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NEW MUSIC: Jay-Z Drops INTIMATE “Glory” Song Featuring Daughter BLUE IVY CARTER

Jay-Z just dropped his most personal song to date.  Along with vocals from the barely 3-days-old Blue Ivy Carter, new dad Jay-Z reveals his feelings for his brand new baby girl.  And also reveals some shocking personal info…

In a track just debuted on Jay-Z’s website, Life+Times, proud daddy Mr. Carter is opening up like never before about his brand new baby girl who he revealed was conceived in Paris, Blue Ivy Carter.

It’s a super sweet beautiful song called "Glory."  And it’s a MUST LISTEN.  It even features Blue’s first cries on the track:

The most compelling verse is when Jay revealed that after a miscarriage (he doesn’t specify whose, but the context of the song is about himself, Beyonce, and their baby girl), they thought the chance of a baby was gone forever:

You was made in Paris, mama woke up the next day and shot a album package/last time the miscarriage was so tragic…we was afraid you disappeared but naw baby you magic.

Our favorite lines:

Ya mama said that you danced for her, did you wiggle ya hands for her?

You’re everything that I prayed for, God’s gift I wish I woulda prayed more.

Baby I paint the sky blue…my greatest creation was you…

Hard not to spoil you rotten lookin’ like little me/The most beautifulest thing in this world is daddy’s little girl.

You’re a child of destiny, you’re the child of my destiny, you’re the child of the child of Destiny’s Child…that’s a hell of a recipe…Glory

Speak on B.I.C.’s debut…

Ja Rule, ‘Parachute’ Feat. Leah Siegal – Song Review

Ja Rule

Brad Barket, Getty Images

Despite being in jail, Ja Rule is determined to kick-start promotion for his delayed album ‘Pain Is Love 2.’ His LP was originally scheduled to hit stores on Jan. 24, but will now be released on Feb. 28, a day before his 35th birthday.

Last year, a video for Ja’s song ‘Never Had Time’ surfaced online but only received a lukewarm response. His latest single is the 7 Aurelius-produced ‘Parachute.’ The song samples Suzanne Vega’s 1990 hit ‘Tom’s Diner,’ which uses the backbeat from Soul II Soul’s 1989 song ‘Keep on Movin’.’

On the track, Ja Rule speaks of spiritual redemption and asks the Lord to forgive the haters who want to see him fail. “A lot of n—-s fall short / Unfortunately, a lot of n—-s fall off / But not me / I could never see the ball drop / Unless it’s New Year’s in the heart of New York,” he raps.

Singer Leah Siegal sounds like Suzanne Vega as she sings the chorus with her ethereal voice. We were hoping for her to chime in with the “Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da” refrain from ‘Tom’s Diner,’ but alas, no dice.

We don’t know if Ja’s ‘Parachute’ will catch on with urban radio, but it should gets spins at the clubs. If you’re a Ja Rule fan and eager to hear some new music from the gravelly-voiced rapper, this track should hold you down until his album ‘Pain Is Love 2? arrives in stores.

Listen to Ja Rule, ‘Parachute’ Feat. Leah Siegal

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Steve Aoki, ‘Cudi the Kid’ Feat. Kid Cudi and Travis Barker – Song Review


Astrid Stawiarz / Marc Stamas / Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

Electronic artist Steve Aoki gives featured artist Kid Cudi the spotlight on ‘Cudi the Kid,’ a new song targeted for Aoki’s upcoming album, ‘Wonderland.’

Cudi doesn’t actually rap on the track, which seems to find a middle ground between rock and dance. Instead, atop a rush of pulsating synths, he sings, “When I was a young man, couldn’t wait to get big / All in all, I stayed on my job and you can call me Cudi the Kid.

While most electronic songs used programmed drums, Aoki brings in Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to provide the real thing. No computer can provide the manic energy that Barker brings to the track, especially during the breakdowns when Cudi repeats, “Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

Cudi has always shown a willingness to experiment well beyond the bounds of traditional hip-hop, from his collaborations with psychedelic indie bands Ratatat and MGMT to forming his own rock outfit, 2 Be Continuum. ‘Cudi the Kid’ is further validation of his adventurous spirit, and could provide Aoki with his biggest mainstream recognition to date.

Listen to Steve Aoki’s ‘Cudi the Kid’ Feat. Kid Cudi and Travis Barker

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Ashanti, ‘The Woman You Love’ Feat. Busta Rhymes – Song Review

Ashanti Busta Rhymes

Jason Merritt / David Livingston, Getty Images

Guess who’s back? Ashanti makes a grand return with a bumping new song called ‘The Woman You Love.’ After being on a major label for several years, the R&B songbird has relaunched her career and is going the independent route with her imprint Written Entertainment through a new deal with eOne Music.

Produced by Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, the track features a thumping beat and a grooving bass line. Ashanti sings about a failed relationship with no reconciliation in sight. “What about my pride / You’re never satisfied / You made me feel like I wasn’t worth being by your side / Out of sacrifice, all of my damn time / Giving you all mine / You see me dying inside,” she sings.

Rapper Busta Rhymes makes a cameo on the track as the apologetic beau looking for a second chance with ‘Shanti. “I know at times I really hurt your head / I’ve been stressing you out / And really got you fed up / I ain’t never ever gonna let up / Unless it makes you happy for me to shut up,” he raps.

This song is a great start for Ashanti and we can’t wait to hear what she is going to bring in 2012 now that she is an independent woman.

Listen to Ashanti, ‘The Woman You Love’ Feat. Busta Rhymes

Chris Rene Shows He Can ‘Fly’ With Sugar Ray Song

Chris Rene put his smooth, R&B and hip-hop spin on Sugar Ray’s lazy, reggae-influenced rap-rock anthem ‘Fly’ on tonight’s episode of ‘X Factor.’ It was a big hit in the ’90s, but was a timeless fit for Rene.

The song was selected by the viewers as part of the Pepsi challenge promotion where the audience was allowed to decide what songs they wanted the semi-finalists to perform. Nice work, America. You done good by assigning such a chill, laid back song to Chris Rene, since the melody and the vibe played to his strengths. Rene was able to sing Mark McGrath’s vocal and add his own original rap part in the middle.

That’s what we have come to love and expect from Rene this deep into the competition. He can sing a melody but he really jacks things up a notch when he adds his homemade raps.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger told him he makes us feel good with whatever he sings, while Paula Abdul told him he looked like $ 5 million, after taxes, mind you. Notice the two female judges were most moved by Rene’s performance. He has that effect on the ladies.

It was another solid performance from the charmer that is Chris Rene.

Watch Chris Rene Sing ‘Fly’ on ‘X Factor’

Canibus Apologizes to J. Cole For ‘J. Clone’ Diss Song

J. Cole Canibus

Cindy Ord, Getty Images / MySpace

In what may be the shortest diss-a-thon in hip-hop history, former battle rapper Canibus ended his beef with J. Cole two days after releasing ‘J. Clone,’ a heated diss song about the Roc Nation artist. In a video that was posted online today (Dec. 12), Canibus apologized for his actions and the brouhaha over the track.

It all started when Canibus posted the diss song along with a lengthy message on his Facebook page. Apparently, his issue with Cole was that instead of mentioning him in interviews as his favorite rapper, he should have teamed up with him to record a song together. WTF?

“J. Cole [has] continuously mentioned me as [his] favorite artist, shouted me out in magazine/online interviews, and even gone as far as starting off show sets by playing some of my earlier material to warm up the audience,” he writes in his letter. “What he is doing is underhanded and disingenuous and whether it is his idea or not, I don’t agree with his tactic and I have something to say about it.”

Canibus explains further in his rant on ‘J. Cole,’ as he spits “You said my name so much they think you’re being honest / It’s more than that, we could’ve recorded the track / You could give me a stack for a verse just like that.” WTF?

Now, 48 hours later, Canibus is backtracking from his statements and apologizing for the song. In the bizarre 8-minute long clip, Canibus seems remorseful of the rawkus he caused with the diss track. “I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for steppin’ over the line. It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it’s just not G,” he says.

What’s even more strange is that the video repeats itself, showing edits of Canibus’ apology to J. Cole as he reads his statements from a computer screen. So how sincere is his apology?

Honestly, we don’t know what to think of all of this. It truly baffles the mind.

We will let you be the judge of this mess. Tell us: what do you think about Canibus’ diss song and apology? Write your responses in the comments below.

Listen to Canibus, ‘J. Clone’ (J. Cole Diss)

Watch Canibus’ Apology Video to J. Cole

Today’s Best Tweets: Mike Posner Releasing Song With Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Mike Posner Snoop Dogg

Valerie Macon/Frazer Harrison/John Shearer, Getty Images

‘Looks Like Sex,’ crooner Mike Posner revealed via Twitter that he’s recorded a song with rap legend Snoop Dogg and hip-hop rising star Wiz Khalifa. We’re going to take a stab in the dark on this one and say Posner will be singing the hook with Snoop and Wiz taking care of the verses. Just a guess! Jared Followill of the Kings of Leon will be making his TV debut as he makes an appearance on FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.’ Perhaps he’ll be participating in a rousing game of Flipadelphia. Musicians like DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Lil Twist were all sending birthday wishes to Nicki Minaj! The ‘Pink Friday,’ rapper turns 29 today. Bet she’s going to party tonight! Speaking of parties, it sounds like Paris Hilton threw a holiday rager last night! Both Afrojack and Christinia Milian were tweeting about it this morning! Read what your favorite stars were chirping about today!

I’m making my acting debut tonight on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia at 9pmCT on FX with @Glenn_Howerton. It’s touching stuff. #EmmyBuzz
Its @NICKIMINAJ Birthday…and I wanna lick the icing off! I want dat #CAKE — Happy Birthday Barbz! From me and Sista Dolly lol
HAppy birthday to @NickiMinaj luv ya sis!! i know u gone do something OFFFF THE WALLL!! YMCMB SALUTE!!!!

I’m sure you guys have heard the amazing news… I’m going to be coaching on BBC’s The Voice. Can’t wait to get started : ) D x

What is the deal at virginia tech? Yet another shooting there today. Tragic…..

dear john lennon, i miss you everyday. love, cp

Had a good time at @ParisHilton’s Christmas party. #afroJack was amazing I LOVE the sound system there! @LoLuvs8 and I had some Chik-filet!!

New meaning to drunk. New meaning to houseparty. Crazy night. I love family guy.

Ace Hood, ‘S— Done Got Real’ Feat. Busta Rhymes + Yelawolf – Song Review

Ace Hood Busta Rhymes Yelawolf

Valerie Macon(2) / Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

Rapper Ace Hood is back on his grind with a new song that has the Internet going nuts and rightfully so. The sinister-sounding ‘S— Got Real’ features two of the top spitters in the game — Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf. The Renegades-produced track will appear on Hood’s upcoming mixtape ‘The Statement 2,’ which hits outlets on Dec. 9.

Over eerie keyboards and a booming club beat, Mr. Hood warns fake studio gangsters to step aside. “Any n—a that can’t rap / Get ‘em out, A-SAP / Talkin’ about they trappin’ again / Hop in the booth / I’ve been the truth / Got proof / Guess who’s poppin’ again,” he defiantly raps.

Mr. Hood then throws it to Bussa-Buss, who relays cautionary lines to anyone who thinks it wise to step to the lyrical dragon. “I don’t really think you n—-s get it / I’m going to decorate your face / Kinda like upholstery n—-a / It’s gettin’ kinda real up this m—–f—er / I don’t think you should really approach me n—-a,” he spits.

Finally, Catfish Billy completes the rap trifecta as he taunts naysayers who scoff at his lyrical abilities. “You need a boat / You done got deep / I’m so Thirteen / You need the soap / You need the hope / And a wish / Ain’t nothing like the real thing / B—h, say, you need a Coke,” he raps.

This is a good look for Ace Hood having Busta and Yelawolf spit some grimy lyrics on this banging track. As the song title suggests, this joint is “real” and it’s hardcore.

Listen to Ace Hood, ‘S— Done Got Real’ Feat. Busta Rhymes and Yelawolf

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Robin Thicke, ‘Never Give Up’ – Song Review

Robin Thicke

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

If you are feeling sad and blue during the maniac rush of the holidays, then listen to Robin Thicke‘s ‘Never Give Up.’ It’s an uplifting track off his fifth LP ‘Love After War,’ which is in stores now. It’s a great pick-me-upper that sounds more like an anthem for our recession than an ode to love.

Over a symphonic production that include flutes, violins, trumpets and harps, Thicke sings words of encouragement to those who are depressed and feels hopeless in today’s society. “Lost your job, lost your mind / Livin’ on the street for the second time / All you do is dream / Mornin’ noon and night / I see blue skies in front of me,” he croons.

The orchestral sounds on ‘Never Give Up’ make this also an accidental holiday song, as well. You can play this song next to ‘The Nutcracker’ and you wouldn’t even notice the difference. At nearly two-and-a-half minutes long the track is very brief, much to our chagrin, but it’s a great song from the soul crooner. Bravo!

Listen to Robin Thicke, ‘Never Give Up’

Y3, ‘She Like It’ Feat. Waka Flocka Flame – Song Review

Rap newbies Y3 are two guys who have generated a buzz in Atlanta with their latest song, ‘She Like It.’ The rap duo have earned a spot on DJ Greg Street’s Class of ’09 mixtape and have opened shows for artists like Travis Porter, Ludacris, Jim Jones, Travis Porter, Birdman, DJ Drama and K-Slay.

Y3 was able to grab fellow Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame for the ‘She Like It’ remix. On the track, the rap duo recite sophomoric rhymes about women they picked up with their slick talk. One guy is trying to scoop up another man’s girlfriend, while his partner-in-rhyme flaunts his wealth to bag another female. It’s an amateurish rap song by today’s standards but if this is what’s popping in the ATL then so be it.

Meanwhile, Waka Flocka Flame adds his nonsensical rhymes to the track rapping, “Waka Flocka Flame / I will never cake her / She love the way I hustle / And I how chase this paper / M6 waister / Ballin’ like a pacer / Never smoke papers / shout out to my haters.”

We don’t know if ‘She Like It’ will catch on nationwide, but we wish Y3 much success in their endeavors.

Listen to Y3, ‘She Like It’ Feat. Waka Flocka Flame