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Watch “Basketball Wives” Season 5 Episode 9

London is a classy town, so you have to kind of feel for the Brits as the ratchet ladies of “Basketball Wives” invade their town.

Things get off to a rocky start for Suzie Ketcham and Tasha Marbury as the two continue to clash following their rude and unfriendly encounter at Tasha’s hotel. Tasha is just a wee bit salty about the whole thing, and she’s not afraid to show it.

Suzie on the other hand, is still feeling her lil’ Tami and she refuses to back down. For once, Tami Roman is not the troublemaker among the crew. The two ladies go on swatting at each other throughout the trip, much to Shaunie’s exasperation. How much and how long can they tolerate Tasha and Suzie’s cold war?

Later on, as the girls get ready to hit the town for London Fashion Week, Tami is hit with some particularly awful news: Her daughter has been robbed at gunpoint. Will the girls rally around Tami and provide her with the support she needs?

Watch the latest episode of “Basketball Wives” above


2013 BET AWARDS WEEKEND FUN: Chris Brown, Boris Kodjoe & The Basketball Wives BALL OUT At Celebrity B-Ball Game + Tatyana Ali & More DO “Imagine A Future” Screening

 photo 2013BETExperienceFanFestOutdoorDay2R1NP8d-U-Zml_zpsbe5e9624.jpg

Celebs have been all over the 2013 BET Experience…and yesterday the Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game brought out the ballers and the YBF folks.  Plus, celebs also hit the Imagine A Future screening as part of the BET Experience as well.


Pics and deets inside….

Over at L.A. LIVE yesterday afternoon, Chris Brown surprised everyone by showing up to ball with his celeb friends.  The Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game went down with plenty of celebs including KeKe Palmer, Columbus Short, the Govan sisters and more.

Breezy was in baller mode after posing it up with boxer Shane Mosely:

 photo _DSC0047_zps462c66a5.jpg

 photo _DSC0084_zps08f81d06.jpg

 photo _DSC0024_zps32c03977.jpg

 photo 2013BETExperienceFanFestOutdoorDay2rgB2sTBJzo0l_zpse960d032.jpg

Chris took some time to snap pics with the fans.

 photo 2013BETExperienceFanFestOutdoorDay2gETpFpT-x6zl_zpsd690ed99.jpg

Matt Barnes & Columbus Short put a fan in a sandwich and danced it up on the court.

 photo 2013BETExperienceFanFestOutdoorDay2MzstskcLg2zl_zps78911a70.jpg

 photo _DSC0139_zps838e57ca.jpg

 photo photo2_zps55f2f029.png

"Basketball Wives: LA" co-stars and sisters Gloria Govan & Laura Govan posed it up with their men.  Glad to see Gilbert wasn’t carrying boatloads of fireworks to the game.

 photo photo1_zpsf7e0775d.png


Cutie KeKe Palmer chilled on the bench with Soulja Boy.

 photo _DSC9991_zps4c5c7239.jpg

And posed it up with her homie Marques Houston.


 photo 2013BETExperienceFanFestOutdoorDay2vIaTcR0kQCOl_zpse11b86d7.jpg 

Boris Kodjoe & Christian Keyes’ sexy selves made their way to the court.  Yes.

 photo _DSC0068_zpsd3c36ffc.jpg

Hey Harrison, er, Columbus.

  photo _DSC0122_zps4de63f32.jpg

"BBW: LA" hubbys Matt and Jackie Christie kicked it on the court.

 photo _DSC0112_zpse15e9b33.jpg  photo _DSC0109_zps647dd095.jpg

Rapper Tyga was there to ball out.  This dude looks to be 12 going on…13.  Can’t believe he’s somebody’s daddy.

 photo _DSC0078_zps3b28800d.jpg

Fun times all around!


Also as part of the BET experience, celeb guests attended a private screening of the highlight film, IMAGINE A FUTURE: THE DOCUMENTARY, presented by My Black Is Beautiful.  MC Lyte, Lisa Leslie, Tatyana Ali, Debra Lee, Michaela Angela Davis, Beverly Bond and more came out to watch:

 photo _DSC9938_zps79f11d8b.jpg

At the special VIP screening (just one amongst several other film showings for the weekend), Tatyana Ali also hosted a panel discussion for the film.  The doc stars Janet Goldsboro, is directed and produced by Lisa Cortés (“Precious”), and also directed by Shola Lynch (“Free Angela All Political Prisoners”).

The film is executive produced by Beverly Bond (“BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™”), and is the first-ever documentary short film about a story of one Black girl’s journey to truth as she begins to believe that her Black is Beautiful.

 photo _DSC9947_zps0a46f4bf.jpg

MC Lyte kept it fresh and fab as usual.

 photo _DSC9942_zps6a057dee.jpg 

Lisa Leslie was stunning as always.

 photo _DSC9915_zps618eaea6.jpg

And Tatyana posed it up with CEO Debra Lee.  Fab cause ladies!


Photogs: Paras Griffin/G Paras Photography, Jesse Grant/Getty Images North America, Laura Govan’s IG, Soulja Boy’s IG


“Basketball Wives” Stars Tami, Evelyn And Shaunie DISH To UPSCALE On Weight Issues, Domestic Abuse & Backlash, REVEAL Why Jennifer & Royce Are “Non-Motherf***ing Factors”

 photo UpscaleJune-July2013cover.jpg

In the latest issue UPSCALE Magazine, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal of VH1′s controversial reality show "Basketball Wives" open about their off-screen drama and why Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed weren’t welcomed back.  Get the details inside…


VH1′s controversial water-cooler reality show "Basketball Wives" is set to return for a fifth season, but its stars Tami Roman, Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada will be handling things a bit differently this go round.  In the June/July 2013 issue of UPSCALE Magazine, the ladies, who look white hot on the cover, address the public backlash the show received (including an online petition to get it cancelled), fallout from Jennifer Williams’ assault and Evelyn’s spinoff reality show.    

The revealing chat also touches on off-camera issues like Tami speaking on her weight and Evelyn speaking on her domestic abuse case that spilled over onto the screen.  And of course, each woman had her own opinion about former castmates like Royce Reed and others who will not be returning.  Here are the highlights:

On the negativity of BBW and the consequential loss of advertisers:

“[It] was so difficult to deal with when it was airing and when it was all over with. I remember saying, ‘what the hell just happened? This isn’t us; we’re mothers, we’re businesswomen. We have to be smarter. We have to represent ourselves a lot better.’”—Shaunie O’Neal

“People were connecting my behavior on the show with the incident with Chad. They were like, ‘Well if she acts like that on the show, then I’m sure she acts like that at home.’ I’m a totally different person at home.” —Eveyln Lozada

“I was very depressed last summer. I was dealing with some things that were going on with my mother and everything that was happening with the backlash from the show. I started eating everything under the sun. I blew up to about 190-ish pounds. I’m a tall girl, so I wear it well, but I was bordering between [size] 14 and 16 in my clothes.”—Tami Roman

“By the time we did the [season four] reunion we all agreed enough is enough. We had a group talk and were all definitely on the same page. We heard the messages loud and clear. We knew we had to do better. It was an eye opener.” —Shaunie O’Neal

On the decision to cut Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed from the series:

“It was a chemistry thing. It just became awkward to film or even come up with a conversation. It just wasn’t working for TV.”
—Shaunie O’Neal

"Royce has been a non-motherf—ing factor for the last two seasons, so it just didn’t make sense anymore. And as for Jennifer—Shaunie is [being] nice but I’m going to tell you this—we don’t condone the incident with Jennifer, but we do reality TV. You know something’s bound to happen when you put a bunch of women together and there’s a lot of behind the scenes conversation and gossip going on. So when Jennifer went on this whole anti-show campaign, it was a little tough for us as cast members.”
—Evelyn Lozada


The fifth season of Miami’s "Basketball Wives" kicks off on VH1 in August.

Diddy Takes Cassie & Mama Janice To Mr. Chow…And Meets Up With BIG ANG From “Mob Wives”!

 photo bigange3_zps7a79676c.jpg

Diddy and Cassie had a cutesy dinner date this weekend….with Janice Combs in tow.  And we all know Diddy only brings baby mamas and serious girlfriends around Mama Combs. 


Check out the couple chillin’ at Mr. Chow in Miami with the "Mob Wives" inside…


Diddy was back to wining and dining his artist/girlfriend Cassie, who looked cute & colorful as usual, Saturday night as they had dinner at Mr. Chow in Miami. 

And the twosome ran into Big Ang and Jennifer Graziano (Executive Producer) of VH-1′s "Mob Wives":

 photo bigange1_zps9e5ac40e.jpg

And we can only guess that’s Big Ang’s sister…strictly off looks.


 photo bigange1_zps9e5ac40e.jpg

We bet Diddy’s watches that show on DVR just like us.  We can just feel it…


Photos: Jennifer Graziano’s Instagram

Clippers Baller Lamar Odom FALLS ASLEEP During Custody Battle With “Starter Wives Confidential” Star Liza Morales

 photo spl506182_006_zps6cdb908a.jpg

Lamar Odom, who’s currently battling "Starter Wives Confidential" star Liza Morales for custody of their two kids, fell asleep in court today.  Get more deets on the court battle that put Lamar out for the count inside…


Last night, LA Clippers star Lamar Odom headed to Catch in NYC where he and Khloe Kardashian dined. But it’s today’s business that had him out of it.  The baller was in NYC to tend to his ongoing custody battle (pictured above leaving court today) with now former "Starter Wives Confidential" star Liza Morales over their two children.  A large part of thehttp://www.tmz.com/2013/03/05/lamar-odom-fighting-baby-mama-custody-cour… Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com”> battle focuses on child support and visitation, and whether the kids are allowed to appear on their reality TV shows. Though "Starter Wives" was cancelled, the kids could potentially appear on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

And since Liza and Lamar are no longer on speaking terms, most of the fighting was done by their lawyers behind closed doors.  But while the lawyers were fighting, Lamar couldn’t find the strength to stay awake.  The NY Post says the 6 foot 10 baller had stretched out on a courthouse bench and fell asleep, only to be awakened by a Manhattan courthouse officer wo demanded him to sit up–likely checking to make sure he wasn’t a well dressed homeless man or something.  His sleepy time was blamed on "jet lag."

Although Liza isn’t speaking to Lamar, she is speaking to the rest of the world as she published an open letter in The Daily Beast where she detialed their relationship and the heartache she felt when he married Khloe.  Here’s a snippet, 

"I don’t think I’ll forget the tight knot I felt in the pit of my stomach the morning I received the text message with three simple words on the screen. It read ‘I’m getting married’ and it was from the man I’d spent more than 10 years of my life with.

“Years that included us getting engaged in 2000 and becoming parents to one daughter and two sons. Yet not long after our separation Lamar Odom was getting married to Khloe Kardashian, a woman he’d met four weeks before.”

“How could the man who’d constantly given me reason after reason for why we couldn’t get married just yet now be ready to tie the knot so quickly? There aren’t words to explain how I felt that day.”

Read the full letter here.

 photo lodrom-1.jpg


SIDEBAR: Another Kardashian husband, Kris Humphries, also dined at Catch last night (Lamar pictured above leaving), but he didn’t cross paths with Khloe and Lamar.  If they had seen each other, Lamar told TMZ he would have said "What’s Up."  How cordial.


Photos via Splash News

FIRST LOOK: Ashanti Flexes Her Acting Skills…And Promo Shots…For New Season Of Lifetime’s “Army Wives”

 photo Army-Wives-S7-Ashanti_zps810f2c52.jpg

Ashanti‘s looking gorgeous in her new promo shot for her new role in Lifetime’s series "Army Wives".  Check it inside, plus new flicks from her role for the new season…

"The Woman You Love" singer Ashanti is putting on her actor’s at as one of the newest cast members of Lifetime’s #1 drama "Army Wives."

Her newly released promo shot is a fab one, and more deets and pics from her new role as "Latasha Montclair" is officially underway.  Season 7 of the show premieres March 10th with 13 episodes, and here’s a few of the first shots of Ashanti in her role:

 photo Army-Wives-S7-Ashanti-3_zpsefdd9ca9.jpg


 photo Army-Wives-S7-Ashanti-2_zps58e2fa20.jpg

She has a dog named Tucker and, according to BlackFilm.com, is a mother of three with a husband who is deployed:

Ashanti will make her series regular debut in "Army Wives" as “Latasha Montclair,” a force of nature and an indomitable spirit for whom “southern hospitality” isn’t just a concept, it’s a way of life. Latasha finds joy in navigating the daily chaos of singlehandedly wrangling her three children while her husband, “Quincy” (Joshua Henry, Godspell, The Scottsboro Boys), is deployed overseas.

 photo Army-Wives-S7-Wendy-Davis_zps5407605b.jpg

YBF actress Wendy Davis will also be returning to her long time role.  And Brooke Shields has also been added to the cast.

 photo 421433_10151373335480674_1981381170_n_zps49e8f2af.jpg

We’ll be watching…

OH: “BMF WIVES” SHARE BTS Promo Photoshoot Video

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-27at14518PM_zpsbbe3f1b2.png

Stars of the reality show "Black Mafia Wives" recently did a photo shoot in LA and have shared video from behind the scenes.  Watch the video inside and get the status on the show….

Around this time last year, we told you that several chicks who were aligned or formerly aligned with the Black Mafia drug cartel of Detroit were linking up to launch their own reality show called "Black Mafia Wives."  Almost immediately, Big Meech (the former drug king pin) whom Rick Ross helped turn into a household name, took to Twitter (via his momma’s account) and blasted the show saying that NONE of these ladies were affiliated with the BMF. Despite his claims, that didn’t seem to stop the ladies and their hustle.

Though talk about the show had quieted down, the ladies recently posted a video of a photo shoot they completed in LA which would make one assume the show is going to hit the air waves soon.  Now, we’ve learned over the years that ANYONE can book a photoshoot AND/OR film a reality TV show….it doesn’t mean that it will ever hit the air.  And since we can’t find an airdate or any network/cable affiliation with the "BMF Wives," they’re possibly just trying to drum up interest in the show.

And since "Starter Wives Confidential" and "All My Babies Mamas" all failed….we know there are a few cable slots that need to be filled.  We know the ladies hope that someone from TLC, Oxygen or VH1 will pick up on this Youtube post.  We’ll keep you posted… 

Watch the BTS video of their promo shoot here:

Any interest?

The “Basketball Wives” Do London Fashion Week

 photo INFphoto_2435968_zps53a90ca1.jpg

The "Basketball Wives" have skipped over to the UK for London Fashion Week.  And the cast of seaosn 5 was spotted taking in the shows today.  Pics inside..

Looks like all the girls are getting along–for now–on this seaosn of "Basketball Wives."  Suzie Ketcham, Tami Roman, Shaunie O’Neal, newbie Tasha Marbury and Evelyn Lozada all left Miami for the cooler skies of London to see what’s hitting the runways for Fashion Week.  And they were spotted looking fab in the city (above) right before walking into the shows today.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-19at24403PM_zps9732abd8.png

Yesterday, Ev showed off her outfit of the day with her daughter, Shaniece, who tagged along as well.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-19at24430PM_zpsf60df92a.png

And the ladies took in the shows over the weekend as well.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-19at24550PM_zpscd9e6df5.png  photo ScreenShot2013-02-19at24642PM_zpscf632018.png

Tasha Marbury, Stephen Marbuy‘s wife, tweeted about her hot Alexander McQueen blazer.  Nice.

But all the niceties don’t occur all of the time.  Tami said in a recent interview that this season will show more positive aspects of their lives, but she’s got a new beef with co-star Shaunie:


"I have always been a person that is going to speak my mind and say exactly how I feel. For the first time, I actually have a little to say to Ms. Shaunie O’Neal…So, that’s going to be quite interesting for the people to see."

“This time around we decided to present more of a balance. I mean you’re going to get all of the drama. You’re going to have what we’re known for, everybody not getting along. We’re going to have those moments, but I think it was important to show me as a mother; to show me as an actress; to show me as a spokesperson; to show me really living my real life, because my life doesn’t revolve around Evelyn, Shaunie and whoever else may be on the show. We wanted to have a little more balance,” she said.

We shall see….

Pics: INF/Instagram

CANCELLED: The PLUG Gets PULLED On “Starter Wives Confidential”

 photo strawives.jpeg

TLC has pulled the plug on "Starter Wives Confidential" and now Monica Taylor (Funkmaster Flex’s ex) is speaking out about the show’s end.  Kinda.  Read it inside….


Fans who fell in love with "Starter Wives Confidential" will have to go online to watch the remaining episodes as TLC has taken it off air. If you’re wondeirng why the show won’t air on television anymore, Monica Taylor, the "ex" of Funkmaster Flex wrote an open letter on her website to fans which listed a number of possible factors (including lawsuits, ratings, and outside fights) that proved to undermine the show.

Looks like the exes of 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather and Maino will need to find another stream of income.

Here’s her letter:

If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of Starter Wives Confidential you will have to go online to TLC.com. Ask me why? ::Long pause::

Is it ratings? Is it a change in network direction…or all the outside drama?!

It’s no secret Starter Wives Confidential was plagued by legal inquiries and possible lawsuits from the beginning. Starting with Shanequa Tompkins being missing from all the episodes, her ex 50 cent allegedly had an agreement or contract with her of some sort that either prevented or made it difficult for her to partake in the show.

I know before taping even began I was questioned about my posts relating to anyone connected with Lamar Odom. Luckily TLC had no control over what I do or can post so it became a non-issue. I never did find out who was putting pressure on them. Cut to the Lil Kim situation, one which I’m still confused about and can’t even confirm if there is a law suit.

Bringing a show with women of color to TLC we always knew was a challenge and I love that they believed in our stories and gave us a voice. A voice, honesty, love, a lot of drama, and a bit of ratchetness. (Usually required for any good reality show.)
I can only imagine there were a lot of people who were afraid what would come out on Starter Wives Confidential and as you saw from the first few episodes, the ladies were NOT holding back! Trust me it gets better and much juicier. But I digress. (I always wanted to say that in a post.)

I want to say that from the very bottom of my soul the support and love from viewers was more amazing then I imagined. Even the haters felt our show was genuine. I love that personally I got to not only bond with 5 amazing women but was allowed to show that not all celebrity wives sit home, model, or are simpletons. For the first time people got to know who I really am, if even just a little bit.
So it SUCKS that you have to watchpp episodes online but it beeeez like that sometimes.

But make sure you still log onto www.mommysdirtylittlesecret.com everyday for the latest news, gossip, and sexy info (c’mon y’all know me by now, why pretend anymore #endlesspromotion #bossbitch #keepitmovin #letmefinish)

P.S. I realize I didn’t answer why we are not being aired anymore…you will just have to judge for yourself. ::Closes the shades carefully as she writes and presses send::
- Monica Taylor

It’s too bad that the show didn’t really catch on with viewers as Monica’s interview with the baby mommas of 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather proved that a bitter ex can provide a fountain of infomation about otherwise shielded celebrities.  It was a good concept….just poorly executed.

BUSINESS OF “BASKETBALL WIVES”: Tami Roman LAUNCHES New “Spring Love” Nail Polish Line With Shaunie O’Neal & Evelyn Lozada

 photo BBallWives.jpg

"BBW" star Tami Roman has launched a new line of nail polishes and her co-stars came out to show their support.  See the ladies getting the spa treatment inside….

 photo BasketballWivesandSomayraReese.jpg

The cast of "BBW" (Tami Roman, Suzy Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal) got together at Le Posh Spa in Hollywood to toast the launch of Tami’s ?new "Spring Love" line of nail polishes!   An former "Love & Hip Hop" star Somaya Reece was there as well.  VH1 family love.

 photo TammyandStevieJ.jpg

Tami’s "Love Cosmetics" Celebrity Nail Bar event offered celebrities and tastemakers complimentary manicures and pedicures and some exquisite gift bags to showcase the polishes.  Fellow VH1 reality tv star Stevie J. was at the event too.

 photo SomyraReceStevieJTami.jpg

Somaya’s looking FAB these days.

 photo ShaunieONeal.jpg photo Suzie.jpg

 photo EveCameraExpression.jpg?

And each "BBW" took a stroll down the red carpet.  Their fave place.

 photo DWoods.jpg

Singer D. Woods got her nails done.

 photo EllaJoyceGetsMani.jpg 

And actress Ella Joyce, who stars on TV One’s "Belle’s" with Tami, came out to support her co-star too.

Will you be copping Tami’s nail colors?

Photos via  All of a Sutton Media/Trea Day PR