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HOUSE PORN: Robert Griffith III DROPS $2.5M On A New Virginia Mansion + Kanye West’s SOHO Pad On (Secret) SALE For $4.5M

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In the land of celebrity real estate, Robert Griffin III just dropped $ 2.5M on a pad in Northern Virginia while Kanye West is trying to unload his apartment in New York.  Get the deets and the pics inside…

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Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III just dropped $ 2.5 million on just built Mcmansion in Northern Virginia.

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Sitting on over three acres, the 9,000 square foot home is located in a luxurious golf course community and boasts five bedrooms, six baths and a wine cellar.

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Though RGIII signed on with the Redskins in 2012 for a reported $ 21.1Million, he and fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat still want some free gifts.  The twosome is registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and he thanked fans via WhoSay for sending gifts (pictured at the top) from the registry.

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Congrats on the new digs!


In other real estate news…..

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Kanye West’s famed SOHO apartment is now on the market for $ 4.5 million.  The fourth-floor unit, located at 25 West Houston St, which has seen the likes of Amber Rose AND Kim Kardashian (all in the same year), is said to feature a few unique "installations".  Aside from the very minimalist nature of the decor, ‘Ye’s got some very interesting details around the pad.

According to the NY Post, a broker explained that there is a long slender basin located five feet away from Kanye’s bed in the master bedroom. 

“It’s the height of a normal sink, but it’s a huge, long, granite object, probably about 9 feet long but only a couple of feet wide. At the front is a sink.  It was long and extremely narrow and very artsy-looking."  The broker continued, “The apartment is amazing. If you like modern and sleek spaces, this is it.

Also, after vistors enter the apartment and walk down a narrow hallway, they are greated by a statue.  “It looks like an angel, or a little boy Cupid, and it’s on a raised platform”

We’re sure most of Kanye’s prized possession are now in Paris (it seems that’s where he wants his next home to be in addition to the one he’s looking for with Kim in L.A.), but folks who actually saw the interior noted that the master suite’s walk-in closet had a dozen pair of expensive sneakers (mostly all Jordans) and there was an angel statue in the living room.


The Randomness:

1.  Congrats to Grant Hill on a successful 19 seasons in the NBA!  The baller announced his retirement yesteray during the Heat vs. Pacers game pre-show.  STORY

Photos via curbed.com/zillow/whosay

MUSIC FAB: Fantasia GOES LONG In Virginia & Covers Prince + Kalenna’s New “Put It In The Bag” Video

Fantasia switched up her look for this weekend’s performance in Virginia.  Check the pic and video inside, plus Kalenna‘s new video for her hardcore track "Put It In The Bag."

Fanny performed this past Saturday at the Umoja Festival in Portsmouth, VA.  Shirley Murdock stopped by and offered up some support.  She tweeted about her and the "As We Lay" singer:

Me and Shirley Murdock after my show. God sent her right on time!!!!

Check out a shoeless Fanny belting out "Free Yourself" and Prince’s "KISS" below:



Former Dirty Money chick Kalenna’s new hard club track, ft. B. Simm, where she’s rapping about the money, the cars & the clothes, now has a video. Check out "Put It In A Bag" above. Not the Kalenna you’re used too.  The track appears on her mixtape Chamber of Diaries available now.

Trey Songz Salutes his Virginia Hometown in ‘Top of the World’ Video

Trey Songz


Trey Songz puts the camera on his native hometown of Petersburg, Virginia in his latest visual for ‘Top of the World.’ The uplifting song appears on his fresh mixtape, ‘Anticipation II,’ and his upcoming EP, ‘Inevitable,’ which hits stores Nov. 28.

Directed by Songz and John Ledbetter, the six-minute video begins with the singer holding hands in prayer, giving thanks to the city that “raised him” before treating local residents to a special dinner on the football field. We also see Songz giving back to his community, providing haircuts, watching cars and playing basketball.

Near the end of the video, we see Trigga walking through his old neighborhood with the community behind him. “If I could I would bring the whole ‘hood to the top of the world, with me / It’s my world, for free / Trying to get what you came to see,” he sings.

The clip ends with this encouraging message from Trey Songz: “They say never forget where you came from. I won’t because it made me the man I am today.”

Watch the Trey Songz ‘Top Of The World’ Video