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Luke James COVERS The April/May ISSUE Of “Stuff Fly People Like” + Cassie’s “The Wait Is Over” Docu-Series

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R&B crooner Luke James went uptown for a Harlem Renaissance themed photo shoot for the latest issue of "Stuff Fly People Like."  See the jazzy photos inside and watch Cassie’s docu-series about the making of RockaByeBaby.

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"I.O.U." singer Luke James covers the April/May digital issue of Rae Holliday’s SFPL. Though some fans may be unfamiliar with the cute New Orleans native, who’s penned hits for Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, even Luke is aware that it could all change tomorrow and he could be a world-renown singer….or something else.

When asked how be described himself, he told the magazine, “I don’t know who Luke James is. He is an entertainer and an artist. He is an actor, musician, a songwriter and a lover. That could all change tomorrow."

"The Modern Harlem Renaissance" photoshoot was shot by Jerome Shaw and styled by Louis Johnson. Here are the highlights:

On What Fly Means To Him?

“To me, “Fly” means/is a matter how I feel and that I feel great in what it is that I have on. I can’t leave the house unless I have something on that’s giving me wings.”

On Who’s Style Does He Admire?

“I admired Prince and his confidence. Some of the outfits he wore, like the pants with the ass out, you have to have confidence to pull that off! You have to be confident and if you believe it everyone else will. Women loved it and still love it! It’s all a feeling and that’s all a part of what makes your personal style yours.”

On What would he’d like someone to say about him and his music 10 years from now?

I would like to people to say it inspired someone to be who they are. Be who they want to be and not what everyone else wants you to be. If you want to be in love, then be in love. Whatever is, do it if that’s what you feel. It would guide them in that direction. Be in love with something that’s forever.


See photos from Luke’s Harlem Renaissance inspired shoot:

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Love the shoot.


Watch BTS footage here:


In other music news…

Cassie has released "The Wait is Over" (Part 1) of her RockaByeBaby Docu-Series.  Produced by Chris Roy, Neil Dominique and Chris Latouche, with Diddy serving as Executive Producer, the video provides an intimate look at the final stages of releasing the RockaByeBaby mixtape. Watch Cassie on the journey to a hit–so she hopes–above.

Photos via Jerome Shaw /Video via Candita Semone


Singer Elle Varner rocked a cutsey photoshoot for the premiere digital cover of Stuff Fly People Like.  See pics and highlights inside and watch a preview of Ciara’s "Sorry" vid.


Singer Elle Varner, who counts First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Malia among her biggest fans, stars in the first digital cover for SFPL.  Inside, she dishes on finding out she had fans at The White House saying, “I couldn’t believe it. I thought at first it was just a rumor, but then I watched [the video of Michelle Obama saying her daughter are listening to Elle Varner] and it was definitely real."

“I was shocked but also proud that the White House approves my music for their precious daughters to listen to. I made an album that simply told my story, and that it could be appreciated by both a 14-year-old and her mother [is amazing].”

And when asked about her unique musical style the singer revealed a desire to bring The Blues back to R&B.  She said,

“I think Rhythm and Blues is missing the “Blues” and that emotional hits-you-in-your-chest feeling that it was built on. The rhythms are there but the quality and content just aren’t what they used to be. Luckily, there are a lot of artists right now not only making great R&B, but getting some mainstream shine as well. I plan to take my music to a worldwide level so R&B isn’t the one trying to squeeze into the picture, but actually standing proud in the center of the photo.”

When the "Perfectly Imperfect" singer was asked to give her own definition of "fly," she said, “…the way you treat people, the things you say and do more than what you are wearing, driving, etc. It’s the love that surrounds you and the love you give.” 

She also defined her sense of style saying, "My style is fun, unpredictable, and unique. I wear a lot of bows and glasses as accessories. I don’t wear things for shock value, but more to express how I’m feeling that day or in that moment. I definitely like to push the envelope.”

Looking good Miss Elle!  Check out the full article over at SFPL.


And in music videos………..

Ciara has released a sneak preview of her new "Sorry" video. The single, which will be available September 25, will appear on her upcoming One Woman Army disc which drops later this year.  Watch it above…..


Photos via Andrew Fennell

KID STUFF: Inside Violet Nash’s Birthday Party+Tichina Arnold’s Daughter’s B-Day+Tia Mowry Brings Baby Cree To Set

Violet Nash had a super cute 2nd birthday party recently. We posted a few pics before of the aftermath of the party, now check out the inside. 


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