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Yelawolf, ‘Let’s Roll’ Feat. Kid Rock – Song Review

After Yelawolf‘s phenomenal freestyle performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, we were eager to see what his next step will be as a new artist on Shady Records. He certainly has rapping skills but can he make music for a new generation of hip-hoppers? His just-released track ‘Let’s Roll’ might grab the ears and hearts of his old and newfound fans.

On the Eminem-produced track, White Dog reflects on his southern upbringing in his beloved state of Alabama recalling the dope boys on the corner, big trucks, Talladega races and the Alabama slanguage.

I’m just a kid that rocks / I’m just a boy with a dream / You bet it all with the last bill that I had hid in my socks / Used to keep a .22 in a shoebox / Now I bang Beretta’s, she’s 22 and I keep her in a tube top,” he raps.

Detroit rocker Kid Rock is on hook duties as he sings, “Yeah, I’m throwed off / Ain’t about the money I’ma blow it off / I made my own lane, let’s roll, lets roll.

Some might find ‘Let’s Roll’ too corny for a roughneck hillbilly like Yelawolf, but we appreciate his sentimentality and his hometown pride. Overall, the beat hits harder than the Crimson Tide football team he proudly raps about on the song.

Yelawolf’s new LP ‘Radioactive’ will arrive in stores on Nov. 21.

Listen to Yelawolf, ‘Let’s Roll’ Feat. Kid Rock

Wale, ‘Ambition’ Feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill – Song Review

Chris McKay, Getty Images

Washington, D.C. rapper Wale certainly has been ambitious with his music career. After leaving Interscope Records, many wondered if Wale would ever shine again. Now, as a member of Maybach Music Group, Wale is determined to make a name for himself in the rap game. On his bombastic anthem ‘Ambition,’ MMG labelmates Wale, Meek Mill and Rick Ross speak about their struggles to achieve their dreams of success.

Produced by T-Minus, ‘Ambitious’ is a phenomenal song that should resonate with fans who are also struggling to win in the game called life. Philadelphia spitfire Meek Mill goes up first to tell his story of surviving on the streets. “My momma taught me never steal and never tell on folks / I grew up looking at the n—a that was selling coke,” he says, recalling his days as a street hustler. “Now I move with aggression / Use my mind as a weapon / ‘Cause chances are never given they are taken like interceptions.”

Ricky Rozay follows, and he vows to remain on his top of his grind as the leader of Maybach Music Group. “Ambition is priceless that’s something in your veins / And I doubt that ever change,” he spits. “Ambition is my s–t and I put that on my name / And I doubt that ever change.”

Finally, Mr. Folarin relays a tough message on what ambition means to him. He raps, “And family is everything and money is less important / Long as your mama love you, don’t ever love a woman / I got a lot of bitches, they got a lot of feelings / But I got that green on my eyes / And that ain’t no Donnie Simpson.”

Wale’s chorus is equally as poignant and will stick to your brain as well. He recites, “It’s easy to dream a dream, but much harder to live it / Look, they gonna love me for my ambition / Beautiful music, painting pictures that be my vision / They gon love me for my ambition.”

As the title of his song suggests, Wale has plenty of ambition and he’s certainly on the road to success with his upcoming LP, aptly named ‘Ambition,’ which hits stores on Nov. 1.

Listen to Wale, ‘Ambition’ Feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill

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Wale, ‘Slight Work’ Feat. Big Sean – Song Review

Moses Robinson / Jemal Countess, Getty Images

DMV rhyme-slinger Wale is bringing the police sirens and swagger to his new single, ‘Slight Work.’ Joining him on the fun is ‘My Last’ rapper Big Sean as the duo spit braggadocios rhymes about how they are ballin’ out of control.

Produced by Diplo, who has created trippy beats for M.I.A., the song is perfect for the clubs. On the track, Wale gloats, “B—-, I go hard, I’m ballin’, I’m globetrottin’ / And my flow art my n—a, I’m Mozart with it / I do this, I turn a straight prude b—- into a nudist.”

Big Sean follows behind Wale and flaunts how much money he spends in the club. “Under 25, living the f—in’ life / White America said I’d be doing 25 to life / And just for that, I’mma blow 25 tonight / You make 25 a year, I make 25 a night, whoa!” he raps.

Wale and Big Sean’s celebratory rhymes might not sit well with people who still trying to make ends meet in the recession. But on the flip side, let’s not knock them for being successful in the rap game.

If you revel in these type of club songs, then ‘Slight Work’ will appear on Wale’s second LP ‘Ambition, which hits stores on Nov. 1.

Listen to Wale, ‘Slight Work’ Feat. Big Sean

Mary J. Blige, ‘Mr. Wrong’ Feat. Drake – Song Review

Mary J. Blige Drake

John W. Ferguson / Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Mary J. Blige sings about loving the bad boy on her new track ‘Mr. Wrong.’ The song is from ‘My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act I),’ which arrives in stores on Nov. 21. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul unveiled the emotional ballad, which features Drake, on Angie Martinez’s radio show in New York on Wednesday (Oct. 26).

On the Rico Love-produced song, Blige is in love with a guy who is simply not right for her, but his loving is so good that she can’t resist him. “Even if I try, no, I never could / Give him up cause his loves like that / Ain’t no way that I’m moving on I love my Mr. Wrong,” she sings on the chorus.

In-demand rapper Drake plays the part of “Mr. Wrong” and he seems to be in agony over doing the wrong things to the woman that he loves. “Don’t it seem like I’m always there when it matters / But missing most of the other time / A terrible pattern,” he raps.

Once again, Mary J. Blige brings the drama with her brand of tortured soul that should resonate with her diehard fans. Hopefully, it will inspire them to find a Mr. Right in their life.

Listen to Mary J. Blige, ‘Mr. Wrong’ Feat. Drake

Lil Kim Performs New Song ‘O.D.’ In New York

Lil Kim

Getty Images, Graham Denholm

Lil Kim was spotted in a Queens, N.Y. club on Oct. 22 performing her guest verse from Harlem rapper Mook’s new street track called ‘O.D.‘ The song appears on the DJ Khaled-hosted mixtape ’401K’ and was produced by hitmaker Ron Brownz.

Dressed in a black jacket and grey jumpsuit, Kimmy Blanco gave her loyal fans, who surrounded her in the packed club, a taste of her stinging rhymes. “They all tryin’ keep up with the Joneses / You can find me wherever that Patron is / Where the money at, that’s where home is / I’m so romantic I ordered a dozen roses / Two-steppin’ in my red bottoms / You never seen these before, you probably read about ‘em,” she rapped.

After listening to her god-awful ‘Spend a Milli,’ it’s good to hear Kimmy spitting some gruff rhymes on her new joint ‘O.D.’ Judging by the song, with its marching drums and clapping snares, it sounds like it could be a hit on urban radio. Hopefully, Lil Kim can launch a successful comeback with a kick-a— rap album.

Watch the ‘Lil’ Kim Performs New Song ‘OD” Video

Justin Bieber and Usher Hit the Studio to Record ‘The Christmas Song’ in New Video

Justin Bieber, Usher


Justin Bieber isn’t keeping any of his new ‘Under the Mistletoe’ album a secret. The 17-year-old worldwide superstar has been hard at work in the studio getting ready for the big release day (Nov. 1), and he wants all of his fans to share in the experience through weekly webisodes. This week, the Biebs is leaking his studio sesh with Usher on ‘The Christmas Song.’

Like the rest of the holiday album, this Christmas-inspired track will be a modern take on more traditional classics. The “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” tune brings out Biebers beautiful vocals, which remind us of an angel and warm us up from the inside out. Additionally, it’s Usher-infused — and given that he’s the Biebs’ mentor, we know it won’t be a sleepy moment on the new Xmas album.

Biebs’ first holiday singler, ‘Mistletoe,’ hit just last week, and the Bieber/Usher collab will hit your ears as soon as Monday, Oct. 24, so click back to PopCrush to hear it in full. ‘Under the Mistletoe’ — the album — is out November 1.

Watch Justin Bieber and Usher Perform ‘The Christmas Song’

Beyonce – ‘Party’ (Remix) Feat. J. Cole – Song Review

Beyonce has been on a creative tear lately. She dropped two awesome pop culture-infused videos for ‘Countdown‘ and ‘Love on Top‘ in one week and now she has released this throwback-inspired gem called ‘Party.’ We’re guessing she’s getting the promotional stuff for her album ’4? out of the way before she goes on maternity leave at the end of the year.

The original version of ‘Party’ featured OutKast‘s André 3000, but for the remix, Roc Nation rhyme-slinger J. Cole fills in for Three Stacks. This is a good look for the North Calackie rapper who hasn’t appear on a big song all year.

The synth keyboard-driven ‘Party’ features a sample from Slick Rick’s introduction on Doug E. Fresh’s classic song ‘La Di Da Di,’ as Mrs. Carter sings of her plans to get freaky-deaky with her boo. ‘I may be young, but I’m ready, to give you all of my love,” she sings.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Cole comes through with a flirtatious verse for the ladies. “We out in Abu Dhabi, we like to party / We don’t cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti / Bad chick shawty, sort of resemble Sade,” he raps, while also thanking God and Ice Cube for Friday. And yes, that is Kanye West making an uncredited appearance telling Beyoncé, “You a bad girl and your friends bad, too / Oooh / You got the swag sauce / You drippin’ swag-gu, oooh.”

Beyonce directed her own video for ‘Party,’ which she plans to premiere next Tuesday (Oct. 25) on BET’s ’106 & Park,’ so the party doesn’t stop for Bey-Bey. Go ahead and take a listen.

Listen to Beyoncé, ‘Party’ (Remix) Feat. J. Cole

Drake, ‘The Real Her’ Feat. Lil Wayne – Song Review

Drake Lil Wayne

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

The Internets are going nuts over this newly-leaked Drake song called ‘The Real Her.’ It’s kind of strange of Drizzy to drop a new track so quickly since he released ‘Make Me So Proud‘ nearly a week ago. Nevertheless, there’s no official confirmation if the song will appear on ‘Take Care’ or not.

The piano-driven R&B ballad will most likely remind listeners of his song ‘Houstonalantavegas’ from his 2009 ‘So Far Gone’ mixtape. On the track, Drake sings of finding a new love and shouting out the beautiful girls living in Houston, Atlanta and Las Vegas. The Canadian singer tells his prospective lover, “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight, party tonight / You got your guards up, I do too, there’s things we might discover / ‘Cause you got a past and I do too, we’re perfect for each other.”

Drake’s boss, Lil Wayne, provides a short but lucid verse about cautiously falling in love with a one-night stand. He raps, “‘Cause to her I’m just a rapper, and soon she’ll have met another / So if tonight’s an accident, tomorrow we’ll recover / And I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover / I don’t wanna be in the blind, but sometimes I Stevie Wonder about her.”

‘The Real Her’ sounds like a sequel to ‘Houstatlantavegas.’ If the song is indeed a leak from his ‘Take Care’ album, then Drake needs to plug it up immediately, especially since he turned in the album two days ago. In any case, ‘The Real Her’ is a cool ballad that should hold fans over until the Drake onslaught in November.

Listen to Drake, ‘The Real Her’ Feat. Lil Wayne

FreeSol, ‘Fascinated’, Feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland – Song Review

Justin Timberlake Free Timbaland

Ethan Miller / Larry Busacca / Alexander Tamargo, Getty Images

Justin Timberlake is finally back to making music — sort of. The chairman and CEO of Tennman Records took a hands-on approach with FreeSol. Timberlake sings the hook on the Memphis bred band’s new single, ‘Fascinated’, dropping the same day as their video for ‘Rolemodel‘.

From the opening notes, the beat is distinctively Timbaland‘s, so his fans will be pleased by FreeSol’s collaboration. The melody and hook are undeniably catchy, and FreeSol’s full band format works well with Timbaland’s production and Timberlake’s slick, skilled vocals. However, ’Fascinated’ still leaves something to be desired, because we know what all of these artists are capable of — and it’s more than this.

Lyricist Free flows through his verses with strategically placed pauses, ostensibly where he’d shrug his shoulders and chuckle at himself, as with the lines “We gonna party like rockstars / ‘Cause we some rockstars.” Free has a natural rhythm and timing, but his lyrics (“I smell good / And I feel good“) are the weakest link in FreeSol’s chain. We’d be much more fascinated by FreeSol if he had more to say.

Listen to FreeSol, ‘Fascinated’, Feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland

Gym Class Heroes, ‘Life Goes On’ Feat. Oh Land – Song Review

Gym Class Heroes Life Goes On Oh LandGym Class Heroes have released yet another track from their highly-anticipated upcoming album ‘The Papercut Chronicles II.’ This time around, Travie McCoy has teamed up with Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land for their symphonic song ‘Life Goes On.’

‘Life Goes On’ has many musical layers, giving the song a big, anthemic feel. The song — which boasts an intro full of electronic blips and chirps — mixes quick, doo-wop inspired piano keys with electric guitars and hard-hitting, hip-hop drums. The song has a great build as Oh Land croons the chorus beautifully, and McCoy’s lyricism is highlighted with a more stripped-down sound.

Much like the music, the lyrics to ‘Life Goes On’ rise and fall. The lyrics are all about taking what life throws at you and learning to move on from the hard times. Oh Land’s breezy, ethereal vocals give the song that extra something as she sings, “We gotta live it up ’til it’s gone / ‘Cause we won’t be around too long / Life goes on / Life goes on.” McCoy’s mellowed out verses also live up to the song’s optimistic message, as he spits, “My daddy told me misery loves company / If that’s the case they must hate they ain’t gettin’ none from me.

This song is one of those infectious feel-good tunes that you can switch on when you’re having a great day or when you’re feeling depressed and sad. The song has a great beat, good lyrics, and Oh Land’s voice truly takes it to new heights. Bravo, GCH!

‘The Papercut Chronicles II’ drops Nov. 15.

Listen to Gym Class Heroes, ‘Life Goes On’ Feat. Oh Land