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Nicki Minaj, ‘Roman in Moscow’ – Song Review

roman-in-moscow-cvr Guess who’s back? Nicki Minaj, as her diabolical rap alter ego Roman Zolanski, returns with a new song called ‘Roman in Moscow.’

The Grammy-nominated rapper unveiled the song on her official website Pink Friday on Friday (Dec. 2). Roman is unlike the black Barbie that we all know and love — she has a potty mouth and bravado big enough to knock out an elephant.

Over a hectic production, Roman introduces herself to her fans as she spits hashtag raps about her private parts, fake rappers and the b-word like it’s going out of style. “Heroin, this s— is lethal / Roman: this is the sequel / Moscow: that’s where I came from / Under, he’s fully charged / Your favorite rapper / Probably suck / As for me? / Icy, hockey puck,” she snarls.

Near the end of the song, she threatens any rapper (*cough* Lil Kim) who has the cojones to challenge her on the mic. “Roman’s back, b—- / I f—ed up your life last year at this time, remember dat?” she cautions.

Nicki’s, oops, excuse us, Roman’s track ‘Roman in Moscow’ certainly has us anticipating what her next move will be in 2012. As we previously reported, Minaj plans to drop her new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ on Valentine’s Day. Can you feel the love, Barbiez?

Listen to Nicki Minaj, ‘Roman in Moscow’

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Drake, ‘The Motto’ Remix Feat. Snoop Dogg, YG, Nipsey Hussle – Song Review


David Livingston, Getty Images

Drake‘s ‘Take Care’ bonus track ‘The Motto,’ which featured Lil Wayne, has been remixed to include YG, Nipsey Hussle and Snoop Dogg.

The remix rides the same beat of the original song, allowing the rappers’ words to dominate the track. While Drake explains the motto YOLO — you only live once — his guests take their verses in different directions. YG promises that he’ll still “make love when I’m 60” and brags about having a girl “with a bootie like Nicki / All we do is have cookies, no bite marks or hickies.”

If you ain’t talkin’ money, put a muzzle on your mouth,” Nipsey Hussle begins, kicking off a verse that’s all about getting paper. “Flights somewhere down south / And I’m somewhere in the front cause I’m somebody that counts / Money in all of my accounts / Show my little homies what this ballin’ is about.”

Snoop’s cameo might be the most creative. He refers to himself as “the cat in the hat, the Dogg with it all” and spits, “Breakfast blunt on the table / A couple thoroughbreds in my stable / Hog in the pen, biscuits and jam / Dogg is the man.”

We miss Lil Wayne’s ‘Baby Got Back’ reference, but the remix works just as well as the ‘Take Care’ version of ‘The Motto.’

Listen to Drake, ‘The Motto’ Remix Feat. Snoop Dogg, YG and Nipsey Hussle

Kid Cudi, ‘Brake’ – Song Review

Kid Cudi

Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Reclusive artist Kid Cudi recently unveiled his new song ‘Brake’ that he co-produced with Dot da Genius for their group W Z R D. The tune is a far cry from his popular rap tracks like ‘Day ‘n’ Nite and ‘Make Her Say.’ Cudi plays the guitar while Dot Da Genius provides the beat on this rock-infused song.

Over mysterious guitars and echoey drums Cudi repeatedly howls, “No light to guide my way / I’m goin’ blind down the hill / Nothing that no one can say / I’m gonna find my will to live / No, I won’t brake.” And that’s it. The song gets a little spooky at the end with its murky keyboards closing it out.

We don’t know what to make of the song, but Cudi really loves it. “To the people that dont like it, I do, and I feel good about it,” he said on his Twitter page. “Thats all that matters. This s–t is awesome, f— all that other s–t ha.” His fans seemed to enjoy the track, as well. “So glad to say #cudderisback @wizardcud #Brake is so dope,” tweeted one fan.

Cudi admits that ‘Brake’ will never get radio airplay, however, he plans to release a single that will be more radio-friendly. We wish him well on his new journey of freedom and rock ‘n’ roll.

Listen to Kid Cudi, ‘Brake’

Florence + The Machine Reworks Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Song



It’s no secret that Florence + The Machine frontwoman Florence Welsh and Drake have a mutual infatuation for each other. The two artists have been dying to work with each other but their busy schedules seem to get in their way, so imagine our excitement when we found out that Flo covered Drizzy’s standout title track ‘Take Care‘ for the BBC audiences.

The red-haired chanteuse, wearing a paisley-styled dress and a navy-colored velvet fedora, performed the song during a taping of BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Rumor has it that Welch was originally supposed to sing the duet with Drake but was replaced by Rihanna at the last minute. “I’ve always wanted to do something with Drake,” she told the BBC Radio 1 audience. “We’ve always tried to, but we keep both being really busy and nothing’s happened. We’ve always been in different places and the time that we did end up in the studio together we ended up getting quite drunk together, and there wasn’t a song that came out of it.”

The video performance below shows just how epic the song would have been if the collaboration didn’t fall through. Backed by her band and a group of violinists, Welch turns Drake’s somber love ode about heartbreak and pain into an orchestral anthem. Flo’s operatic vocals are quite impressive. Especially, near the end, when she yodels out the “I have loved and lost” chorus as if she’s calling for Drake to come onstage to sing the ballad with her. Honestly, her yodeling is so ear-piercing that Drake probably heard it all the way in Canada.

This is truly an awesome performance by Florence + Machine, and, we have to admit, it sounds way better the original version (no shots at Rihanna). Bravo!

What do you think? Which version of ‘Take Care’ do you like better — the original version or Florence + The Machine’s rendition? Tell us in the comments below.

Watch the ‘Florence and the Machine – Take Care (Radio 1 Live Lounge Special)’ Video

LLoyd, ‘She’s All I Want for Christmas’ – Song Review

lloyd-saiwfc-cvr Just in time for the holiday season, R&B heartthrob Lloyd channels the late Michael Jackson for his Christmas song ‘She’s All I Want for Christmas.’ It’s a funky yuletide jam that will get major rotation at your next holiday office party.

The horn-driven track is reminiscent of the Jacksons’ post-disco anthem ‘Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground),’ as Lloyd yearns for that one special gift under his Christmas tree — a beautiful woman by his side. “Baby, I had a talk with Santa last night / And I told him I only need a thing from him this year / And I told him all I wanna be is by your side / And Santa, I just need you to get her off my mind,” he croons.

Lloyd should consider recording a Christmas album of new ditties and holiday classics like his fellow artist Justin Bieber. It would be a good look in his music catalog. As for the song, we can’t see why it won’t be added to radio playlists during the holiday season.

Lloyd’s ‘She’s All I Want for Christmas’ is a great love ditty for the holiday season that will make even the meanest Scrooge get into the Christmas spirit.

Listen to LLoyd, ‘She’s All I Want for Christmas’

Elle Varner, ‘Refill’ – Song Review

Elle Varner

John W. Ferguson, Getty Images

R&B newcomer Elle Varner has been making waves with her latest love ditty ‘Only Wanna Give It to You.’ The 22-year-old singer is on the right path to stardom and is being touted as the next Alicia Keys. She is back with a new song that her management team, MBK Entertainment, has announced will be her second single, ‘Refill.’

At first listen, the Oak and Pop-produced track sounds like it’s made for a hootenanny with its rapid violin-playing. But once Varner’s scratchy vocals begin and the 808 drum beat kicks, ‘Refill’ soon turns into a lovely soul ballad.

On the track, the songbird ask a potential lover for a refill of his quality time. “Can I get a refill? / Yeah, of your time/ ‘Cause you’re intoxicating my mind / Feel like a conversation, no rush / ‘Cause I don’t know how much is too much / I feel like the girl at the bar who’s been there too long / Can’t stand up,” she sings.

‘Refill’ is a wonderful song that could do well on urban radio if given the chance. Although we much prefer Varner’s hip-hop/soul side as heard on ‘Only Wanna Give It to You.’

Varner is currently prepping her RCA Records debut album ‘Perfectly Imperfect,’ which is due out in 2012.

Listen to Elle Varner, ‘Refill’

B.o.B, ’5 on the Kush’ feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B – Song Review

JasonMerritt, Getty Images / bigkritblogspot.com / Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Grammy-nominated rhyme-slinger B.o.B celebrated his 23rd birthday on Nov. 15 by giving his fans a special gift — a new song called ’5 on the Kush’ featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Bun B. The song is from Bob’s upcoming mixtape ‘EPIC’ (Every Play Is Crucial).

Over a joyous trumpet sample from The Impressions’ song ‘We Must Be in Love,’ the birthday boy, Bun B and K.R.I.T. talk about driving in their drop tops, smoking good kush and having hot girls in the passenger seat. B.o.B raps: “My seats all leather / My jackets all leather / Got PETA pissed off cause my pillow full of feathers / Since day one I stay down like a celler / Bun B, KRIT, B.o.B we some f—in’ trendsetters.”

After listening to ’5 on the Kush,’ it seems as if Bobby Ray is keeping it in the streets and moving away from his pop-oriented sound. His previously released songs like ‘Epic‘ and ‘Strange Clouds‘ are the hardest tracks we have ever heard from him, so far. B.o.B.’s second effort ‘Strange Clouds’ is slated to drop in March 2012.

Listen to B.o.B, ’5 on the Kush’ Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B

LL Cool J, ‘No More’ Feat. Ne-Yo – Song Review

It’s been a long time since we heard any new material from rap icon LL Cool J. The Grammy Award-winning artist is currently getting his acting on as the star of CBS’ hit show ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ As part of Tuesday night’s (Nov. 15) episode arc, LL created this rap ballad ‘No More’ (featuring Ne-Yo) as the soundtrack to his character’s storyline.

Produced by Rico Love and Jim Jonsin, LL reflects on a love lost over plucky guitars and a mid-tempo beat. “Slip in the door, you hold my hopes so / All I hear is, ‘Love don’t live here anymore,’” he raps as he compares a failed relationship to an unstable building. “We could tear the house down or build some scaffold / We’re sitting on the fence so where you wanna go / You’re the architect of your life, it’s your show/ You create the blueprint, and how the rooms flow,” he adds.

Ne-Yo continues the emotional burden on the song’s hook singing, “Don’t understand what we gonna do / But is like you don’t know me / And I don’t know you, no more.”

LL Cool J’s ‘No More’ is a tear-jerky song that has a few cheesy lyrics but, overall, it’s not that bad. It’s good to hear the veteran rhyme-slinger on a new track, however, he might want to leave the emo-rapping to Drake because he has it on lock right now.

Listen to LL Cool J, ‘No More’ Feat. Ne-Yo

Mariah Carey + John Legend, ‘When Christmas Comes’ – Song Review

John Legend Mariah Carey

Scott Gries, Getty Images

As the creator of ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,’ the only song of the past 20 years strong enough to become a holiday classic, Mariah Carey has an obvious talent for writing festive songs for the season. On ‘When Christmas Comes,’ she joins John Legend for a sultry duet about giving the gift of love.

Mariah’s voice is strong as she harmonizes with Legend on the lines, “And me and you gon’ have ourselves a holiday / And we don’t need nobody else to celebrate / And we’re gon’ kiss our worries and our cares away / I can’t wait / Because this Christmas time, get together / It’s gonna be so nice, better than ever / And baby you’re the one, special treasure.”

‘When Christmas Comes’ features horns and piano accenting a simple R&B groove. Before the final chorus, as the singers freelance on a few bars of ‘Jingle Bells,’ listeners are treated to notes from the upper reaches of Mariah’s five-octave range, which she rarely shows off anymore.

Some of the cutesy imagery falls flat, like, “I can’t wait to unwrap your love.” But otherwise, it’s hard to find fault with the holiday duet from two of pop music’s most powerful vocalists. The song is an improved version of the track that Carey performed solo on 2010?s ‘Merry Christmas II You.’

Listen to Mariah Carey + John Legend’s ‘When Christmas Comes’