5th Grade + Alicia Keys & Egypt IN Amsterdam + Justin Combs’ “#DiddyJetDance”

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Graduation season is in full effect with NBA baller Shannon Brown and Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons watching their little ones walk down the aisle.  See pics inside and see Alicia Keys and son Egpyt in Amsterdam and Justin Combs doing the "#DiddyJetDance" inside….

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Phoenix Suns baller Shannon Brown watched his son Shannon Christopher Brown graduate recently.  

  photo 41e43c14cf0811e28d8c22000a1f9ad6_7.jpg

Little Shannon, aka Bam Bam, and Monica, his proud stepmom, tweeted a few pics and offered her congratulations.  "Congratulations to our Little Graduate #ShannonChristopher aka #MyBamBam u did an awesome job today.. Super proud of u… Looking forward to hanging with u… #SummerTimeFunTime".

   photo 0a3d4812cf0f11e2858a22000a1f9711_7.jpg

Monica said Bam claims the baby as "his own" because the baby is expected to arrive on his birthday. She also joked that she had to explain why the baby is in her belly.

"#FunniestThingEver Bam wants to know why did I eat his brother or sister LOL. Had to get creative explaining that one. #KidsSayTheDarndestThings"


In other graduations….

 photo aoki.jpg

Russell Simmons tweeted a pic from Aoki Lee Simmons‘ 5th grade graduation. With Aoki growing up to be such a stunning young lady, it’s only a matter of time before she follows in Kimora’s footsteps and becomes a spokesmodel!


And in Amsterdam…..

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdamKEt5OTVnKWCl.jpg

Alicia Keys and her son Egypt was spotted in Amsterdam.

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdampYt5fF3E5CRl.jpg

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdam14NJLtWtTqql.jpg

The "Fire We Make" singer seems very much in her element as she revealed to Marie Claire UK magazine that she loves to travel to other countries.  

 photo AliciaKeysseensonEgyptfriendsAmsterdam8zDz_3Wemhsl.jpg 

Alicia, who’s overseas for her "Girl On Fire" tour, was asked to duet with Barbara Streisand last night.  She tweeted, "Woooow!!! #BarbaraStreisand just said she wanted 2 do a Duet w ME @ her show 2night!! u know how much I respect & love her! #kidnacandystore"


And somewhere on a private jet…..

Diddy showed that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when he posted a new video of son Justin Combs doing the "#DiddyJetDance". Watch young Combs bust a move above….



Photos via Monica’s Instagrams/Russell Simmons’ Twitter/PCN

Monica & Shannon Brown SHARE Hawaii Vacay Photos

Singer Monica and her cute husband Shannon Brown recently shared pics from their trip to Maui with their fans.  See the photos inside…….



"Everything To Me" singer Monica recently shared vacation photos from her and her hubby’s trip to Maui.  The couple can be seen relaxing on the beach and going horseback riding.  She tweeted, "Enjoyed our ride today with Ginger & Keola…what a beautiful place this is."

She’s rocking the Robin Piccone "Penelope" crochet overlay one piece swimsuit.  Hot!

She also shared a few gorgeous photos of the island.

Shannon enjoyed himself too as she shared, "My Hubby is enjoying the beach!! Super Focused, Gearing up 4 this season"  He re-signed with the Phoenix Suns for a 2-year $ 7 mill deal.

In other Monica news, she’s been announced as a performer for the fourth Vietnamese concert run by the Hennessy liquor company at Ha Noi’s National Convention Centre on September 7.

Fab times!

REDEMPTION! YBF Chicks Shannon Boxx & Sydney Leroux Help USA Win SOCCER GOLD!

USA Women’s Soccer just redeemed themselves after losing the Gold to Japan in the 2011 World Cup.  They just beat Japan tonight to win the Gold, for the third straight time in the Olympics.  And two YBF chicks on the team–Sydney Leroux & Shannon Boxx–helped make it happen.  Get their interesting back stories inside…

She’s 35, a powerful Midfielder on the US Women’s Soccer team, and was one of the leading reasons TEAM USA just took the Gold in Women’s Soccer.

Shannon’s biological father is black, but she was raised by her white single mom: So the Southern California native told media recently that while in college, she took it upon herself to learn the culture of her other half.

"For me, I really learned about my other half. I took African American studies. I majored in it. I think that was one of the best things I could have ever done. My mom couldn’t teach me those things. So I went and taught myself and learned those things when I was at Notre Dame."

And her 22-year-old teammate, Sydney Leroux, says she couldn’t have gotten this far had she not broken up with her professional baseball player fiance:

She’s plays Forward on the team and was one of the major subs of the game to help her team beat Japan.  But she didn’t make it this far without catching flack from her Canadian half.

Sydney, who is also bi-racial and the daughter of retired American MLB star Ray Chadwick, was born in British Columbia, Canada.  So her dual citizenship made her eligible to play for TEAM USA.  Many Canadians called her a traitor and didn’t take kindly to her decision earlier this year.

The UCLA student told Yahoo Sports that her relationship with her MLB player fiance Brett Lawrie (of the Toronto Jays) was holding her back from progressing:

"I don’t think I would be where I am if I were still engaged," Leroux said. "I think that now I have time to focus on me, and I don’t think I did that when I was in a relationship with my ex-fiance, so I’m happy. "I mean, if I could thank him, for just, like, not having it work, I would because I know for a fact I would not be here. Ever since that happened I have kind of rebuilt my dreams again."

Wow.  Congrats to the ladies on staying string and grabbing the Gold!

PARTY FAB: Monica HOSTS Hubby Shannon Brown, Memphitz, Toya & Peter Bailey At Hotel Noir Event In ATL

Last night, R&B songstress Monica hosted an affair for Grey Goose in Atlanta with her NBA husband Shannon Brown and friends Toya, Memphitz, and Peter Thomas coming out to party. See the pics inside…..

Monica, with her hot hubby on her arm, hosted a swanky event at the W Hotel in Atlanta for Grey Goose last night.  Loving this chic white suit look.

Mo also posed it up with her fans at the event.

Toya kept it colorful with her look, including an orange YSL clutch and snakeskin green Louboutin pumps…and an old school high ponytail.

She was there with her husband Memphitz.

And also kicked it with producer Bangladesh and makeup stylist Latasha Wright.

Peter Thomas was also spotted looking…himself.

And you can’t have a Grey Goose event without Kenny Burns!

Reality tv star (Football Wives) Chanita Foster was there.

Demetria McKinney looked fab in her bright red dress as she posed with comedian Rodney Perry.

"The Biggest Loser" trainer Dolvett Quince also added a dash of class to the event.  Fab times all around.  ATL finally got it (mostly) right….


Photos via Paras Griffin

*UPDATED* BREAKING: Chris Paul Traded To The LAKERS, Lamar Odom Shipped Off To New Orleans, Shannon Brown To Phoenix!

Just like it was reported all over the internet yesterday, New Orleans Hornet Chris Paul will officially be suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers!  The deal was just signed this evening.  And while this is a MAJOR career move (and many would say a huge upgrade) for Chris, news wasn’t all good for Lamar Odom.


Deets inside, plus where Shannon Brown & Monica and Khloe Kardashian and Lamar are headed….

*UPDATED(9:30p)* Deal is ON HOLD for now due to pressure from the NBA and other team owners on David Stern to kill the trade.  (11:30p) Stern says deal is officially off. Chris Paul may be taking legal action. Stay tuned…


In a MAY-JA 3-way deal that just broke minutes ago, ESPN reports Chris Paul has been traded to the L.A. Lakers.  This was in return for Lakers Pau Gasol, who is headed to the Houston Rockets, and Lamar Odom, who is headed to the New Orleans Hornets!

Many folks doubted yesterday that a deal of this proportion could or would go down, but it has.  Lakers said they’re willing to trade anybody for Chris Paul and Dwight Howard except for Kobe Bryant, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.  Folks are now saying Dwight’s trade to the Lakers could come soon.  Especially since 3 other Rockets are headed to the Hornets as part of the deal, so L.A. still has some room.

Chris made it known–behind closed doors–he was ready to leave the N.O.  While Lamar has all ties to L.A. and leaving was not on his list of things to do. 

Looks like Lamar and his reality hungry wife and mother-in-law better hop on that "Khloe & Lamar Take New Orleans" bus.  And stat.  Oh, and ask Kim about how to handle an athlete significant other in New Orleans.  Sorry, had to mention it.

In other news, ESPN reports free agent Shannon Brown, who announced at the end of last season he was leaving the Lakers, has just signed with the Phoenix Suns.  That ought to be interesting for him, wife Monica, and their kids.

These deals could just be the starting point and things could change again before the trade deadline.  Thoughts?

STILL ON PREGGERS WATCH: Monica, Shannon Brown & More Tape “A Very BET Christmas”

Monica is looking simply stunning these days.  And after the recent taping of "A Very BET Christmas," we’re sticking by our Preggers Watch stance.


Pics of a glowing Monica backstage with her cute hubby Shannon Brown, plus who else will be stopping by, inside…

Last week, celebs hit up the taping of BET’s Christmas special.  Monica was spotted backstage looking amazing with her husband Shannon Brown, as she will be singing "O Holy Night." 

But what caught our eye is this extra flowing frock she rocked…a departure from her usual fitted looks and even more flowing than her recent looser-fitting clothes.  And dare we say, her perfectly made-up face is looking rounder than usual.  It could be love.  Or it could be baby #3.

Yes, we know she vaguely half-way shot down pregnancy rumors a little while ago.  But it wouldn’t be the first time a celeb tried to vaguely thwart off rumors only to make the announcement themselves soon after.

By the way, if the dress looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same Lanvin dress–this one in white–that Beyonce wore to the MTV Awards the night she debuted her baby bump.  Coincidence?  Time will tell…..

Mo kicked it with Lloyd backstage too.

Newcomer Elle Varner was there to perform.

Cuties Mindless Behavior–who are rockstars with the youngins by the way–were also there to perform.

And Robin Thicke made his way to the stage for his performance:


"A Very BET Christmas" special airs Sunday, December 11th, at 8P/7C.  The special will include performances from Monica, Jacob Lattimore, Robin Thicke, Elle Varner, Mindless Behavior, Jawan Harris, and Lloyd.

BONUS: Monica spoke to S2S about both her Justice of the Peace situation and her wedding in the upcoming issue.  Here’s a snippet:

Monica: Well, you know, people always ask us about the day, but to me, I look at our marriage as something that will have my undivided attention and love for a lifetime. The day was beautiful. Yes, it was. And some people even thought we had two weddings. We didn’t, Miss Jamie. We did it justice of the peace style because he was in the season, and the fellows were working hard on the three-peat. And, you know, some of his best friends are his teammates. So you don’t want to pull people out of that to try and do a wedding during the season.

Jamie: Mm-hmm.
Monica: But we did want to be man and wife. So we did our justice of the peace thing.

Jamie: Right.
Monica: And then we had a wedding, and we were able to celebrate with all the family, all the friends, everybody that we loved, that supported us, you know, and go from there. So like I say, we’re dedicated to the commitment. We’re dedicated by marriage. But most of all, we’re dedicated by kids and family. So it’s just the beginning. But thank you for being so supportive. Even before I got to this point, you were always like that. So I’m like, we got to figure this out and make sure we talk to Miss Jamie before this day is out.

Check out the rest here.

COUPLEDOM: Monica & Shannon Brown Play In FAO Schwartz

Monica & Shannon Brown, who recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary, took their talents to the massive toy store FAO Schwartz in NYC yesterday.  And it was playtime for the hubby/wife team.


Pics of the cute couple inside…

Monica looked great yesterday as she hit the IT toy store of the holidays yesterday–FAO Schwartz.  The twosome posed it up with the real life toy soliders who welcome you in, and hit the BIG piano and shopped for toys for their 3 little ones they share together.  And for themselves.

Mo is looking better than ever!  Must be real love…

They kicked it with some kids inside.

Fun times indeed.  Now we wonder what Shannon’s going to do when the NBA season starts back since he terminated his contract with the Lakers this summer…

Pics via SPLASH 

The Randomness:

1. Gayle King said Oprah never sent Wendy Williams that letter Wendy read on her show this week about Oprah & Gayle’s friendship. Story

Monica ROCKS OUT At Howard’s Homecoming, TALKS To Russ Parr About “LOCKING IN” With Shannon And Her “New Life”

Monica stopped by "The Russ Paar Morning Show" yesterday to dish on her life with Shannon Brown (during the lockout) her album New Life and moving to LA. Hear the interview inside and see her on stage at Howard University.



Monica hit the stage for Howard’s homecoming concert last night where she excited fans with her classics like "So Gone" and the new tracks from New Life.

Earlier, Monica dropped by the Russ Parr Morning Show, with her husband Shannon, to talk about the new album New Life


She revealed that she and Shannon have been "locking it in" during the NBA lockout and using this time to grow as a family.  She also commented on the quality of her music after Russ said he could "hear" the happiness in her voice. 

She said she is in a great personal space and has love and joy in her life…and it’s coming out through the music one.  Also, she turns 31 on Monday so there is also some emotional maturity taking place also.  And when asked about moving to LA, she says she stays out of the "mix" and has her own circle of Georgia folks that she is surrounded by.

Listen to the interview here



Also, she dropped a new promo pic via one of her fan sites. 





During a recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson, Beyonce put on the photog’s glasses and posed as him.




Photos via Terry Richardson

Monica Dishes On Being Mrs. Shannon Brown, Her In-Laws, & Ignoring Negative Attention

When Monica became Mrs. Shannon Brown, not everybody was feeling the love due to the circumstances beforehand and their seemingly quickie marriage.  Now she’s talking about ignoring the hate, being a traditional wife, and even her relationship with her in-laws.


Peep it after the cut….

Monica Brown chatted with Essence.com about her "New Life" with Laker Shannon Brown– which is interestingly the title of her upcoming album dropping November 8th.  Here’s a few snippets:

Monica on being a ‘traditional wife’
I cook for him. He can cook, but I don’t think he should have to. I’m a traditional wife in ever since. I like the fact that he cleans his plate. That’s a southern thing. I’m from Georgia.

On if she’s close with your new mother-in-law
Oh yeah! [Shannon interrupts with a big smile, “yes they are!”] He says we’re sickening. He’s always like, “you’ve been on the phone with her for two hours?” And then, our mothers are close too. We were looking for them for a whole two days before the wedding. They stayed gone and off shopping and doing their own things for two days.

When we really got very, very serious in our dating we took both our families to Cabo. We wanted to take them away from everyone and all the busy places and just really get to know each other. That was everybody’s first meeting. I’ve never gone more than 48 hours without talking to his mother since then. His mom loves her baby, but what’s so amazing about my mother-in-law is that she says I wanted someone to love my baby the way I love him, for him, whether he’s playing ball or doing something else; I want someone to love my son through and through and she met me and she said, “you’re the real deal.” We’re a lot alike. We like the same things. We go to a lot of the same places. We get lost together.

On getting hate from media and commenters about how their relationship came about

Well, you know the way that I am now I have nothing to say, no response. The truth needs no support. I love my husband and he loves me and I think if you sit back and you watch and you pay attention you’ll see it yourself. I think that in the blogosphere the idea is to have the most controversial stuff up. They’re not saying anything about us that they’re not saying about other couples. There aren’t just stories about us up there. There are stories about lots of couples. I thank God for the fact that they’re not true and I have peace of mind.

Check out ESSENCE for what Mo had to say about a future (or not) in reality tv and more about how she and Shannon get through the hate and keep their love.

The Obamas, Monica, Shannon Brown, Gabby Union, Dwyane Wade, & More Hit The Phoenix Awards In D.C.

All hail the Chief!  President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made a stunning appearance at Saturday night’s Phoenix Awards at the Washongton, D.C. Convention Center to finish out the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. 


Pics of the celebs and politicians who came out to be seen, plus video of the President’s stirring speech, inside….

The Obamas hit the stage Saturday night to an elite room of over 3,800 politicians, celebs, lobbyists, businessmen, and more.  The president himself was one of the 2011 recipients of the Phoenix Award-an award, according to the CBCF President & CEO Dr. Elsie Scott, that is presented to those whom have made significant contribution to society and symbolizes the immortality of the human spirit.

FLOTUS donned a gorgeous long black sequin skirt with a wide black sash to cinch the waist and a 3/4 sleeve black top.  Fabulous.

Mr. President, looking dapper in his black suit, gave his speech mainly about the jobs bill and its importance:


Gabby Union was spotted at the dinner with boyfriend Dwyane Wade rocking a long white Rachel Roy dress:


Peep a little raw footage of Gabby & Mr. Wade schmoozing it up.


Monica & Shannon Brown popped up.

Rev. Jesse Jackson kicked it with Cuba Gooding, Jr.

George Foreman was also a 2011 Award recipient.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson posed it up with the ladies.

The U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin posed with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation President & CEO, Dr. Elsie Scott.

And at the end of the dinner, The Obamas caused a madhouse when they shook hands with crowd:

Check out the President’s speech here:



Fab times.

The Randomness:

1.  Deion Sanders refutes reports that he filed from divorce from his wife Pilar.  He posted on his Twitter amidst rumors of a split:

Ladies and gentlemen I never address IGNORANCE but I must at this point. I’ve never filed 4 divorce and hadn’t made a statement to ANY media