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MONEY TEAM: Diddy, Steve Stoute & Nas CLOSING DEALS In Cannes + J. Cole CHATS With The Breakfast Club About “Crooked Smile” And RELEASING “Born Sinner”

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Diddy, Steve Stoute and Nas were spotted smoking cigars and mingling with other media moguls at the Cannes Lions Festival. See their photos inside and listen to J. Cole chatting with The Breakfast Club about his new Born Sinner album.

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Some of the biggest tastemakers in the music and advertising worlds are in France for the Cannes Lion Film Festival this week.

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And the smell of money and cigars rafted through the air as businessmen like Diddy, Nas and Steve Stoute nurtured old business relationships and undoubtedly formed new ones.  

We know that Diddy has been going full stream with the launch of his new music-themed cable channel Revolt and Nas has been touting the  re-launch of Mass Appeal magazine, since he acquired it earlier this year.  

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Steve Stoute, who wrote the NY Times bestseller, The Tanning Of America, was also spotted at last night’s party held at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes.

The three visionaries mingled with other international superstars of the advertising and media industries and were entertained by performances from Michael Bublé and the band Fun.


And in new interviews……

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Rapper J. Cole talked to The Breakfast Club this morning where he promoted the release of his sophmore album Born Sinner. During the interview, the rapper revealed that he had very few reservations about putting his album out the same week as Kanye West’s Yeezus disc. He also talk about writing his radio hit "Crooked Smile" featuring TLC.

"I basically had the concept for the song which is talking about my grill. It was about flipping it and getting people to embrace their flaws. So when I finally got the hook of the song, it reminded me of something TLC would sing because they had monster hits with positive songs."

Watch the interview here:

Fans of J. Cole will be able to see the "Power Trip" rapper in NYC tonight with his "Dollar & A Dream" Tour.


Photos via Diddy Intagram / Nas IG / Power 105

Jay-Z & Beyonce Have Gone “Partially Vegan” Since Pregnancy + Lady Gaga DISHES To Steve Stoute About The Throne And Hip Hop’s Impact On Her Music

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, it’s been revealed that Jay-Z and Beyonce have gone partially vegan. Get the deets on their new lifestyle inside and hear Lady Gaga sing the praises of Watch The Throne while talking to Steve Stoute about The Tanning Effect and how it changed her music.

Jay-Z is clearly a "hands-on Dad" having adopted his wife Beyonce’s eating habits since her pregnancy. 

A source close to the couple revealed to US Weekly that since Bey’s pregnancy, the couple are maintaining a "partially vegan diet."  The source said,


"Jay’s trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her."

Clearly the vegan diet is giving them a lot of energy as the couple were recently spotted "dancing up a storm" at The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt.  "They were loved up and sweet together [and] partied until 4 a.m." the source said.



Also in music…


In the latest edition of his series "The Tanning Effect" best-selling author Steve Stoute talks to Lady Gaga about the global impact of hip hop and how it has inspired her.


Lady Gaga on what’s on her iPod:

I listen to a lot of heavy metal and a lot of old rock & roll and glam music. But actually recently I’ve been listening to the new ‘Ye and Jay record [Watch The Throne] kind of on repeat. I love it. Not only do I love the music—and I’ve always felt that Jay-Z and Kanye [West] are ahead of their time…the video for “Otis” is just something so incredible about the fact that they took this car [and destroyed it]. Years ago they would’ve shined the Maybach up, waxed it, shined a beautiful light off of it, and would’ve heralded the newness, and expensiveness, and the luxury of the vehicle. And yet, they walk in, and they fuck this car up, and it’s all about saying, “Hip-hop has changed and we’re moving in a new direction.”

On hip-hop’s influence on her music:

I think it was always the lifestyle of hip-hop, the sort-of celebration of decadence is the cherry on top of success. After you eat shit in the industry for so long, once you make it to the top you bring all of your friends with you and you celebrate. That was always my favorite thing about my favorite hip-hop artists. In fact, it influenced me so much that when I would be interviewed early on in my career about my success&amdash;and I would be so confident about it, so forthright about it—people would say, “Well, she’s this female pop singer. She’s from New York. She’s [22 years old]. Why is she talking like that?” But I was raised through music watching and idolizing these people that come from the streets or worked from the ground up. I thought, “Well, if you really worked for it—which I did—you should emulate that sort of gratitude.”

On transcending race, age, and sexual orientation:

The most basic thing I can say is that there’s nothing exclusive about what I do; nothing exclusive about the music; nothing exclusive about the approach; nothing exclusive about who’s invited to the party. Everybody’s invited to our party. There’s really no group or lifestyle that I don’t sing about. In a way, it’s the inclusion of all types of people to come together and get to know one another that’s sort of the greatest thing about the Monster Ball.


The Randomness:

1. Etta James is terminally ill.  Story.

2. Britney Spears is engaged! Story. 

TV FAB: June Ambrose’s “Styled By June” Premieres February 2012 + Steve Stoute TALKS “The Tanning Effect” On “TODAY”


June Ambrose has announced the premiere date of her fabulous new reality show "Styled By June" which debuts in 2012.  Get deets on the show inside and watch Steve Stoute school America about hip hop and how it has impacted all of our lives on

Fashionistas get ready….June Ambrose is taking over the small screen on February 27, 2012.  Her new VH1 reality show "Styled By June" which features the fashion diva styling various celebrities around a particular fashion concept, is sure to be a hit with the fashion crowd. 


I’m freakin’ excited about seeing June in all her fashion genius glory while juggling being a wife and mom to 2.  Don’t know about you….



Also on tv…….


Steve Stoute’s controversial book The Tanning Effect and his informative web series and the undeniable impact hip hop has had on "tanning" pop culture is still a topic of discussion. And this morning, the NY Times Bestselling author stopped by The "TODAY" Show to chat with Matt Lauer about the "tanning" of pop culture.

Watch the interview here:

INTERVIEW FAB: Steve Stoute And Pharrell DISCUSS His Impact On Louis Vuitton Sales

Steve Stoute sat down with taste maker Pharrell recently as a part of "The Tanning Effect" interview series and you’ll be interested to know how Pharrell has had an impact on the global sales of Louis Vuitton. Get the deets inside…..

What’s most interesting about Steve Stoute’s "The Tanning Effect" interview series is that it complete debunks any myths that hip hop is not a global force that changes, moves and shapes pop culture.

In the latest series of videos, he speaks to rapper Pharrell. Among the gems, we discover that Pharrell was the motivation for Louis Vuitton to get into the sunglasses business.

It’s interesting to see how an artist vision of a certain type of lifestyle (e.g. Louis Vuitton’s classic “MILLIONAIRE” sunglasses) translates into an actual product and big money sales.

The series clearly shows that world would be a much darker, boring place without hip hop.

Watch part 1 of the interview here:


Watch part 2 here:


Watch part 3 here:

Steve Stoute And Jay-Z Reveal Why Hip Hop Runs The Tanned World


With his NY Times bestseller The Tanning Of America, still flying off shelves, Steve Stoute sat down with Jay-Z to talk about hip hop culture and why its become such a global force culturally.  See the interview inside…

In a new web series that coincides with his debut book, Steve Stoute and HuffPost Black Voices presented the first episode in of "The Tanning Effect" featuring an exclusive interview with Jay-Z.  Mr. Carter reveals the meaning of his joint album with Kanye West, his epiphany that his music has a substantial impact on mainstream America, and being an unpaid spokesman for Cristal champagne.

During the interview the two discussed the success of Watch the Throne debuting at number one in 23 countries and when he first realized that his music had a substantial impact on mainstream America.  

While discussing hip hop’s impact, Jay-Z said,

"Hip Hop is a global thing almost the way jazz was."  While he compares the freedom of hip hop to how jazz music had limitless boundaries, he continued,

"Hip hop has a voice and spoke directly to people and to their heart and how they were feeling."

Jay said he first knew the impact of hip-hop on mainstream America when he did "The Hard Knock Life Tour" with DMX, Method Man and Red Man.  And once he got to the concert, he saw that the audience was 80% white, and then he realized that the "hip-hop" audience was bigger than just "THE BLOCK."


Watch the interview here :



ON THE SET: Common’s “Blue Sky” Video + Steve Stoute, June Ambrose And Naomi Campbell DISCUSS Rocawear

ON THE SET: Common’s “Blue Sky” Video + Steve Stoute, June Ambrose And Naomi Campbell DISCUSS Rocawear

NY Times Bestselling author Common was spotted on the set of his "Blue Sky" video recently and we have pics. 

See photos inside and find out what Steve Stoute, June Ambrose and Naomi Campbell had to say about the Rocawear label and why its popularity endures….

Common was photographed by Jill Augusto while on the L.A. set of his Paris-directed video, "Blue Sky."

The song is the official single from Common’s newest album The Dreamer, The Believer. 


"Blue Sky" can be purchased on iTunes.

And in the fashion world…..

In a new video posted by the "THAT’S ROCAWEAR: 1999 – 2011" campaign, entertainment heavyweights like Steve Stoute, Jume Ambrose and Naomi Campbell explore how cultural perception affects which fashion labels people wear and those changes in popular opinion affects brands like Rocawear brand. Check out the video above!

Jay-Z, Pharrell, & More Talk Race & Culture Relations In Business With Steve Stoute


On the heels of his latest book which hit shelves yesterday, Tanning Of America, businessman Steve Stoute (who is the branding and marketing genius behind some of the biggest celebs you love) has created a web series for AOL HuffPost where he talks with some of Hip Hop & Pop’s leading tastemakers (like Jay-Z, Pharrell, Lady Gaga)  about the interactions of race and business and how both are impacted by pop culture.  Watch a clip inside….


Steve Stoute, star of ABC’s "Shark Tank" and the author of The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy, has made a name for himself in both the music industry and through linking some of music’s biggest stars with high profile endorsement deals and business ventures (e.g  Justin Timberlake/McDonald’s, LeBron James/State Farm Insurance) through his Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging company.  

Now he is hosting a video series called “The Tanning Effect" with AOL HuffPost Media Group where he talks to superstars like Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga about race, business and pop culture.  Interesting food for thought..especially for our fab business savvy readers.


Watch the series trailer here:

Good ish. 

Speaking of Jay, Fuse TV will air an encore presentation of “Fuse Presents JAY-Z Live From Madison Square Garden: ANSWER THE CALL,” Sunday, September 11th at 7pm ET, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. The two-hour encore presentation features Mr. Carter performing with Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, John Mayer and Swizz Beatz.

And Steve will be launching his book tonight at Howard University in D.C.

Photo via Bonnie Biess/AOL