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COME UP: “Single Lades” Star Denise Vasi COVERS Bombshell Magazine + Terrence J’s “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom” RELEASE DATE

 photo Denise_Vasi_Bombshell_Magazine_Cover.jpg

"Single Ladies" star Denise Vasi covers the new BLEU Magazine inset Bombshell.  See the photos inside and see what Terrence J said about his upcoming advice book.


The folks over at BLEU Magazine have created a new magazine insert called "bombshell", focusing on women’s beauty and lifestyle. The premiere issue stars "Single Ladies" diva Denise Vasi.

In the accompanying article, which features Denise Vasi in throwback 1970’s inspired Vogue attire, the BK born beauty to discuss her role on Single Ladies, prep for the altar, and her take on plastic surgery. Here are the highlights:

Denise on her character Raquel:

"I think we are equally fabulous. I’m from Brooklyn and have a trucker’s mouth, don’t get me mad. Raquel is uptight in some arenas. This season you will see a lot of sass and her showing up to the table as a business woman."


Vasi speaks on her fitness regime:

"I’m not a gym lover (but) I want to look my best for my wedding. I make time with my trainer. We spend an hour training each day."


Obtaining her golden glow:

"My fiancé thinks it’s crazy. I use Ghee. Ghee is an organic butter used for cooking. I put that on my hands and feet when I have dry skin. You wake up silky soft."


If she would ever try plastic surgery:

"If I have kids and my boobs start to sag, I might need a boob lift- why not? If it makes me feel better, why say no? "

Check out the gorgeous pictures below:

 photo Denise_Vasi_Bombshell_Magazine_4.jpg

 photo Denise_Vasi_Bombshell_Magazine_5.jpg  photo Denise_Vasi_Bombshell_Magazine_2.jpg  photo Denise_Vasi_Bombshell_Magazine_3.jpg  photo Denise_Vasi_Bombshell_Magazine.jpg



And on bookshelves, Terrence J is making his mark:

 photo rs_293x386-130808092821-634terrencejls8813.jpg

E! News hot Terrence J has revealed that his upcoming book The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom will hit bookstores on October 1.  Speaking about the book, he said, 

"I still can’t believe I wrote a book! I poured my heart into it.  I hope that my stories will inspire, motivate and encourage people to chase their dreams—the same way my mother did for me."

The book also includes positive input from some of Terrence’s famous friends like T.I., Trey Songz, Kevin Hart, Laz Alonso and Ludacris.

Love seeing this major transition into mainstream TV, films and now books.  Congrats TJ!

Photos via Bleu/Elton Anderson /Styling: Alisha Crutchfield /Make – up: Heith Chanel/Hair: Daven Mayeda

AFTERMATH: Tameka Raymond Files For Emergency Custody Of Kids, Says “They’re IN DANGER” + Terrence Howard’s Ex Shows Picture Proof Of The Black Eye She Says Terrence Gave Her

 photo ushercincotameka_zps974c47b6.jpg

Tameka Raymond wasted no time in taking action in response to the most recent scare involving one of her & Usher‘s sons.  Check out why she filed for custody, plus Michelle Ghent‘s new picture proof showing bruises she claims came from Terrence Howard punching her….

After losing her son Kile just a year ago in a water related accident (a jet ski & tube freak accident), Tameka feels her two youngest sons’ lives are now in danger after Usher V (pictured above) ended up in ICU after a pool accident at Usher’s house.

Usher has primary full custody of the couple’s two boys, Usher V and Naviyd, which he won after the divorce settlement and after Kile’s death.

Now, Tameka is looking to reverse that after Cinco got his arm caught in the pool drain and had to be helped to breath again via CPR done by AV workers who were inside the house.  Today, Usher & Tameka were by Cinco’s side in ICU and the doctors say he will be OK.  But Mama Tameka doesn’t feel comfortable releasing the boys back into Usher’s custody as the incident happened at the pool at his home.  Especially because she has beef with Usher’s aunt who was supposed to be watching the boys.

TMZ reports:

Usher’s ex-wife has just filed legal docs asking for an emergency hearing later this week … to wrestle child custody away from him, on grounds he’s creating a dangerous environment … TMZ has learned.

Tameka Raymond filed the docs in Fulton County, Georgia, claiming Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their 2 kids — people who she claims are not on the ball.

Can’t say we really blame her for filing these docs.  The aunt in question is also the person Tameka previously accused of letting a stalker into the house while Usher & Tameka were married.




 photo terrence-injuries-wm-011-480w_zps7bad96f7.jpg

And if you were wondering if Terrence Howard’s ex wife was going to show some receipts with her story of allegedly getting beat down during a family vacay to Costa Rica with Terrence & his kids recently, she did.

TMZ obtained pics of Michelle Ghent showing her black eye and bruised arm that she claims all came at the fists of The Butler actor Terrence Howard.

 photo terrence-injuries-wm-09-480w_zpsfebb3a8a.jpg

Michelle did receive her temporary restraining order she filed for Tuesday in court, and she maintains Terrence threatened her with a knife and physically abused her during an argument.

The site reports:

Michelle Ghent alleges the brutality occurred during a trip last week to Costa Rica. She says the fight started after she told Terrence she had no interest in firing up a relationship with him — they divorced in May.

Michelle says after Terrence hit her, he glared at her and walked over to a bedside table where he kept 2 curved knives — 4-6 inches in length.

Michelle says she panicked and then pepper sprayed him. At that point she claims Terrence knocked her down and then kicked her repeatedly in the head.

In addition to the black eye, Michelle says she suffered contusions and swelling.

And, she says, he referred to a prior warning he had given her on a trip to Bora Bora — threatening to kill her.

Well this explains where the pepper spray comes into play that Terrence says Michelle attacked him with FIRST.  he also maintains he never touched her.  But based on these images, someone did.  Michelle says it was Terrence and he sucker punched her dead in the face, grabbed her up by the arm and caused contusions and swelling after he also threw her up against a wall.

Sad situation.


Photos: TMZ/Tameka’s IG


INSIDE DISH: “Baggage Claim” CAST Boris Kodjoe, Terrence J & Derek Luke ON “Black Being In Again” At 17th Annual American Black Film Festival

 photo JawnMurrayTerrenceJDavidETalbertBorisKodjoeDerekLuke.jpg

Actors Boris Kodjoe, Terrence J, and Derek Luke checked their luggage at a "Baggage Claim" panel discussion during the ABFF where they dished on the resurgence of Black-led films and features.  Get in on the discussion inside….

 photo TerrenceJDavidETalbertBorisKodjoeDerekLuke.jpg

TheYBF.com was on the scene in Miami, FL for the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) where director David E. Talbert joined the cast of his upcoming feature film Baggage Claim in the Cadillac Lounge of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.  As the ABFF celebrated their 10th year in Miami, the Baggage Claim cast talked with journalist Jawn Murray about the progress African Americans have made in films over the past decade.

While touting the new feature, Boris Kodjoe cautioned movie-goers about simply labeling Baggage Claim as a Black film or putting it in a box. When asked about what might explain the recent increase in Black-led films, Boris said:

"It’s not about ‘Black being in again’, it is about supply and demand and how basically Black people have a lot of buying power."

 And now, Boris explained, the movie industry is willing to feed the market with films that feature Black casts.

Derek Luke was asked about working on the film, which also stars Paula Patton, Taye Diggs and La La Anthony, so he joked that he’d give an industry answer……it was "Amazing"!  Wonder what REALL Y went down….


 photo TerrenceJKissingAFanattheBaggageClaimPanelatABFF.jpg

At one point during the panel, Terrence J leapt into the audience and planted a big kiss right on the lips of one of his fans!  The "E! News" host also reminded the packed room of admirers that his book, The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom, will be hitting stores this fall.


In case you missed it……


Baggage Claim will hit theaters on September 27, 2013.



Photos via ABFF

Kelly Rowland, The Dream, Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa, Terrence J., Rocsi, Dawn Richard & Plenty More JAM OUT With Gary Clark Jr.

 photo gcj7.jpg

Kelly Rowland, The Dream, Jesse Williams and Larenz Tate came out to support guitar-virtuoso Gary Clark Jr. in concert this week.  See pics from the jam-fest inside…

  photo cgj20.jpg

Earlier this week, rock and soul guitar-virtuoso Gary Clark Jr. (above–whose music is described as Texas Blues) performed before a sold-out audience at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. Shown above with Warner Bros. COO Livia Ortella, Gary is one of the most prominent guitarists in the music industry.

And with his music being featured in movies like Think Like A Man, and the Don Cheadle-led series "House of Lies," the singer/actor has amassed a cult following of hipster celebs.

 photo gcj5.jpg

Kelly Rowland, who had just left Fantasia’s listening party, came out to support Gary. 

 photo gcj11.jpg

 photo gcj2.jpg

 photo gcj10.jpg

Super producer The Dream was spotted posing with tv personalities Terrence J and Rocsi Diaz.

 photo gcj4.jpg

Actress Lisa Bonet was spotted with her hot man, actor Jason Momoa.

 photo gcj9.jpg

Larenz Tate, who has a recurring role on "House Of Lies", watched the concert from atop one of the VIP banquettes. 

 photo gcj16.jpg

  photo gcj3.jpg  

"Braveheart" singer Dawn Richard was there.

 photo gcj6.jpg  

Russell Simmons was seen posing with British folk singer Lianne La Havas.

 photo gcj13.jpg

Producer Marlon Wayans, who’s working on the sequel to A Haunted House enjoyed the music. 

 photo gcj12.jpg

Jesse Williams, who’ll be appearing in The Butler with Oprah Winfrey and Terrence Howard, gave the camera a sexy scowl.

 photo cgj14.jpg

Malcolm Jamal-Warner was there…..with no Regina King in sight.


 photo gcj17.jpg

49-year-old fitness expert and actress AJ Johnson gave all the young chicks a run for their money. 

 photo cgj15.jpg

Former child star and "DWTS" contestant Jaleel White checked out the concert with "Psych" acter Dule Hill.

 photo gcj1.jpg

And DJ D-Nice keep the crowd moving on the 1s and 2s.  Seems like everybody was in that piece.  Nice!


Photos via Araya Diaz

ON THE SET: First Pics Of Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs & Harold Perrineau SHOOTING “The Best Man Holiday”

 photo bestman2_zpseeba0e7b.jpg

The first official pics from the set of The Best Man Holiday have surfaced and the male lead characters are looking pretty good.  See Taye, Terrence and Harold inside….

 photo cheesep1_zpsff41ff29.jpg

We told you a few weeks back that some of our favorite YBFers would be heading up to Toronto, Canada to film The Best Man Holiday, and now the first official photos have emerged from the set!  

Terrence said last month about the new flick:

"[Director and screenwriter] Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in the The Best Man I, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community."

We see that Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs and Harold Perrineau are looking as good as they did over a decade ago…and their characters seem to be taking a healthy appraoch to cooking.  We love a sexy man who knows his way around the kitchen.  Can’t wait to see how everybody’s relationships are going in the sequel…


Photos via O’Neill/White/INFphoto.com 

WORK: Jada Pinkett Smith Hits The “Today” Show + Terrence J Takes A Meeting At Villa Blanca

 photo spl520219_001_zps606b786d.jpg

Jada Pinkett Smith and Terrence J are all about work.  Check out Jada making her way to the "Today Show" this motning.  Plus, Terrence J suited up for a meeting with his agent at Villa Blanca…

Jada Pinkett Smith looked fresh and fab for her appearance on the "Today" this morning.  She rocked nude trousers with a black stripe on the outer legs, and her black & nude striped heels for the occasion:

 photo spl519987_003_zps2a6365ad.jpg


 photo spl520214_004_zpsb0ff24be.jpg

After Jada got pulled and tugged while getting her hair and makeup touched up, she greeted some kiddies and her fans and signed autographs:


 photo spl520214_033_zps71af45fc.jpg



And over in L.A. yesterday:

 photo spl519970_001_zps34118cca.jpg  photo spl519970_003_zps11792d37.jpg

Terrence J was on his suit, no-tie ish as he took a meeting with his agent at Villa Blanca restaurant.   The "E! News" host has been looking pretty fly lately in his new job and new image.  Can’t be mad at that.  Keep up the grown man ish T….


Photos: Splash

Oprah Winfrey Does The HARLEM SHAKE With OWN Staff, Says Terrence Howard MISBEHAVED During Their LOVE SCENE!

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-15at53452PM.png

Oprah Winfrey and her staff her joined in the Harlem Shake craze.  Watch the staff at OWN do the shake and see what Oprah said about making out with Terrence Howard  on "The Butler" set and how he "misbehaved."

Even Oprah Winfrey has joined in the viral dance craze "The Harlem Shake." A few employees from OWN turned one of their studios into the ultimate dancefloor where they turned it up….before Lady O magically appeared on the big sreen like the Wizardess of Oz!



And speaking of Lady O…

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.


She stopped by "The Steve Harvey Show" where she talked about her upcoming film The Butler  and her steamy love scene with Terrence Howard. Terrence made headlines recently after he talked about his Oprah’s love scene saying, "To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties. She’s such a lovely, voluptuous woman. She’s very beautiful, and that was wonderful."

And from the looks of it, Oprah was far from offended by the comments. She told Steve, "Well, I do have big breasteses." She said that initially the scene with Terrence was supposed to be "small" but because he "misbehaved" the scene got bigger and bigger. In case you missed it, watch Terrence talk about making out with Oprah Winfrey…

"The Butler" is expected to hit the big screen October 18, 2013.

Terrence Howard Dishes The Storylines For “Best Man Holiday”

 photo TerrenceHowardTerrenceHowardJuicyJVisitCR9LDBFAjMBl_zps3f11a44e.jpg

Now that the production of the sequel to our favorite classic is in full swing and the studio is prepping for its release, a few plot secrets are being revealed.  Check out what Terrence Howard had to say recently about the upcoming Best Man Holiday movie….

After the classic hit the theaters 13 years ago, it’s hard to imagine what else can be done in a sequel.  But while original cast member Terrence Howard was out tromping his new flick Dead Man Down at New York City’s Bryant Park Hotel last Thursday, he revealed a few storylines of Best Man Holiday.

"I think it’s going to be amazing film and I get teary-eyed thinking about it because there’s some tragedy in it.  That’s all I’ll say."

But, of course, he continued saying:

"[Director and screenwriter] Malcolm Lee showed us what intelligent young black people were capable of in the The Best Man I, but The Best Man II, it shows where people go, whether they’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and how much we need each other within our community."

With all the original cast members–including Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs and more–returning for the sequel, this is gonna be good.   Best Man Holiday is slated for a November 14th release.

Source: ABC News Radio

Terrence Howard Says Black Media ATTACKED Him For Marrying An ASIAN Woman, Hints At HIATUS From Acting

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at91556AM.png

Terrence Howard hinting at taking a break from acting and vented his frustration over the backlash he received for marrying an Asian woman during his Dead Man Down promos.  Watch the interview inside……….


While doing the promo rounds for his latest flick, "Dead Man Down" (which opened at the box office this weekend with a disappointing $ 1.8 Million) Terrence Howard hinted at an "acting" break and blasted how he was ridiculed for marrying outside his race.  

He spoke about taking a break from movie/tv roles for a while because "I feel maybe I’ve done enough, I’ve played enough in these field.  And I would like to see what other mediums that I can aspire towards."

And when it came to talks of his bitter divorce, Terrence felt like he came out on the receiving end of a lot of hatred because he married outside of his race.

"We have a crab mentality where we try to pull each other down because of choices we’ve made.  Because I chose to marry an Asian woman instead of a Black woman.  I think as Black people we have to start helping each other and congratulating each other for being morally strong. And doing the right thing by that.  If you dont have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all."

Somethng tells me that’s not why he received hate. 

Watch the interview here:

Terrence J. Set To Drop A Book On Wisdom + Behind the Scenes of Karrueche Tran’s VIBE Shoot

 photo photo1-1.jpg

"E! News" host Terrence J has announced the publishing details for his upcoming book, The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom.  Find out more about the book inside and see BTS video from Karreuche Tran’s VIBE spread.


It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers has announced that it will publish The Wealth Of My Mother’s Wisdom by E! News host Terrence J. in September 2013.  The host has been making big moves lately, and this book deal is the latest one.

The book will focus on the lessons he learned from his mother how they kept him grounded and focused.  Terrence credits his mom, and the hard decisions that she made for giving him the foundation he needed to become the man he is today—a man driven by his dreams. Her drive became his drive. Inspirational, funny, current, and down-to-earth.  He said,

"During the process of playing the "Mama’s boy" in Think Like a Man, I took an in-depth look at my own mother and her extraordinary journey of raising me while a still teenager herself. I know that many of the successful moments in my life, personally and professionally, have been in part because of the lessons that she taught me, and I am proud to share her words of wisdom to inspire others."

Executive Editor Carrie Thornton added, “The first time I met Terrence J I found him to be charming, but also very humble. He shared with me stories of his childhood, and also his deep admiration for his mother. I knew we had found the kernel of a wonderful book from him. Terrence’s star is getting brighter and brighter every day, and we’re so happy to have the chance to publish him.” 

Congrats to T!


And in magazines…

 photo karrueche4.png

"The Kill" creator and Chris Brown’s partner in fashion, Karrueche Tran, is appearing in the new issue of VIBE Magazine where she discusses her upcoming collection.  She says, "…it’s a mix between streetwear and chic."  Stylist and her The Kill cohort Ugo Mozie used colorful ensembles and pieces from "The Kill" for the spread.

Watch BTS video here: