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Kim Porter SUED By Ex-Nanny — Stories Of The Twins Surrounded By Weed Smoke…And Covered In “White Powder”

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Kim Porter better have Diddy call up every lawyer on speed dial.  Because a brand new lawsuit filed against her by her ex-nanny is a doozy.  Get the deets inside about how Diddy’s baby’s mama allegedly treats the twins…according to the former employee….

Whether all these allegations are true or not, Kim Porter’s reputation as the mother of Diddy’s kids will be tarnished for even being caught up in this–at least for now.

A woman named Dawn Drago, who worked for Kim as her kids’ nanny from 2011-2012, filed a lawsuit against Kim after she was fired.

Dawn claims in the suit some interesting things– 1) Kim chain smoked pot in the house when the girls, Jessie James & D’Lila Star, were home, 2) The girls were at one point covered in a "mysterious white powder" after they had gotten into a bag of Kim’s pills that were capsules and Ms. Porter said was "medicine" and 3) Kim verbally & violently abused her.

As for that powder–it could be baby powder and the "capsule" story could be a fraud.  Or it could be something way harder than weed.

We wouldn’t be surprised if any of these things ended up being true.  But will the nanny just end up sonding like a bitter & fired employee? 

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TMZ reports Dawn is seeking unspecified damages.  I know Kim hopes her baby mama status will earn her all the financial and legal protection Diddy can offer her…

So….Baller Delonte West Is Married & Expecting Twins

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In the random news of the day, baller Delonte West popped up on Twitter today after being away for a while, just to announce some big news.  Check it inside…

Delonte West, the former Cleveland Cavs baller who was rumored to be smashing his then teammate LeBron James’ mom, is now married.

LeBron & Delonte both denied anything was going on between Gloria James & Delonte, but plenty of sources say they knew the twosome were doing some scandalous deeds behind Bron Bron’s back…and it was causing trouble in the locker room.

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Now, three years later, the 29-year-old just announced he’s married….and expecting twins!  He posted the above pics with his new wife at the Justice of the Peace and tweeted from his now private account:


 photo IFWT_Delonte-prg-tweet_zps87381492.png  photo IFWT_Delonte-West-married_zps806028a1.png

The baller, who was vocal about applying for a job at Home Depot during the NBA lockout, was sent to the NBA D-League back in January to play for the Texas Legends.  And he’s been suiting up for games with that team since March 16th.

Congrats y’all!


Photos: Twitter

MOMMY DUTY: Garcelle Beauvais Takes Twins Jax & Jaid To the Market!


Actress Garcelle Beauvais spent the opening weekend of the new movie she stars in, Flight (she’s Denzel‘s wife in the movie), with her kiddies back in L.A.  Pics of the fab mommy and her cute twin boys inside…

Over at the Farmer’s Market in L.A., Garcelle Beauvais took her two fave guys–her 5-year-old sons Jax & Jaid–out for some food and treats yesterday afternoon.  Despite not being asked back to her show "Franklin & Bash" (according to her tweets), the 45-year-old’s movie Flight came in at #3 at the box office this weekend.


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Casual and fab as usual. 


SPOTTED: Mariah Carey And The Twins SHOPPING In Paris + Raven Symone DISHES On “Sister Act”

The newly "remarried" diva Mariah Carey was spotted shopping in Paris with her twins. See the pics inside and hear what Raven Symone said about "Sister Act" being an inspiration Continue reading

BIRTHDAY GIRLS: Diddy & Kim Porter Host 5th Birthday Party For The Twins

Jessie and D’Lilah Star were indeed Daddy Diddy‘s Little Girls yesterday as they celebrated at their 5th birthday party.  Pics and deets of Diddy’s little girls at Disneyland inside…

With a Disney Princess themed birthday bash, Diddy’s twin girls D’Lilah and Jessie celebrated turning 5 with a touch of fabness.  And they did so at the Happiest Place On Earth–Disneyland.

And it was a triple celebration as Diddy’s mom Janice celebrated her birthday as well.  Mr. Combs tweeted:

“Happy Birthday to my babies!! Happy birthday to my mother and my twins! Jessie and D’Lila !!!! My babies and my Mama! LoVe!!!”

And in the pic above with his baby girl Jessie, he said: "Me (and) one of the birthday girls taking a time out at Disneyland – Jessie Combs!!"

Sweet!  I wonder if Cassie was there…

BONUS: Diddy (and Al B. Sure‘s) son Quincy Brown, aka International Quincy, is still trying with this music career.  He just dropped a video for his song "Christmas Time."  And he has twins D’Lilah and Jessie, plus Breezy’s ex Jasmine Saunders, all starring in it:


He’s funny.