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Zoe Saldana Reveals Why She Chooses Hard Work Over ‘Sleeping Her Way To the Top’ — “There’s Always A Producer To Shag!”

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Zoe Saldana hit NYC last night to chat up the press about her upcoming flick, Star Trek Into Darkness. Check out what she revealed to the crowd about passing her hard work ethic down to her niece, why she doesn’t accept small money, and why she never wants to retire…


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The 34-year-old beauty has been making major promo rounds lately for the new Star Trek flick.  And TheYBF.com hit up the intimate Q&A session & screener in NYC last night where Zoe dished training hard for her role as Uhura and why she’ll never stop working.  And she’ll keep rocking these blockbuster films until it doesn’t make her happy anymore.

"I never want to retire," Zoe told the crowd. "What am I going to do, gardening? I want to keep growing, I’ll always need to learn something, someone will always want me to teach them something. I’m always going to be evolving in my career. Right now, I’ve finally found something that makes me happy. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and it makes me happy. And the moment this business doesn’t make happy, I am going to do something else."

Zoe doesn’t believe in the word "celebrity" because she works her ass off for what she gets.  And she’s not going the easy route of some "celebs" and sleeping with a producer for the role.

 "Words like celebrity don’t exist.  If you’re in it for game, get out of it. It’s always a producer to shag."

She also spoke about who she would groom in this business–and it’s her niece. But Zoe’s not tolerating any slacking whatsoever.  And no small wages for hard work. She said:

"I have a 10 year old niece so I would want to share with her and hope she got good experiences out if it.  I’m very Latino. And [the reputation of us] working for 40 years like an animal and getting a 14 year old’s wage is old. It’s capitalism. We’ve been somebody since the day we were born. You can be anybody. You are just one person and you’re unique. If my niece one day wants to be an actress, she will work her ass off. I work my ass off.  And when I get freebies, I deserve them."

Well said Zoe.

Check out more pics of Ms. Saldana chatting up the pres with host Lola Ogunnaike of ARISE TV:

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Star Trek Into Darkness is in theaters NOW.



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Trey Songz Salutes his Virginia Hometown in ‘Top of the World’ Video

Trey Songz


Trey Songz puts the camera on his native hometown of Petersburg, Virginia in his latest visual for ‘Top of the World.’ The uplifting song appears on his fresh mixtape, ‘Anticipation II,’ and his upcoming EP, ‘Inevitable,’ which hits stores Nov. 28.

Directed by Songz and John Ledbetter, the six-minute video begins with the singer holding hands in prayer, giving thanks to the city that “raised him” before treating local residents to a special dinner on the football field. We also see Songz giving back to his community, providing haircuts, watching cars and playing basketball.

Near the end of the video, we see Trigga walking through his old neighborhood with the community behind him. “If I could I would bring the whole ‘hood to the top of the world, with me / It’s my world, for free / Trying to get what you came to see,” he sings.

The clip ends with this encouraging message from Trey Songz: “They say never forget where you came from. I won’t because it made me the man I am today.”

Watch the Trey Songz ‘Top Of The World’ Video

Beyonce Goes Retro for the New ‘Love on Top’ Video

Beyonce Goes Retro for the New ‘Love on Top’ Video



After teasing her new ‘Love on Top’ video for weeks, Beyonce has finally unveiled the finished product. The video for the feel-good love song is simple in the sense that the choreography and outfits are the center pieces of the visual, with sets being kept as subdued as possible except for the addition of some lights.

As we saw in the preview, the ‘Love on Top’ video kicks off with Beyonce dancing in a brightly lit room overlooking the ocean along with a group of male backup dancers. Bey is pictured wearing a black bodysuit, tights, black sneakers and a decked-out military cap. The choreography has an old-school feel, reminiscent of new jack swing groups from the ’80s and ’90s, with coordinated kick steps that look like they could’ve been in a New Edition or Boyz II Men video back in the day.

Suddenly, the visual changes, and Beyonce and her backup boys switch out their contemporary hip-hop flair for gold suits and a darker room that is illuminated with matching tones of gold. This time around, Beyonce seems to be channeling the ’70s with her flashy pantsuit. The outfit swaps don’t stop there though, as the diva and her guys also wear white suits and tuxes towards the end, with Bey pulling a sexy reveal towards the closing portions of the vivacious, fun clip.

‘Love on Top’ marks the fourth video off of Beyonce’s ’4? album, following ‘Run the World (Girls),’ ‘Best Thing I Never Had,’ and ‘Countdown.’ Which video has been your favorite so far?

Watch the Beyonce ‘Love on Top’ Video

Beyonce Releases ‘Love on Top’ Video Teaser



Even though Beyonce just released her video for her latest single ‘Countdown,’ she is already gearing up to release another video off of her ’4? album. Queen Bey has dropped a teaser for her upcoming ‘Love on Top’ video, which is the same song the mommy-to-be performed at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

The video must have been filmed before Beyonce’s baby bump started showing, since she is pictured wearing a black bodysuit (a la her ‘Single Ladies’ video) with a flat tummy. The video is set in a well-lit room that overlooks some sort of city skyline. From what we can see in this teaser, the ‘Love on Top’ video has an old-school feel with the simplicity of the concept, which is fitting for the throwback tune.

The songstress also wears a decked-out military cap, black sneakers and tights as she dances around a studio with her male backup singers. The routine, which involves a Charleston-esque move and some other classic footwork, is actually the same choreography she used during her ‘Love on Top’ performance at the VMAs — however, this time around she ditched the background girls for a group of boys.

Stay tuned for the full ‘Love on Top’ video, which should be released some time in the coming weeks.

Watch the Beyonce ‘Love on Top’ Video Teaser